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Tough Dude Vs Two
by Violentce | Jail fights are fun to watch. This video is a decent one. Observe the scars on the winners head.

The Whole Ghetto Vs Rest Of Ghetto
by Violentce | This fight is a good one! I have never seen so much pulled hair laying on the ground before. The ghetto comes alive here.

Angry Car Vs Thugy Car
by Violentce | Two thugs smash a window of a car after they backed into it. Victim says fuck you guys, you guys are nothing. He backs this story up with a full on read ender. No literally he reverses into them and rear ends them.

Angry Russian Chick Vs Others
by Violentce | Little feisty Russian chick starts fighting a dude at first then switches her attention to a chick. Then a separate 1vs1 breaks out too.

14 Year Old Girl Vs Other Kid
by Violentce | "One child under 14 years brutally assaulted a classmate outside a school facing no opposition from other girls who do nothing about it"

Amateur Boxer Vs Ex-Pro Boxer
by Violentce | Looks like there is a clear winner. "What happened"

Body Slammed Vs Slammer
by Violentce | Russian guy and French guy fight. One guy hurt bad. He ok.

Hoodlums Vs Hoodlums
by Violentce | Rapper party ends with several guys knocked out cold on the ground

Facial Expressions Vs Sleeper
by Violentce | runken bashing results in a knockout in the middle of a street in AustraliaCCTV captured a bashing that took place in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia on May 23rd, 2013. Luke Alexander Green was sentenced to 2 years with early parole on the 13...

Sleeper And Buddy Vs Buddy
by Violentce | Video starts with a guy knocked out and his buddy getting punched out right after.

White Female Basketballer Vs Black Female Basketballer
by Violentce | Black chick gets checked down and retaliates with a swift sucker punch to the jaw.

Two Vs Four
by Violentce | One guy gets jumped by 4 and his small buddy comes to rescue him only to get beat on as well. Guy that got jumped ends up getting stomped to sleep.

Idiot Looking Dumbass Vs Punch
by Violentce | Dumbass with moronic haircut agrees to take a punch to the face for a tattoo. Im glad it was recorded so I got to laugh as well.

by Violentce | "Get the fuck out of my face", gets knocked the fuck out.

Dropped Vs Dropper
by Violentce | *Ding Ding Ding* Fight starts, punch is thrown, fight is over, *Ding Ding Ding*

Group of Rowdys Vs Other Group
by Violentce | I thought this was going to be a super intense fight since there is a huge group ready to battle but only one proper punch gets landed which does drop a guy but doesnt knock him out.

Brazilian Vs Brazilian
by Violentce | Two guys throwing punches till one of them connects and the other folds over like a slinky.

Loud Guy Vs Puncher
by Violentce | Loud guy gets knocked out during SXSW 2014. Quick fight.

30 Year Old Vs Young Kid
by Violentce | Quick effective kick to the face ends it quick for this sad looking battered guy. Hopefully when he wakes up he will reevaluate his life.

Beast-mode Vs Dudes
by Violentce | Guy in Hawaiian shirt throws down and one punches some dudes quick fast style. Happens out some restaurant. People drop fast so this is a good video.

Compton Vs Prankd
by darkwolf | Compton prank ogne wrong...aCompton prank ogne wrong...aCompton prank ogne wrong...aCompton prank ogne wrong...a

Bicyclists Vs Racing Accident
by Violentce | Racing mishap at Red Hook Crit. I laughed the first time I seen it.

Girl vs Girl 2
by darkwolf | Two girls fight, and then another two girls fight. Shitty camera but alright fighting.

Police Vs Pedestrian
by Violentce | Police (of state Ankara), attacks a pedestrian from back.

Guys Head Vs Potato Gun
by darkwolf | Guy tries firing a potato gun and it explodes beside his head.

Black Chick Vs Chicago Cop
by darkwolf | Black chick being arrested by a Chicago cop resists arrest and gets into a fight with the cop.

Street Fighters Vs Others
by Violentce | Decent compilation of a bunch of knock out and one punch street fights. People getting beat up left and right.

Iranian Vs Robbers
by Violentce | ideo of an Iranian getting held up by a bunch of masked dudes. Things go smooth till the other cars show upVideo shows mugging in broad daylight on Tehran's streetsThe scene, filmed by a surveillance camera, is brief but violent. It takes place i...

Emo Vs Non Emo
by Violentce | If you're into street fights then you for sure want to check this one out.

Chinese Road Rager Vs Other
by Violentce | Quick video of a decent throw down between two roar raging Chinese dudes after one rear ends the other in a traffic accident.

Russian Hotty Vs Laughing Dude
by Violentce |Russian project called STOPHAM (Stop Double Park) is targeting car owners who double park on the streets of Moscow and other Russian cities. They carry huge stickers with words "i park where i want" and stick them on windshields of cars in their vid...

Russian Dog Owner Vs Russian Dog Owner
by Violentce | n Frunze district, police say a 45-year-old from Minsk was walking his fighting dog near a shopping center in Lobankov Street. His dog suddenly broke free and ran to a woman also walking her pet dog.After the lady tries to fend off the pitbull, the...

Husband Vs Wife N Boyfriend
by Violentce | Weak video of a husband beating up wife and her boy friend in the street

Ghetto Fatties Vs Ghetto Fatties
by Violentce | Bunch of fatties fighting in the streetsSeen 1 million times, but always so amusing. Starts off as a 1Vs 1, but ends up as a multiple 1 Vs 1 scene.

Bee Vs Mites
by Violentce | insect being eaten alive by mites. Bee tries flying away but can't due to all the weight.

Police Vs Beaten Observer
by Violentce | as Vegas police agree to pay $100,000 to beaten videographer.Crooks was videotaping police from his driveway the night of March 20 as officers investigated a burglary across the street near East Desert Inn Road and South Maryland Parkway. As Colling ...

Hang Glider Vs Crash
by darkwolf | e nearly went through the window !He nearly went through the window !He nearly went through the window !He nearly went through the window !He nearly went through the window !He nearly went through the window !He nearly went through the window !He nea...

Idiot Trucker Vs Other Trucker
by Violentce | eird video of an accident caught on tape that turns into two accidents. First truck drives into ditch, and other truck that is recording from behind, drives into ditch too and rear ends the first truck.after leaving the road, dump truck overturned ...

Terrorists RPG Vs Helicopter
by Violentce | This Mi-8 helicopter takes a direct RPG hit but continues on flying, to the disappointment of the shooters.

Footballers Vs Footballers
by Violentce | Fun with football fans in Prague undergroundBrutal fight in Prague underground between fans of the two football teams. No one was seriously injured.

Tae-Won-Do Boxer Vs Kuala Clench Fighter
by Violentce | One of the first UFC events. Clinch Fighter takes the win.

Muay Thai Vs Brawler
by Violentce | A brawler challenges to fight a Muay Thai instructorThe result is brutal..

Kid Vs Kid Vs Crowd
by Violentce | School fight ends with a guy snapped in half1 vs 1 fight turns into friends jumping the winning guy and the fight ends via brutal knockout

Female Ticket Inspector Vs Man
by Violentce | Female inspector attacked on bus in Belarus.(GT) The action takes place in Novopolotsk, November 26. As a female inspector trying to hold a young mother with children, who do not pay the fare. One of the passengers stands up for the family and s...

Bus Driver Vs Asian
by Violentce | Bus driver attacked by two men for asking them to payThe two men said they didn\'t have exact change to pay the fare so the driver stopped the bus, asking them to leave, which pissed them off.

1 Bro Vs 2 Slow Dudes
by Violentce | One bro takes on two aggressive dudes, in under 6 secondsJust your average day at the American river.\"You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.\" - by Disney, Walt....

Asian Vs Camerawoman
by Violentce | Black Friday - Asian Man kicks and attacks person filming

Black Friday Shoppers Vs Others
by Violentce | Black Friday Sales - Dallas Texas Town East Mall FightCrazy fighting going on during the Black friday saleshttp://www.wfaa.com/news/local/Mesquite-police-break-up-fight-arrest-suspect-at-Town-East-Mall-180607011.html

Woman Vs Stage
by Violentce | Woman Knocked Out In Ugly Stage Fall On T.V. Show--Happened in MADRID, SPAIN (Europe)-

2 Thieves Vs Stabbed
by Violentce | Bloody Fight - Knives vs SticksI\'ve gotta hand it to him .. the victim gets robbed,stabbed and assaulted but he keeps fighting

Russian Guards Vs Prisoner
by Violentce | Russian prison guards beat the inmatePenal colony No. 10, Rostov-on-Don, Russia.Prison guards explain to inmate the prison hierarchy...For more details on this incident - visit http://redhotrussia.com/prison-guards-beat-convict

Ghetto Chicka Vs Chicka
by Violentce | ghetto-chick fight..might be another angle from a fight earlier on LL or a repost.. hard to tell em apart;)oh and skip the first 12 sec or so.. someone slipped an ad in front..

Cars Vs Lots of Cars
by Violentce | New Crazy Russian Car Crash CompilationSong:Аrmin van Buuren feat. Christian Burns -This Light Between USEnjoy watching!:)

Fast Dude Vs Slower Dude
by Violentce | Guy Chickens Out Of A Ghetto FightAhhh don\'t run now!

Tax Preper Vs Ghetto Woman
by Violentce | Tax Time in the Ghettois when the tax preparer gets attacked.

Cop Vs Skinny Black
by Violentce | Police Officer forced to use increased force to subdue criminalsaw this and figured it might add to the debate on use if force while arresting a woman. there are many variables to consider, but the fact a woman has a vagina should not be conside...

Hair Puller Vs Pulled
by Violentce | Ghetto hair pulling at its finest. Somebody done fucked up.

White Guy Vs Cocky Black
by Violentce | White Guy Knocks Out Cocky Black GuyYea Boy !.

Ghetto Girls Vs Ghetto Girls
by Violentce | I bet there was a pound of hair on the ground after it was all said and done. Then dudes start fighting.

Hood Chick Vs Pipe
by Violentce | Bitch does the twitching chicken on the ground after getting slayed in the head with a pipe.Just another day in the Hood...Mass brawl in the US, Woman gets hit with pipe while trying to flee.

Young Chick Vs Other Black
by Violentce | Girl fightNot sure why they are going at it. And sure doesn\'t last long.

Adults Vs Adults
by Violentce | Ghetto moms fight at their childrens pre-school graduationThis happened at California\'s Lenicia B. Weemes Elementary School. These ridiculous women decided to fight in front of their scared kids over the one cap and gown the kids were supposed ...

Black Ghetto Model Vs Other
by Violentce | Funny ghetto pansy fightFlying kicks, jazz hands punching, arms flailing about. Somebody leakin.

Black Team Vs Black Team
by Violentce | Ghetto street fight with lots of brutal action that ends only when the ice cream man arrives on-scene.

Decent Chick Vs Decent Chick
by Violentce | Girl Fight BOOTY POP OUT. Too much talking at first.

Woman Vs Pan
by Violentce | Two ghetto chicks are fighting and a little kid jumps in with a pan to finish the battle.

Fat Ghetto Chick Vs Other
by Violentce | Fight at fast food joint after democratic national conventionbecause french fries are just that important

Cop Vs Hummer
by Violentce |bizarre and deadly incident took place yesterday afternoon near the Csongrád County village of Apátfalva near the Romanian border, after an Austrian man driving a Hummer sports utility vehicle ran over and killed a Hungarian motorcycle policeman a...

2004 Chevy Cavalier Vs Cop Car
by Violentce | Cop chases a 2004 Chevy Cavalier and starts ramming it after it drives into things.

Guy Vs Guy
by Violentce | When Keepin It Real Goes Wrong; 2 Guys Fight, Loser Gets Robbed by the CrowdCrime statistics don\'t lie.

Fat Dude Vs Skinny Dude
by Violentce | You got knocked the F outDude gets knocked out in the hood and falls awkwardly to the ground.

3 Black Teens Vs Cop
by Violentce | CTV footage of NY police officer being attacked by three black teens in the Ghetto3 vs 1 and the cop stands his ground .. holy shitI haven\'t found this video in LL....yetUTICA - The police officer who was assaulted at the corner of James Str...

Ghetto Girls Vs Ghetto Girls
by Violentce | Mass Ghetto Girls FightSomewhere in the USA. Big Fighting.

Dudes Vs Dude
by Violentce | Ghetto fight on train has crazy ending as Highlander saves the daysaving people since 1592

Fat Chick Vs Hood Rat
by Violentce | Fat White Bitch Picks A Fight With A Hood Rat Then Falls Flat On Her Face

Fast Chick Vs Slow Chick
by Violentce | Another Girl FightJust another ghetto fight. This one includes some mild stripping.

Afro Vs Afro
by Violentce | Knocked out completelyTwo young afros fighting for weed..

Security Guard Vs Beating
by Violentce | Security guard knocked out, teeth lying on the ground

Black Guy Vs Black Dude
by Violentce | Some black guys solving their problemsslapping of bitch`s ass in da hood

Super Ghetto Chick Vs Other
by Violentce | Hood fight; exactly what is being said?Can anyone decipher what dreadlocks was saying? My best attempt goes like this:\"gofuh dat assgofuh dat\"\"der it isder it isder it isder it isder it is\"\"ind...

Tranny Vs Chicky
by Violentce | Two girls fighting, one of which has male genitalia. Ewww.

Chick Vs Drunk Guy
by Violentce | he term \"nigga\" is sometimes said to be a term of endearment, but I\'m not so sure this chick means it that way. Note the lack of furniture and the holes in the wall, in the hallway. Something tells me this is not a good example of how to...

Asian Girl Vs Bully
by Violentce | Asian Girl Rag Dolled Over Parking SpotSafeway parking lot. Honolulu, Hawaii.

Daisy Duke Vs Daisy Duke
by Violentce | Daisy Dukes Chick Fight in AmericaI swear if that scrap would have gone on another 2 mins or so clothes would have started coming off

Topless Chick Vs Chick
by Violentce | Girl Fight Turns ToplessHow did all those trees get in the hood? As awesome as a topless chick fight is, those iddy bitties don\'t necessarily constitute topless.

Tranny Vs Weak Dude
by Violentce | A tranny totally wrecks a dudeFerris Bueller fucked with the wrong chick...I mean man-chick, woMAN.

Fat Ghetto Chick Vs Other Fatty
by Violentce | Chick Gets Beaten Until She Cries & Leaks EverywhereSource claimed she got beaten for stealing three thousand bucks from the other girl.

Ghetto Black Chick Vs Other
by Violentce | Chick Fight: Girl Catches Drive-By Beat DownShe almost gets stripped naked!

Girlfriend Vs Weak Boyfriend
by Violentce | AMDEN — A Westville woman admitted Wednesday she pushed her boyfriendfrom a RiverLine train platform as the train was approaching, CamdenCounty Prosecutor Warren W. Faulk said.Lisa Alyounes, 26, of the300 block of Summit Avenue, pleaded g...

Black Chick Vs Redneck
by Violentce | Women fighting in a store.Fight begins @ :56 . Dude tries breaking them up but seems to be scared of them.

Fat Chick Vs 2 Chicks
by Violentce | 2 Against 1 Over A Guy In Palm Beach County! (Girl Busts The Back Window Of A Car.. But Other Chick Busts The Windshield)

Sexy Chick Vs Young Chick
by Violentce | Awesome Chick Fightnothing sexier than two chicks beatin the crap out of each other . . . well . . . maybe if they were both making me a sandwich in the kitchen . . . just sayin . .

Spanish Chick Vs Three
by Violentce | This Chick Beats Up 3 Girls On A Spanish TV ShowJose Luis the Spanish Jerry Springer

Baby Mama Vs Baby Daddy
by Violentce | One Really Big Pissed Off Baby Mama Sets Baby Daddy StraightDon\'t mess with this chick for real.

Halloween Chick Vs Other
by Violentce | Halloween Chick FightDecent scrap between the girls .....

Drunk Chick Vs Sister
by Violentce | Can\'t tell if these chicks are making war or lovebut the police were happy to be there

Boston Dude Vs Other
by Violentce | Boston Police are reviewing the incident, which occurred on Saturday October 20 near Milk Street and India Street in the financial district.

Mexican Vs Brother
by Violentce | A fight broke out between two guys in the street! Ended with an awesome TKO

Black Vs Angry Dudes
by Violentce | Street Fight. Man gets head stomped on, in Bath, England, after being sucker punched by angry guy

Addicts Vs Addicts
by Violentce | Street Brawl Breaks Out In Front Of The Cops... They Just Watch And Let The Guys Go At It!Guess those guys were not worth the paper work...