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Baseball Fights

Rondo Vs Pietrus
by Violentce | One NBA player throws a blind pases only for the other guy to catch it with his face. Original video says he get s Knocked Out when he really just got Knocked Down.

Cessna Vs Field
by Violentce | Apparently some idiot coach thought it would be a good idea to land a plane on the field during a baseball game. Seems like he isn't the greatest pilot, but he will be rememberd as a pilot when a lot of pilots get zero recognition.

Yankee Fan Vs Marlin Fan
by samron | heck out this video taken by a handycam where a Yankee Fan and a Marlin Fan fight it out. At one moment one of the guys jumps off and gets into the fight and you can see a girl trying to scream in the background. Also a 10-year-old kid gets hit and c...