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Pelican Vs Baby Ducks
by Violentce | Pelican Eating Baby Ducklings. Pelican trashes them around but they still survive.

Eagles Vs Animals
by Violentce | Video clip of eagles taking down all kinds of animals. Animals getting attacked: Wolves, Bears, deer, rabbits, mountain goats and other animals.

Golden Eagles Vs Wolves
by Violentce | n western Mongolia, an ancient tradition of hunting with Golden Eagles is still alive. We know from history that Genghis Khan had 1,000 hunting birds - eagles, falcons and gyrfalcons - and so did Kubla Khan. There were protected areas in the steppe m...

Wolf Vs Golden Eagles
by Violentce | During October 2008 i visited to film the \"Golden Eagle Fetival\" in Ulgii Mongolia.I spend few days with one falconer and absorbed their trainning methods.

Eagle Vs Grizzly Bear
by Violentce | Bald eagle swoops down and hits grizzly bear in the face. Naknek River, Alaska, August 2010.

Golden Eagles Vs Wolf
by Violentce | Golden eagle killing more grey wolves. Crafty Mongolians

Vulture Vs Wind Turbine
by Violentce | Huge vulture gets nailed by wind turbine blades and splats a hundred feet below.

Predators Vs Prey
by Violentce | Intense top 10 animal hunting video between predators and prey. Good clip for sure. Well worth the watch.

Russians Vs Birds
by Violentce | Russian hunting with boats and cars. Decent clip for sure. They got some big birds in Russia that's for sure!

Black Rooster Vs White Rooster
by rjhuaman2009 | Rooster fight. Black rooster kills white rooster in short period of time.

Red Rooster Vs Black Rooster
by rjhuaman2009 | Rooster fight where the red rooster kills black rooster very quickly.

Spider Vs Birds
by DemoNik | Largest Spider in the world devours 2 pitiful birds at the same time.

Eagle Vs Tortoise
by sean512 | Eagle is also one of the good hunters in the wild watch this video and see how a Eagle hunts a Tortoise perfectly and feed it to her babies.

Heron bird Vs Frog
by jsubang | This heron bird dips the poor frog in the pond for a great dinner.

Heron bird Vs Chipmunk
by jsubang |The blue heron stalks them all the time. He's very patient and can wait for an hour or more until the chipmunk makes a mistake. He has taken one out of a tree before. He waits outside their holes and beneath the bird feeders.

Heron Vs Fish 3
by jsubang | Heron eating koi from the pond in front of our house.koi are expinsive i would scare away the big bird.

Heron Vs Fish 2
by jsubang | Poor fishies. Why are they always getting eaten alive? Obviously because they don't have time to cook.

Heron Vs Fish
by jsubang | This is a Great Blue Heron that I saw trying to eat a huge fish, and he swallowed it whole.

Pelican Vs Duckling
by jsubang | Pelican in Homosassa Florida State Park already ate two ducklings and tries to eat two more before the park ranger scares it off.

Bird Vs Cat 2
by jsubang | what happens when you put a cat and a bird in the same location, an entertainment worth watching for.

Bird Vs Tiger shark
by jsubang | Young albatrosses learn that having a tiger shark as a motivator works surprisingly well when learning to fly.

Bird Vs Octopus
by jsubang | The Cyanea Octopus seems to like its solitary life, and will use its unique ink power to keep it that way!

Heron bird Vs Snake
by jsubang | The heron has grabbed the snake just like an expert snake handler from behind its head, and the snake has coiled itself around the herons beak and neck and is obviously tightening its coils quite hard to try and suffocate the heron.

Bird Vs Deer 2
by jsubang | Where do I find one of these killing machines? I have some unruly neighbors...

Bird Vs Squirrel
by jsubang | One squirrel lies dead in the road but his friend fights off the crows who come to eat him. What an animal instinct!

Chick Vs Lizard
by patriciapapier | A little Chick fights a Lizar and it ends up being the winner !

Chick Vs Snake
by patriciapapier | Baby chick catches little snake, little snake catches baby chick.

Fish Vs Duck
by patriciapapier | At 0:50, a greedy monster fish eats a poor little yellow baby-duck

Crows Vs Cat Vs Cat Street Fight
by patriciapapier | Epic Cat Fight (cat's horror) Crows vs Cat vs Cat Street Fight!

Squirrel Vs Crows
by patriciapapier | One squirrel lies dead in the road but his friend fights off the crows who come to eat him

Bird Vs Tiger
by patriciapapier | A bird seems to feel like attacking a Tiger and the Tiger gets scared and almost falls

Turtle Vs Pigeon 2
by patriciapapier | Turtle hunts a pigeon and sumerges it in the water for lunch.

Bird Vs Pitbull
by patriciapapier | A Bird attacks a pitbull puppy in the yard. Very cute puppy-

Dog Vs Rooster
by patriciapapier | Cute dog fighting rooster- The rooster doesn't seem very intimidated by it.

Kung Fu Rooster Vs Black Cat
by patriciapapier | Seems like this is a jelous Kung Fu rooster who attacks the cat for getting close to its owners.

by patriciapapier | he Dublin City Grey Heron hunts and kills and eats whole a Brown Rat. The Grey Heron versus the Rat. The Grey Heron was Filmed hunting a Brown Rat in the busy city of Dublin Ireland. The Rat battled long and hard to free its self from the tight grip ...

Eagle Vs Wolf
by Niz1986 | This video showing how eagle can takes on wolf so easily and can kill them too


Baboon Vs Flamingo
by madel911 | Hungry baboons in Kenya's Lake Bogoria find themselves surrounded by a million unsuspecting and unprotected flamingos.

Cheetah Vs Ostrich
by squashylights | LOL, Did anybody else hear them purring when they were surrounding it on the ground? Just a regular Thanksgiving Day in Africa.

Ostrich Vs Tiger
by squashylights | he ostrich is sprinting at 40 mph and experts thought that only cheetahs would be able to outrun them but these American hybrid tigers did it too. This shows Tigers are capable of speeds of over 40mph and even reaching 50mph

Elephant Vs Ostrich
by squashylights | This elephant had a bad temper today.Everything goes well with the ostrich after the struggling. I wonder what would I have done if he did something similar to me.

Ostrich Vs Others
by squashylights | It was hillarious when the Ostrich was eyeballing the guy. The ostrich gave a run for their money to everyone from monkey to the man to the hynea

Turtle Vs Pigeon
by madel911 | Look at this snapping turtle brutally eating a clueless pigeon.

Spider Vs Lewins Honeyeater Bird
by Violentce | Bird gets stuck in a spiders web. Weird looking spider for sure. Never seen that type of spider before.

Cat Vs Bird
by Violentce | nd

Bird Vs Lizard
by Violentce | Little bird messing with a little lizard. Nothing super intense but still interesting to a degree.

Amazon Parrot Vs 4 Kittens
by Violentce | Parrot takes on 4 kittens. Interesting to see 4 kittens swiping in harmony towards one bird.

Cat Vs Little Bird
by Violentce | Looks like a playful time between a little bird and a cat untill the friendly giant kills it.

Cougar Vs Eagle
by asiasgoddess | he eagle is not stuck in the plants he is stuck with the rabbit , you can easily see that at 11 ; 22 ; 32 and at 37 you can see a black rope around the rabbit lied to the eagle ... its a bird trap.. or more like a cougar trap maybe he killed some ...

Lion Vs Bird
by asiasgoddess | This was shot by me in South Africa. A lion was at a drinking hole when he spotted a wader and decided to snack on it

Baboon Vs Flamingo
by asiasgoddess | Hungry baboons in Kenya's Lake Bogoria find themselves surrounded...by a million unsuspecting, and unprotected, flamingos.

Eagle VsWater Chevrotain
by asiasgoddess | The small water chevrotain has some big distant cousins, but it must rely on instinct when an eagle decides it would make tasty prey.

Stork VsMongoose
by asiasgoddess | They may kill snakes, but what happens when a pack of mongooses encounter the largest stork in the world?

Bird Vs Deer
by Uday | bird takes down deer

Turkey Vs Gobbler Guillotine
by Violentce |

Eagle Vs Water Chevrotain
by HARSH | The water chevrotain: almost like a whale&In April 1996 the world's first captive-born Crowned Eagle hatched at the San Diego Zoo