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2 Wheeler

Bicyclists Vs Racing Accident
by Violentce | Racing mishap at Red Hook Crit. I laughed the first time I seen it.

Femur Vs Break
by Violentce | Horrific Bike Crash Aftermath Damn..Entire femur bone is sticking out of his leg.

Motorcyclist Vs Ditch
by Violentce | Motorcyclist tries to take a short cut...BAD IDEA. Instead finds himself on Liveleak

Biker Vs Cars Rear End
by Violentce | Biker at high speed crashed into a car Holy crap!

Dirt Biker Vs Black Bear
by Violentce | Black Bear managed to escape unhurt while the bike rider suffered minor injuries.I would have gotten out of there much quicker.

3 People Scooter Vs Car
by Violentce | Scooter with 3 persons crashes into car. One person is dead. Happens in Russia.

Bicycle Vs Car
by Violentce | 1St person view of a car t-boning a bicycle. Recorded at the bicycles point of view.

Car Vs Three Chinese
by Violentce | Chinese Bikers Killed in Bizarre Accident. Three Chinese bikers Killed when a car flips and skids into them

Car Vs Car and Bike
by Violentce | CCTV captures brutal wreck in Chandigarh. Car T-Bones another car and the wreck takes out a biker.

Car Vs Scooter 2
by Violentce | Not sure why this is happening here. 2 Wheeler drives right into a car as if he was angry at the car.

MotorBike Vs Angry Car
by Violentce | Road rage in Brazil. .women + big cars = danger on the road...women + any vehicle = danger on the road*

Scooter Vs Scooter
by Violentce | When scooters crash... This is what happens when drunk by-standers (New Year's Eve) witness two riders crash head-on...(Graphic warning!)

Motorbike Vs Rearender
by Violentce | Motorcyclist gets rear ended by a car. The lady in the car should not be allowed to drive.

Motorcyclists Vs Wall
by Violentce | Accident happens on DUKE expressway, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I swear I thought this was going to be a multiple vehicle accident but it wasn't.

Pedestrian Vs Vehicle
by Violentce | This police officer knows our system for naming videos. He even says it himself, Pedestrian Vs Vehicle, although its really a Bicyclist Vs Vehicle.

Bike Vs Bike 2a
by anbarasan | Uploaded by motorstelevision on Jun 22, 2011At Magny-Cours, during a round of the promosport Championship: two riders crash and their bikes lock wheel bars and continue to pirouette on the ground

Idiots Vs Injuries
by sean512 | Random idiots doing stunts with all types of watercraft, boats, and motorcycles. Not too bad at all.

Bikes Vs Stunters
by sean512 | funny and more funny street bike ouch's , yes you red it right ouch's.

Car Vs Two wheeler
by manish4381 | Never trust Green Signal always look around. Its really horrible video and eye opener on making us being caustious while crossing joint signal.

Rider Vs Panic
by superkath14 | ider surprisingly was OK & road the bike home after his Triumph Triple highsided on a section of Mulholland Highway called the Snake. He said he was concentrating on the guy behind and the turn took him completely by surprise. He panicked & hit the r...

Bus Vs Bike
by jsubang | A biker thinks he has time to squeeze in between a bus and a truck but ends up gets squished when the bus quickly accelerates.

Motorcycle Vs Crash 3
by jsubang | A handful of video collection showing how dangerous motorcycle is.

Car Vs Motorcycles
by jsubang | A handful of video collection showing how dangerous motorcycle is.

Buffalo Vs Motorcycle
by jsubang | he was only doing what every other mother does to protect their child. This buffalo was doing the same. I\'ve heard a lot of good things about these animals. They\'re precious. And notice how the buffalo gave the person a warning as to don\'t come...

Car Vs Crash 8
by jsubang | Several car crash compilation. Watch this guys see why you need to drive safely when driving.

Biker Vs Furious Crash
by jsubang | The biker was doing 178mph when hits the range rover and flip then hit the toyota rav4 and his head stucks on the car.

Bike Vs Crash 7
by jsubang | The most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in bike racing occurs to Maxime Berger's Ducati, thankfully at the slowest corner on the track. Apparently his rear wheel shattered and broke off.

Biker Vs Crash 4
by jsubang | The driver on the bike was doing the normal speed 30+mph when hits the mini pick up truck but the best part there that he is knows Kung Fu did a back flip and survives.

Bike Vs Crash 6
by jsubang | The bike high sided going uphill on Mulholland Highway East of Kanan. The rider's hand was burned when the bike caught fire but otherwise uninjured..

Bike Vs Crash 5
by jsubang | The driver on this bike was racing and doing 200mph and crash.

Biker Vs Car
by jsubang | Base of the video this bike was outfitted with the so called latest danger alarm system but failed to alarm the driver.

Motorcycle Wheelie Vs Crash
by jsubang | dangerous stunt gone bad, a motorcycle wheelie turns into a real mess for this guy, let's hope he's fine.

Motorcycle Vs Crash 2
by jsubang | Here is a collection of motorcycle drivers crash there bike. simply show that riding a motorcycle is dangerous.

Motorcycle Vs Car 2
by jsubang | A biker was doing 200mph on the highway. when he arrive close to his home he tried to pass a car but the driver of the car decided to crash him.

Biker Vs Crash 3
by jsubang | Ducati Multistrada rider, Greg Tracy, crashes as he pilots the bike up Pikes Peak. Full. Early reports were not good as they could not find the rider. He ended up deep in a culvert, was okay, but pretty banged up.

Idiot Biker Vs Crash
by jsubang | A new biker bought a new bike but he did learn after he bought it and ends up crashing the bike

Biker Vs Grandma 2
by jsubang | A Biker was driving going to his friends house when suddenly an SUV driven by a grandma hit on the back crashing him and his bike.

Biker Vs Grandma
by jsubang | Kid lets Mom ride his motorcycle, she ends up crashing it into their wheelchair bound Grandma

Biker Vs Crash 2
by jsubang | some guy in russia who never drove a bikebefore runs it off the road the crash is at 1:45

Biker Vs Crash
by jsubang | The driver of this motorcycle attach a carmcorder to record his way from his friends house when suddenly he was hit by a car and crash.

Bike Vs Crash 4
by jsubang | Rider on a Crossplane R1 catches foot peg causing rider to exit the roadway. Rider was uninjured

Biker Vs Asphalt 2
by jsubang | Rider was uninjured other than a little road rash. Head hit hard enough to split helmet.Location Mulholland Highway near Malibu, CA

Dirt Bike Vs Crash
by jsubang | Philippe practicing Motorcycle Yoga with the 'Flying Giraffe' position.

Biker Vs Asphalt
by jsubang | A bike accident was captor on video by a police on his police car. Luckily the biker was ok.

Bike Vs Wet Road
by jsubang | Wooden bridge, at the time the damage was minimal. Myself and bike bruised but fine.A few hours later as I upload this my left foot is throbbing and I think i've bruised my ribs.That was easily 40mph

Bike Vs Car 3
by jsubang |Dallas motorcyclist is in good spirits despite being rear ended by a drive on the Dallas North Tollway last month.25-year-old Zacharie Perez says he's 'pretty fortunate' after he was hit from behind by a car heading home from work March 17 on the ...

Bike Vs Van
by jsubang | My motorcycle crash caught on tape one day when I was coming into work. It was a Hit and Run

Bike Vs Crash 3
by jsubang | Rider was uninjured. Crash on Mulholland Highway near Malibu Ca

Bike Vs Bike 2
by jsubang | the biker tries to speed up and ends up crashing on a another biker.

Stupid Bikers Vs Crash
by jsubang | Stupid bikers tries to do stunt but ends up crashing. Most of the bikers does not experience with it come to bike stunts.

Bike Vs Bike
by jsubang | At Magny-Cours, during a round of the promosport Championship: two riders crash and their bikes lock wheel bars and continue to pirouette on the ground

Ducati Vs Crash
by jsubang | New Ducati 848 lowside motorcycle crash. Rider was uninjured, bike was rid-able

motocycle Vs Crash 2
by jsubang | Buell crashes on a section of Mulholland known as "the Snake" The rider had knee and ankle road rash. With assistance was able to ride the bike home. The Sheriff who arrived almost immediately witnessed the accident.

motocycle Vs Crash
by jsubang | Rider surprisingly was OK & road the bike home after his Triumph Triple highsided on a section of Mulholland Highway called the Snake. He said he was concentrating on the guy behind and the turn took him completely by surprise.

Bike Vs Crash 2
by jsubang | hile filming the event we captured a rare Pro Street drag bike crash. Doug Witt attempts to be the very first person to go 7.00's in legal competition and also do it with a nitrous powered drag bike. Things do not work out exactly as he had hope for....

Bikes Vs Humans
by pradeepkovvuru | When people are riding with bikes and two wheelers how funny things happen to them

Police Vs biker crash
by samron | The video shows an unfortunate incident when a bunch of bikers are just looking at a biker coming by and suddenly a cop car turns on the one way road and with nothing else left to do, the biker slams into the cop car.

4wheeler Vs Hills
by Niz1986 | We made it up this in a stock - welded rear end jeep cherokee. Didn't spin a tire.

Bike Vs Crash
by squashylights | Some of the best bike crashes caught on camera. Its a compilation of these crashes caught on camera

Motorcycle Vs Motorcycle
by squashylights | Yamaha rider pulls a Stoppie in the middle of a busy Boulevard and gets hit from behind by another rider [who's obviously obeying the speedlimit] - Resulting in a nasty broken leg for the Yamaha rider and minor injuries for the rider who hit him.

Motorcycle Vs Bus
by squashylights | A speeding motorcycle guys hits head on with a bus when he tries to runaway from the police car. I think he died in this brutal crash

Motorcycle Vs Car
by squashylights | A speeding motorcycle guys hits head on with a car. The car driver is just trying to go left but eventually gets head on

Motorbike Vs Crash
by squashylights | Novice mid-eastern rider dumping a motorcycle. Lolz its a really really funny video

Motorcycle Vs Crash
by squashylights | In a motorcycle racing event you can see an extreme wobble, then a big crash.

Motorbike Vs Motorbike
by squashylights | " A racers oil line ruptures, spewing oil all over the racetrack causing a chain reaction of wrecks."

Motorbike Vs Car
by squashylights | This CCTV footage shows how a biker in Hamburg / Germany crashes with more than 120 km/h (75 miles per hour!) into a black Mercedes S-Class

Motorbike Vs Motorbike 2

Motorbike Vs Motorbike 3
by squashylights | better to hit the bike than the truck. Funny Motorcycle accident

Motorcycle Vs Crashes
by srikanthwinsome | 7 minutes of motorcycle wrecksBreakout - Foo Fighters We Fall Down - Crownd

Bike Vs Car 2
by srikanthwinsome | Accident Motorbikes verses Car on a tight mountain road in Taiwan. You can clearly see who is at fault. Happened Jan 1st 2011

Crash Vs 2010
by srikanthwinsome | Motors TV selects a few of the most spectacular crashes from the 2010 season. More videos http://www.motorstv.com

Crash Vs 40mph
by srikanthwinsome | oad was covered in water and i hit some ice. No way of seeing, its invisible at speed so was just unlucky. At least I wear all the gear. Damage was bent front brake lever, bent footpeg, scratch on exhaust and headlamp. also steering will need re sett...

Bike Vs Tons
by srikanthwinsome | it is by a group named Vanderhoof, and the tons of off road crashes is taken from from a video called Motorcycle Mayhem.

Bike Vs OUCH
by srikanthwinsome | Want a video site like BikerPunks? Visit http://www.topmediascript.com.Compilation of motorcycle accidents. Practice makes perfect.

Sandhill Ranch Vs Bike
by srikanthwinsome | Dirt bike rider with helmet cam crashing into down rider's bike over tabletop during practice.

Bike Vs Mountain
by srikanthwinsome | Mountain Bike Crashes,Dirt bike rider with helmet cam crashing into down rider's bike over tabletop during practice.

Halálos motorbaleset Vs Fatal motorbike accident
by srikanthwinsome |helyszínen életét vesztette az a vétlen motorkerékpáros, aki egy másik motorossal ütközött a Pécs és Komló közötti úton 2007.06.10-én. A baleset azután következett be, hogy az egyik motoros a záróvonalat átlépve egy személyg...

Crash Vs Dirt Bike
by srikanthwinsome | e were out filming several cars off road, when we came across some guys riding on dirt bikes. i started to film them doing some stunts when one of them fell off his bike. at first the crash didn't seem that bad, that was until he pulled up his shorts...

Bike Vs GSXR 750
by srikanthwinsome | Doing a stoppy (endo) on my suzuki gsxr 750. This was many many years ago before the days of motorcycle \

Bike Vs Suzuki GSXR 600
by srikanthwinsome | we are all fuckin rich. (we were good in the school) so nobody cares about crashing the new telefonica gixx.

Street bike Vs Parking lot
by srikanthwinsome | Guy crashes he bike pulling out of a parking lot,so nobody cares about crashing the new telefonica gixx.

Evo 9 mr Vs 06 Gsxr 600
by srikanthwinsome | 380awhp stock turbo vs. 600. car gets 2 second lead, evo cuts out in 5th. first of 2 races

Crash Vs Superbike
by srikanthwinsome | A collection of insane crashes in various Superbike races - ouch!

Crash Vs Drag Bike
by srikanthwinsome | Mothug Doug racing the Red Rocket motorcycle, a Nitrous Hayabusa Drag Bike making a 8.1@148mph pass at US 131 Motorsports Park in Martin Michigan May 15-16, 2010.

Man Vs Motos
by srikanthwinsome | Nice compilation of painful and funny crashes with motorbikes

Race Vs Bike
by srikanthwinsome | chap fell off his bike at donnington race track. Caught on helmet camera using a dogcam bullet camera system

Streamlined Bicycle Vs70mph
by srikanthwinsome | Rob English finds the only object for miles to run into. Probably going 70mph when he loses it.

2 wheeler Vs Man
by Niz1986 | this is now very funny, a man riding 2 wheeler get his ride turn over on his head

4 wheeler Vs 2 wheeler crashed
by Niz1986 | 4 wheeler get crashed in water, it is kinda funny but it got crashed after all

2 wheeler Vs Car
by Uday |

Biker Vs Biker
by srikanth |

Dont Trust GREEN signal
by Uday | Its Worst Accident - Never Trust Green Signals