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Eagles Vs Animals
by Violentce | Video clip of eagles taking down all kinds of animals. Animals getting attacked: Wolves, Bears, deer, rabbits, mountain goats and other animals.

Dirt Biker Vs Black Bear
by Violentce | Black Bear managed to escape unhurt while the bike rider suffered minor injuries.I would have gotten out of there much quicker.

Bear Vs Bear 2
by rjhuaman2009 | Two bears fighting. It is an all out bear fight with no bear hugs

Polar Bear Vs Walrus 3
by DemoNik | A gruesome footage of a Polar Bear having a fight to the death with the Walrus . . .. as long as he's dead meat "to eat" in the end.

Panda Bear Vs Japanese
by DemoNik | A Panda Bear from one of the zoo in Japan attacks an unknowing bystander sitting just outside its cage

Polar Bear Vs Human
by DemoNik | Polar Bear from a zoo attacks a girl pulling her thigh on the cage

Lion Vs Bear 3
by sean512 | Lion fightingwith a bear which is half of its sizeits totally one sided, but the bear is not bad itis so fast in running away lol.

Bear Vs Calf
by jsubang | Black Bear attacks moose calf and drags moose into the bushes. A harsh reality in the wilderness.

Bear Vs Couple
by jsubang | A black bear attacks a couple and the man attempts to fight it off to protect the woman.

Bear Vs Truck 2
by jsubang | Came across a HUGE Kodiak bear at our worksite. That's our buddy's truck that the bear destroyed.

Bear Vs Tourists
by jsubang | A bear injured nine people at highway rest stop in central Japan before being shot dead in a souvenir shop.

Bear Vs Hunter
by jsubang | One of the best scenes from the movie The Bear (1988)....Just see for yourself!

Bear Vs Man 2
by jsubang | a bear attacking a hollywood stuntman. It's not funny but scary you can be killed by this bear if you are not lucky.

Bears Vs Table and chairs
by jsubang | It's a Bear Visit. They are scary, yes! But it's not an attack! They didn't even get frustrated at the chairs being too small. Let's have a picnic!

Bear Vs Woman 3
by jsubang | Woman gets mulled by a polar bear. Good thing they had twigs to beat the 1000 pound bear off of her!

Bear Vs Woman 2
by jsubang | Woman attacked by Polar Bears at Berlin Zoo. No matter how cute they are, still they have animal instinct.

Bear Vs Moose 2
by jsubang | This brown bear sow chased and caught an adult cow moose in our driveway May 6th '07. The bear was estimated to be about 500 lbs and the cow moose an older animal.

Bear Vs Caribou 2
by jsubang | Its clear the bear is a female. She kills the caribou in the river so its washed clean and ready for meal.

Lion Vs Bear 2
by jsubang | Why are kids left alone with these animals as they normally fights for their territory.

Bear Vs Wolves
by jsubang | A pack of wolves fights off a bear in Plitvice lakes national park in the Balkans, it's the scary reality in the wild.

Bear Vs Tiger 4
by jsubang |short skirmish between the second smallest tiger subspecies, the South China Tiger and a Asiatic Black bear. The reason for the chinese zookeepers to put them together is to let them rewild and know how to interact with each other when released into...

Bear Vs Cougar 2
by jsubang |Grizzly bears when looking for food want just that, food. He was looking to get one of the couger cubs. The bear does not want to fight ! The bear could kill the couger easily if it wanted to. A couger with cubs will defend at all costs.

Bear Vs Hyenna
by jsubang | We can see that the bear handles the hyena with its speedy paws, making it close to impossible to get in a bite. That will go also for a spotted hyena.

Bear Vs Dog 2
by jsubang | It's my toy and don't you dare getting it because it's definitely mine.

Bear Vs Gorilla Vs Fish
by jsubang | Who would win in a fight between a North american Grizzly Bear and a Silverback Gorilla- The first half is an educational video of each animal and the last half is about the fight!

Bear Vs Tiger 3
by jsubang | A tiger and bear (cubs) battle it out, for their lives or for the audience?

Bear Vs Tiger 2
by jsubang | Two year old tiger cub chases off Bear.Beautiful animal, that was a black bear too, they are harmless,, They are ten times more scared of you than you of them.

Black Bear Vs Puma
by jsubang | If it's bigger than me run away with all your might, coward move but works sometime.

Huge African Lion Vs American Black Bear 2
by patriciapapier | A fight between an African Lion and an American Black Bear. It seems like a fight for territory, so who wins? Decide for yourself!

by samron | Check out this awesome fight where a lion has to take on a Bear. Both these animals are heavy and very strong. See both these animals beat each other.

Gorilla Vs Bear
by madel911 | A clip of a fight between a bear and a gorilla you decided who is the greatest!!!.

Bear Vs Walrus
by madel911 | Polar bear attack the bull walrus in no time and make it his dinner.

Tigress Vs Bear
by Niz1986 | This video shows about how tigress and bear hunt for their daily living

Wolves Vs Grizzly Bears
by asiasgoddess | Grizzly bears and wolves fight for resources in Yellowstone Park.

Bear Vs Gorilla
by asiasgoddess | A short clip of a fight between a bear and a gorilla. What a great fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Male Polar Bear Vs Female Walrus
by asiasgoddess | ee where both tusks penetrated his left rear side, leg and stomach. Both10" tusks full borethey are not needles. They are weapons.Tendons and maybe parts of his stomach got reamedAnd to think he wanted to be buried under the Big Oak TreeMR...

Tiger Vs Bear
by Uday | HD) Tiger Vs Bear, Interspecies interaction in Wild !

Bear Vs Tourist
by srikanth |

Alligatir Vs Bear
by Uday | Animal Face-Off: Alligator vs. Black Bear Animal Face-Off: Alligator vs. Black Bear

Man Vs Bear
by Uday | The Fight??

Polar Bear Vs Ring Seal
by Violentce | Amazing footage of a bear waiting for a seal to come up for air. As the seal comes up for air, the polar bear pounces.

Polar Bear Vs Walrus
by Violentce | Bear walks into a group of walrus dudes and just kills one.

Grizzly Vs Caribou
by Violentce | Caribou gets killed.

Black Bear Vs Timber Rattlesnake
by Violentce | Infrared footage of a black bear jumping out of the way of a snake strike. I do not see any striking.

Timber Rattlesnake Vs Black Bear
by Violentce | Rattlesnake strikes at a black bear, but you do not see it since the bear is in front of the camera and blocking it.