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Terrorists RPG Vs Helicopter
by Violentce | This Mi-8 helicopter takes a direct RPG hit but continues on flying, to the disappointment of the shooters.

5000 lbs J-Damn Vs Taliban
by Violentce | 5000 lbs J-DAMN Drop on Taliban. Not really sure what is being blown up but thats one big bomb.

A-10 Guns Vs Insurgents
by Violentce | Back to Back A-10 Gun run on Taliban hiding in treeline.

ferrari Vs jet
by thessarie | 5th gear clip of f1 car vs jet 5th gear clip of f1 car vs jet5th gear clip of f1 car vs jet

Iron Man Vs 2 F-22 Raptors
by jsubang | Ironman destroyed the base where he was hostage earlier but he is back with a suit. After he escape he was encounteredby an F22 raptors

F-22 Raptor Vs Ultimate Plane
by jsubang | his is the F-22 Raptor Demo at the 2008 Aviation Nation Air Show at Nellis AFB. Watch as Maj. Paul "Max" Moga demonstrates just some of the F-22's capabilities. Maj. Moga's final flight as the F-22 Demo pilot was flewn the next day and Im glad I was ...

Apache helicopter Vs Taliban
by jsubang | Taliban column attacked by US Apache helicopter in Afghanistan (2009.

Us Force Vs Afghanistan 5
by squashylights | Awesome Air Strike On Terrorist Position In Afghanistan. Go watch it

Us Force Vs Afghanistan 6
by squashylights | no seriously i support all the wars specially iraq ones yes we lost alot of our men, yes we didnt find any mass destruction weapons but man we stole the oil in front of the worlds eye haha no wonder everybody love us

Helicopter Vs People2
by surrey604 | A video from Iraq played with a couple of different effects. the shots were fired from an ah64 apache and killed the insurgents

Helicopter Vs People
by surrey604 | A chopper watching targets over afganistan takes down 4 people

Aircraft Vs Place 5
by surrey604 | The U.S. Air Force's B-2 stealth bomber is the flagship of the nation's long-range strike arsenal, and one of the most survivable aircraft in the world.

Aircraft Vs Place 4
by surrey604 | A video of the US Air Force dropping over 35,000 pounds of bombs in Afghanistan.

Aircraft Vs Place 3
by surrey604 | Awesome Air Strike On Terrorist Position In Afghanistan. Huge JDAM Bomb Dropped On Taliban Position In Afghanistan

Helicopter Vs Place 3
by surrey604 | US Army in a firefight with a squad sized element of the taliban in afghanistan. This battle took place 20 miles outside of FOB Naray.

Aircraft Vs Place 2
by surrey604 | A REAL video of a plane completely BLASTING a building to pieces with a bomb. AMAZING!!!

Aircraft Vs Place
by surrey604 | Aerial footage of aircraft bombing al Qaeda occupied buildings.

Helicopter Vs Place 2
by surrey604 | Footage of Apache helicopter pilots identifying insurgents emplacing improvised explosive devices.

Helicopter Vs Place
by surrey604 | Awesome video of an Army Apache hard at work doing another days work

Helicopter Vs Places
by surrey604 | ages ago i saw someone make a vid like this so this is a tribute to him. whoever you are, enjoy.

Red Arrows Vs Planes
by srikanth |


2 SU 27 JET CRASH 8 16 09
by prakashvr | 2 SU 27 JET CRASH 8 16 09

SU-27 Flanker Crash
by prakashvr | SU-27 Flanker Crash

exploding fighter jet
by prakashvr | exploding fighter jet

One pilot dead after F15s crash
by prakashvr | One pilot dead after F15s crash

Su 47 vs tests
by prakashvr | Su 47 new future military aircraft airforce ussr russia

us airforce new aircraft
by prakashvr | us airforce new aircraft

Robots Vs Army
by Violentce | One of the most amazing clips ever. From some movie.