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1 Vs 1

Angry Russian Chick Vs Others
by Violentce | Little feisty Russian chick starts fighting a dude at first then switches her attention to a chick. Then a separate 1vs1 breaks out too.

14 Year Old Girl Vs Other Kid
by Violentce | "One child under 14 years brutally assaulted a classmate outside a school facing no opposition from other girls who do nothing about it"

White Female Basketballer Vs Black Female Basketballer
by Violentce | Black chick gets checked down and retaliates with a swift sucker punch to the jaw.

Girl vs Girl 2
by darkwolf | Two girls fight, and then another two girls fight. Shitty camera but alright fighting.

Black Chick Vs Chicago Cop
by darkwolf | Black chick being arrested by a Chicago cop resists arrest and gets into a fight with the cop.

Russian Hotty Vs Laughing Dude
by Violentce |Russian project called STOPHAM (Stop Double Park) is targeting car owners who double park on the streets of Moscow and other Russian cities. They carry huge stickers with words "i park where i want" and stick them on windshields of cars in their vid...

Russian Dog Owner Vs Russian Dog Owner
by Violentce | n Frunze district, police say a 45-year-old from Minsk was walking his fighting dog near a shopping center in Lobankov Street. His dog suddenly broke free and ran to a woman also walking her pet dog.After the lady tries to fend off the pitbull, the...

Ghetto Fatties Vs Ghetto Fatties
by Violentce | Bunch of fatties fighting in the streetsSeen 1 million times, but always so amusing. Starts off as a 1Vs 1, but ends up as a multiple 1 Vs 1 scene.

Female Ticket Inspector Vs Man
by Violentce | Female inspector attacked on bus in Belarus.(GT) The action takes place in Novopolotsk, November 26. As a female inspector trying to hold a young mother with children, who do not pay the fare. One of the passengers stands up for the family and s...

Ghetto Chicka Vs Chicka
by Violentce | ghetto-chick fight..might be another angle from a fight earlier on LL or a repost.. hard to tell em apart;)oh and skip the first 12 sec or so.. someone slipped an ad in front..

Hair Puller Vs Pulled
by Violentce | Ghetto hair pulling at its finest. Somebody done fucked up.

Hood Chick Vs Pipe
by Violentce | Bitch does the twitching chicken on the ground after getting slayed in the head with a pipe.Just another day in the Hood...Mass brawl in the US, Woman gets hit with pipe while trying to flee.

Young Chick Vs Other Black
by Violentce | Girl fightNot sure why they are going at it. And sure doesn\'t last long.

Adults Vs Adults
by Violentce | Ghetto moms fight at their childrens pre-school graduationThis happened at California\'s Lenicia B. Weemes Elementary School. These ridiculous women decided to fight in front of their scared kids over the one cap and gown the kids were supposed ...

Black Ghetto Model Vs Other
by Violentce | Funny ghetto pansy fightFlying kicks, jazz hands punching, arms flailing about. Somebody leakin.

Decent Chick Vs Decent Chick
by Violentce | Girl Fight BOOTY POP OUT. Too much talking at first.

Fat Ghetto Chick Vs Other
by Violentce | Fight at fast food joint after democratic national conventionbecause french fries are just that important

Fat Chick Vs Hood Rat
by Violentce | Fat White Bitch Picks A Fight With A Hood Rat Then Falls Flat On Her Face

Fast Chick Vs Slow Chick
by Violentce | Another Girl FightJust another ghetto fight. This one includes some mild stripping.

Super Ghetto Chick Vs Other
by Violentce | Hood fight; exactly what is being said?Can anyone decipher what dreadlocks was saying? My best attempt goes like this:\"gofuh dat assgofuh dat\"\"der it isder it isder it isder it isder it is\"\"ind...

Tranny Vs Chicky
by Violentce | Two girls fighting, one of which has male genitalia. Ewww.

Chick Vs Drunk Guy
by Violentce | he term \"nigga\" is sometimes said to be a term of endearment, but I\'m not so sure this chick means it that way. Note the lack of furniture and the holes in the wall, in the hallway. Something tells me this is not a good example of how to...

Topless Chick Vs Chick
by Violentce | Girl Fight Turns ToplessHow did all those trees get in the hood? As awesome as a topless chick fight is, those iddy bitties don\'t necessarily constitute topless.

Fat Ghetto Chick Vs Other Fatty
by Violentce | Chick Gets Beaten Until She Cries & Leaks EverywhereSource claimed she got beaten for stealing three thousand bucks from the other girl.

Ghetto Black Chick Vs Other
by Violentce | Chick Fight: Girl Catches Drive-By Beat DownShe almost gets stripped naked!

Girlfriend Vs Weak Boyfriend
by Violentce | AMDEN — A Westville woman admitted Wednesday she pushed her boyfriendfrom a RiverLine train platform as the train was approaching, CamdenCounty Prosecutor Warren W. Faulk said.Lisa Alyounes, 26, of the300 block of Summit Avenue, pleaded g...

Black Chick Vs Redneck
by Violentce | Women fighting in a store.Fight begins @ :56 . Dude tries breaking them up but seems to be scared of them.

Sexy Chick Vs Young Chick
by Violentce | Awesome Chick Fightnothing sexier than two chicks beatin the crap out of each other . . . well . . . maybe if they were both making me a sandwich in the kitchen . . . just sayin . .

Spanish Chick Vs Three
by Violentce | This Chick Beats Up 3 Girls On A Spanish TV ShowJose Luis the Spanish Jerry Springer

Baby Mama Vs Baby Daddy
by Violentce | One Really Big Pissed Off Baby Mama Sets Baby Daddy StraightDon\'t mess with this chick for real.

Halloween Chick Vs Other
by Violentce | Halloween Chick FightDecent scrap between the girls .....

Drunk Chick Vs Sister
by Violentce | Can\'t tell if these chicks are making war or lovebut the police were happy to be there

Little Kid Vs Old Man
by Violentce | Little kid knocks out an old man by a kick to the face. Then punches some woman to the ground.WTF of the Day

16 Old Girl Vs Mean Punch
by Violentce |CCTV camera caught a man knocking out a 16 year old girl with a blow to the head outside the Black Lion Pub in the Plaistow neighborhood of Newham in East London. The girl was treated for bruising to her head and cuts to her face and was later relea...

Gay Dude Vs Chick
by Violentce | Knockout Of The WeekGay dude KOs Chick with a Slap.

Huge Man Vs Small chick
by Violentce | Girl Picks Fight With Huge Man And Gets Knocked Out

Tony Farmer Vs Girlfriend
by Violentce | he Surveillance Footage Of High School Basketball Star Tony Farmer Beating His Girlfriend. He got 3 years in jail for this.We\\\'ve all seen the footage of him collapsing upon hearing his prison sentence, but not sure if you\\\'ve all seen the actu...

Robber Vs Casino Employee
by Violentce | iolent Casino Robbery Caught On TapeInvestigators this afternoon were seeking two suspects in a violent robbery in Lehigh Acres.The crime occurred at Luxxor Casino, 5598 8th Street West, Lehigh Acres, just after 11 p.m. Friday.Upon arriva...

Woman Vs Crowbar
by Violentce | A fight happens outside a local shoot, there in the ensuing violence a girl gets hit with a crowbar in a brutal attack from behind and goes into a seizure before being rushed to hospital.

Miesha Tate Vs Ronda Rousey
by Violentce | The official recap of the March 3rd match for the Strikeforce women's bantamweight belt between Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey. Watch Rousey's win over Tate by armbar submission.

Couple Vs Couple
by Violentce | Shirtless guy starts fighting another dude and then their girlfriends start fighting each other too.

Couple Vs Couple 2
by Violentce | Pretty funny video of a Polish woman beater getting beaten on. Then the woman who got beat ends up stepping in and she gets it too. Then the tables turn. It's pretty funny!

Idiots Vs Idiots
by Violentce | It's a complete shit-show in the ghetto everyday but this takes the cake. Looks like its crips vs crips and they dont even knoe what the fuck is going on.

Mean Chick Vs Beaten Chick
by Violentce | 3 Seattle Bus Tunnel Guards Watch Brutal Beating while one chick beats on another. Decent as hell

Thonged Woman Vs Other Woman
by Violentce | Splendid Boxing Fight Between Two Ladies. Both are wearing just underwear. Chyea.

Eliana Vs Camila
by Violentce | Eliana (104 pounds) defeats Camila (132 pounds)in 40 seconds, by ripping her bra.

Female Boxer Vs Female Boxer 2
by Violentce | Women Boxing in 1920's. In the Roseland Ballroom ... Nice fight ... With a winner ...

Female Boxer Vs Female Boxer
by Violentce | Only..... a work of Thomas Alva Edison in may, the 6th of 1901.

Lisa Vs Veronica
by Violentce | Good fight (with blood !). First posted by (hermania08). Enjoy !!!

Black Chick Vs Other
by Violentce | Titties poping out in a girl Fight at the Lime Light Saginaw Michigan Video.

Drunk Ass Vs Drunk Ass
by Violentce | Girl Fight after GUCCI MANE left da cotton club in Richmond,VA

Big Bitch Vs Little Black
by Violentce | Chick gets pulled out of the car and beaten on viciously by a big nasty broad. Decent but a little brutal fight.

Fat Chick Vs Skinny Black
by Violentce | Black chicks raging on each other at a constant rate. Good fight too bad its so dark and I can't see everything perfectly. Good video though!

Hispanic Chick Vs Meanie
by Violentce | You can tell right off the bat whos going to be dominating this fight. You can tell way before they even start.

Angry Chick Vs Beaten Chick
by Violentce | Girls fighting in a park. Well more like one girl beating on another for a bit. Starts with major punches and the last act is hair pulling *sigh*.

Fast Chick Vs Fast Chick
by Violentce | Backyard boxing brawl between two girls. Quick match but decent.

Weak Chick Vs Weak Chick
by Violentce | Another weak fight between two girls. This was a 15 second fight. Nothing amazing but hey might as well add it.

Weak Bitch Vs Weaker Bitch
by Violentce | Two black broads fighting, but this video kind of sucks because they dont fighting untill 2:45 into the video... Really short too.

Ghetto Chicks Vs Ghetto Chicks 3
by Violentce | Various minifights through this video make for a decent fight. This is the first of three videos, the other 2 can be found on the youtube users profile. but their really short...

Chick Vs Chick Vs Guy
by Violentce | Starts with two chicks fighting and then one of their boyfriends comes in and starts powerslamming people.

Chealsea Vs Beaten
by Violentce | One sided fight where a chick just sits on top of another one and beats on her without mercy. Choppy footage though.

Latisha Vs Beaten
by Violentce | Your homegirl in the blue sweat pants is kicking the in the jeans ass. One chick just smashes another through a car window. Rawr.

Jamaican Chick Vs Shevonne Morris
by Violentce | Crazy Jamaican girls going Head to head in the craziest brawl I have EVER seen. I really felt bad for that girl in the wig OMG!!! Did you see what was under their!!

Crackhead Vs Crackheacd
by Violentce | Intense awesome video of two crackheads battling it out on the sidewalk. Actually a fairly brutal video because one chick pins the other down and you know the rest

Quick Chick Vs Quick Chick 2
by Violentce | Round 2 of the last video. Apparently their fighting over a man. And that man is me. I love it when ladies fight over me.

Quick Chick Vs Quick Chick
by Violentce | Black ghetto chicks fighting over what I can presume is chicken and watermelon. Food stamps only get you so far.

Cheater Vs Cheated On
by Violentce | Apparently the guy that cheats on his chick ends up knocking out his "ex". This happened during a cheaters epiisode that was aired on on Maury.

Black Chick Vs One-Punch KO
by Violentce | Wow. Guy one-punches a girl out COLD. She ends up waking up towards the end of the video. Good Morning Sunshine :D

Chicken Vs Pigeon
by Violentce | Chicken VS Pigeon YOU DECIDE WHO IS WHO LMAO. so thats what happened to MC hammer....hes now a referee for bitch fights White guy at the end looks like the one who promotes the felony fights...

Janeth Vs Carina
by Violentce | From YT: funniest fight lol janeth vs carinas mongolita ass lol(bitch fiight)

Fat Chick Vs Fat Chick
by Violentce | Fatties going at it fighting over the last package of bacon of the supermarket.

Angry Dude Vs Young Girl
by Violentce | Some man in L.A. was confronted by some girls over who's turn it was at the register. Something was said to the man that created enough anger in him to make him want to punch one of the girls.

Bus Driver Vs Black Guy
by Violentce | This crazy little punk just goes crazy and starts punching this old woman. Someone find this kid and teach him a lesson or something, holy crap

Diamond Vs Black Chick
by Violentce | Black chicks fighting all out. Young but furious. Clear footage finally.

Hoodrat Vs Hoodrat
by Violentce | High school in a bathroom between two chicks. Great chick fight for sure. It doesn't have too much good punches but it's a good girl on girl fight.

Samayoa Vs Leon
by Violentce | 6th round of 6. There are a total of 6 videos on the users page who added this video. View all their videos to see teh rest of the 5 rounds/videos.

Redneck Woman Vs Hillbilly
by Violentce | Redneck women fighting in an apartment complex. That's some real ghetto shiit right there. No blood or KOs.

Melanie Vs Chelsea
by Violentce | Blonde chicks fighting each other. A whole lot of street slapping and not so much street chick fighting.

Karlie Vs Gemma
by Violentce | Chickas fighting in a bus stop. One fighter is wearing a skirt. Not too bad.

Nugget Woman Vs McDonalds Drive-Thru
by darkwolf | oledo, Ohio, an extremely chicken nugget craving and aggressive woman like her McNugget serve in the morning, however McDonalds drive thru manager explains to her that it is 6:30 am and they are only serving breakfast menu which doesn\\\'t include Mc...

Bar Patrons Vs Group
by Violentce | Some dude KO and One-Punch some bar patrons and make it look easy. Some bystander tries to help only to get a quick one to the face. Cameraman in the end is worried about getting robbed. Even has some chicks fighting 1vs1.

Burgundy Hair Vs Tough Guy
by Violentce | Girl hits guy and breaks his jaw. the second girl with the red in her hair breaks his jaw .

JuPe Vs DePe
by riapto | Initially, two Indonesian actress, Julia Perez (JuPe) and Dewi Persik (DePe) is only doing fight scenes. The fight originally was acting alone resulted in a real fight.

Girl Vs Girl 7
by rjhuaman2009 | Two girls fight in front of a house. People try to stop them but can't Both fight till ther are tired.

Big Woman Vs Woman
by rjhuaman2009 | Two women fight in the middle of the street because one woman talked bad about the others daughter. Big woman gets beat up first.

Latina Vs Latina
by rjhuaman2009 | Two latin women fight in the middle of the street. One of them wins big time!

Wife Vs Mistres
by rjhuaman2009 | A wife finds man with his mistres in a car and desides to take matter into her own hands. She is pist off!

Man Vs People
by rjhuaman2009 | girl get hit by man in a pool and then all the people around go against the man. Another reason why men shouldn’t hit women.

White stripper Vs Black stripper
by pab1020 | Two strippers star fighting at what seems to be a club, they are surrounded by thugs that seem to be enjoying the show.

Girl Vs Girl 6
by jsubang | These must be the huge group of high schoolers in special education right???

Girl Vs Girl 5
by jsubang | Schoolgirls of Leera college fight in street. Both girls should learn other things than fighting.

Girl Vs Girl 4
by jsubang | Their parents send them to school just to learn how to fight in the streets. What a shame.

Girl Vs Girl 3
by jsubang | Two angry girls fighting after school. (Northglenn H.S.) Is there a chance of reconciliation?

Crazy woman Vs woman
by Lolleur1 |woman who acts like a sadistic psycho smacks the pavement with a woman who is clearly defeated from the start! The spectators don’t seem to mind the violence as the camerawoman cheers them on and the guy who’s sitting next to the two women has a...

Janelle Vs Stacy
by madel911 | The bitch who sounds like shes having an orgasm needs to shut the fuck up.

Red Sox Fan Vs Cops
by samron | heck out this video where a Red Sox Fan Fights with Cops and at one time both this female cop and the Red Sox female fan almost get to a bad fight. At the end a lot of abuses and a few pushes seals the deal. The female NYPD Officer gets the fan in de...

Shantera Vs Marnique

Mother Vs Daugther
by asiasgoddess | Caught On Tape: Mother Arrested For Taking Daughter To Fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Police Vs 6 Year Old Girl
by asiasgoddess | In yet another shocking case of brutality, two cops were caught on camera in Uttar Pradesh's Etawah district, assaulting a six-year-old girl

Police Vs Black People
by asiasgoddess | A Missouri police officer got more than he bargained for when he responded to a large street fight. The officer was apparently punched by one of the women involved in the fight.