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Predators Vs Prey
by Violentce | Intense top 10 animal hunting video between predators and prey. Good clip for sure. Well worth the watch.

Tiger Vs Crocodile 3
by dild26 | Tiger kills Crocodile ,Tiger is the winner. The most ferocious animal ever, the Tiger is consistent in attacking the Crocodiles. Tiger is up against against Crocodiles as it is faster with strong reflexes, never let it down at any moment of attack

Turtle Vs Alligator
by kjsevilla | altwater Crocodile eating a giant turtle caught on the great barrier reef,

Animal Attacks Vs Animal Attacks
by Target | Crocodile bites in human arm. This is a video showingCrokodiles, Snakes, Rabbit, Shark, animal attacks

Shark Vs Crocodile 3
by Target | Shark Vs Crocodile Crocodile swims and has a Baby Sharkin hes mouth.

Tiger Vs Crocodile 2
by Target | Tiger vs Crocodile. Tiger comes from behind and kills Crocodile

Crocodile Vs Stupid Trainer
by DemoNik | A newly trained Crocodile bits the trainer in ashow in Thailand.

Croc Vs Shark
by DemoNik | Crocodile caught on camera fighting off to get the small shark against friends in Yatch.

Python Vs Alligator 2a
by DemoNik | Okay. FIne. Snakes are scarier than Gators. It ate one dammit!

Alligator Vs Python 2
by DemoNik | Now this is something you don't see everyday. A Python versus an Alligator?! Who wins? You'll be surprise. ;)

Python Vs Alligator 2
by sean512 | Wildlife Biologist Joe Wasilewski talks about Python preying on Alligators in the Everglades. Camera & Concept by Heiko Kiera.

Python Vs alligator 3
by sean512 | Aggressive Burmese Python vs Alligator Camera by Heiko Kiera. Watch High resolutionvideo

Crock Vs Man
by sean512 | stunt performancein a croc zoo in thai. awesome stunt watch it

Crocodile Vs Man
by sean512 | crocodile's death roal while a kid performing his stunt in public mind ur fingerdon't click to watch it ifyou are week.

Croc Vs wind beast
by sean512 | wind beast escape from huge croc. amazing footage by tourists. croc looseswind beast wins

Lions Vs Crocs
by sean512 | Part two of the Lions vs Crocs sighting we had in the Masai Mara, Kenya. in kenya lions Struggling for food and starving, so they even daring to steal the food from the crocs in thw water.

Alligator Vs Watermelon
by jsubang | nrichment is a way we can provide our animals with mental and physical stimulation. We do this to tempt the natural inquisitiveness of animals in our care and relieve the regularity and boredom that readily available food, shelter and safety provide....

Cat Vs Gator
by jsubang | This is a video that Jimmy took of an alligator and a cat before we loaded the boat for our swamp tour.

Alligator Vs Cat
by jsubang | When two hungry, vicious alligators emerge from the Bayou swamp, Mugsy the CAT, leaps into action to protect a boy from getting eaten. See for yourself.

Alligator Vs Bear
by jsubang | The American alligator uses its formidable jaws to crush turtles, but find out how it will fare against another Florida native. Smaller than brown bears and polar bears, black bears are not only incredibly powerful?they can be downright nasty.

Crocodile Vs Trainer
by jsubang |This is the long version of the video. A man puts his head inside the crocs mounth, but he finally servives i think. He should not have done it though!

Fish Vs Baby Gator
by patriciapapier | On this video watch a fish how it eats baby gator while in the water!

Python Vs Alligator
by drak3ll0rd | Aggressive Burmese Python vs a Humungous freaking Alligator.!! Must Watch to know what happens in the end

Snake Vs Alligator
by drak3ll0rd | Anaconda attacks, kills, and swallows a freaking alligator!

Crocodile Vs Python
by Niz1986 | Crocodile fight with Python, and Crocodile kills the python. So ofcourse yet the biggest animal is the crocodile

Monkey Vs Crocodile
by madel911 | Watch how this monkeys never learned their lessons and seems like they are really doing it to annoy the crocodile!!!

Anaconda Vs Alligator2
by madel911 | In wildlife theres only two places where you belong to kill or be killed like this video where a crocodile eaten by a huge anaconda.

Crocodile Vs Snake
by madel911 | You decide who is the greatest between the crocodile and the snakes who rules the jungle?.

Alligator Vs Python
by madel911 | A compilation of a python invasion with the crocs see how wildlife survives today you are the hunter tomorrow you are the target!!!

Alligator Vs Woman
by Niz1986 | A woman was trying to control. Unexpectedly, she was bited by the crocodile in the right part of her face

Man Vs Crocodile
by Niz1986 | a man fed a hungry crocodile until it accidentally join the arm of the man but he seems to be lucky to escape

Human Vs Crocodile 2
by Niz1986 | A caretaker gone to the hospital because of crocodile attacks his arm

Human Vs Crocodile
by Niz1986 | Perhaps a trainor of crocodile got mistaken on upbringing his animal

Shark Vs Crocodile2
by samron | Check out this amazing video, here a fisherman catches a shark and soon he realizes that a Crocodile is after the same shark, and the crocodile will not let go of the shark. The shark seems to be dead by the bite of the crocodile.

Male Baboon Vs Crocodile
by samron | heck out this incredible video of where a Baboon escapes the jaws of a Crocodile. The crocodile has a grip that he will not let go off, but the Baboon fights till the end to save his life and thats what he does in the end. He tried and tries and yes ...

Shark Vs Crocodile
by Violentce | Crocodile attacks a shark that has been caught by a fisherman. Tough luck for the fisherman.

Skater Vs Security Guard
by Violentce | Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight

Crocodile Vs Zebra
by asiasgoddess | That hippo isn't farting, it's marking it's territory. If you look closely during 0:20 - 0:22 you can see that it's actually defecating. They spin their tails while defecating to mark their territory.

Lions Vs Crocodiles
by asiasgoddess | The wild lions are hungry and they've selected a strange prey in the form of a crocodile. But crocs have big teeth too.

Crocodiles Vs Wildebeest
by asiasgoddess | A hungry crocodile lies in wait for the wildebeest to enter the water. But this one wildebeest puts up more of a fight that this reptile had expected! Amazing nature footage

Jaguar Vs Crocodile
by asiasgoddess | This jaguar has killed an anaconda and a crocodile, 2 stories that get him laid a lot

Anaconda Vs Alligator
by asiasgoddess | nacondas are the longest/second longest snake in the world. Retics right there along with it. The spinning wouldn't be a problem. Snake wraps around the gator/croc, it already lives in water. With the fact that it's just a mass of muscle too, the ...

Cobra Vs Monitor Lizard
by srikanth |

Anaconda vs Crocodile
by srikanth |

Alligator Vs Human
by srikanth |

Alligatir Vs Bear
by Uday | Animal Face-Off: Alligator vs. Black Bear Animal Face-Off: Alligator vs. Black Bear

Lion Vs Buffalo
by HARSH | Lions got buffalo and crocodiles wanted to have it, fight. Buffalo started organized retaliation and rescue, fight. It’s like a unscripted movie. got watch it.

Black Mamba Vs Bush Squirrel
by Violentce | Black mamba eats the bush squirrels eggs. No damage to the bush squirrel.

Tiger Vs Alligator
by Violentce | Alligator getting its ass kicked