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Lion Vs Bear 4
by Violentce | A fight between an African Lion and an American Black Bear. It seems like a fight for territory, so who wins? Decide for yourself!

Boar Vs Jaguar
by jsubang | As the jaguar hunting for food in the bushes, it spotted a wild boar also looking for food. And suddenly jaguar strikes the boar.

Boar Vs Tiger 2
by jsubang | n the final scene the tiger had the advandage so i gues that if the fight continued the tiger may have killed the boar.The boar looks sligtly heavier and it was probably a short fight.Tigers can kill similar sized bears in the same way if they get...

Boar Vs Hunter 2
by jsubang | The pig did not like that we were in his neighborhood and came straight at me. He sounded like a lion as he charged, I don't blame him because my uncle was shooting at him with a .357 magnum!!! The wild pig ended up bitting me on the right leg and kn...

Pig Vs Cow
by jsubang |A big boar invades the horse paddock during the drought of '07... the mares go crazy but the bull comes in for the attack.

Boar Vs Leopard 2
by jsubang | I know boars are very dangerous but it looks like you went out of you way to collect all these footage of pigs beating big cats.

Boar Vs Dog 3
by jsubang | In some ways its nature and stuff like this happens all the time with different species but it was kinda sad and just bad way to die..

Boar Vs Tiger
by jsubang | It's our waterhole and not yours, so just go away. We don't want to share it.

Boar Vs Dogs
by jsubang | The use of multiple dogs prevent as much injury to the hog as well as the dogs, allowing the "Rednecks" the chance to capture the hog and put it to good use.

Boar Vs Dog 2
by jsubang | Hogs rally on a hunter and dog that have a hog caught. Why do hunters have to do this scary stuff?

Boar Vs Wolves
by jsubang |Two Russian gray wolves attack two young adult male wild boars. It's the scary reality in the wilderness.

Boar Vs Leopard
by jsubang | This leopard had no clue of the dangers that a mother leopard teaches their young, it's definitely for their future hunting.

Boar Vs Lion
by jsubang | the lion wasn't hungry..lets face it, that little boar is very lucky the Lion didnt want a ham sandwich that day..

Wild boar Vs Piglet
by jsubang | A Wild boar eating another wild boar, in Sariska National Park, Rajasthan, India. Animal cannibalism on show! A rare sequence, indeed...

Boars Vs Wolves
by jsubang | Two Russian gray wolves attack two young adult male wild boars.

Pigs Vs Dog Vs Man
by jsubang | I can watch the hogs you trained jump up into the back of the truck with the dogs over and over again. Not the fighting scene it's annoying.

Boar Vs Dogs Vs Men
by jsubang | Camera man talks a dutch tourist into grabbing a wild boar by the ears.. very funny! What if your ears will be teared by the boars?

Boars Vs Dog Vs Man
by jsubang | See how the fellow hogs come to a rescue to their comrade, that's teamwork.

Boar Vs Hunter
by jsubang | This wild boar are extremely dangerous, so next when you hunt be cautious!

Boar Vs Boar
by jsubang | Watch this two wild boars fight and who will win just to prove who is the strongest of the species.

Angry Boar Vs 2 Young Pups
by patriciapapier | 2 pups getting a taste of a Fresh Boar, Wasnt out on a hunt just puttin trap out and spotted this mid afternoon boar didnt even try hard to run just wanted to fight

Cute Animals: Pig Runs Vs Farm
by smaboud | This pig was rescued from a cruel factory farm and now lives a happy life in a Californian refuge =]

Boar Vs Rifle
by asiasgoddess |couple of nice hogs we got one day in TN. Hogs this big with bloodline like this are common. We mainly do free range hunts but if you want good odds at a giant hog then a preserve hunt like this is the way to go. We limit the amount of hunting in th...

Python Vs Pig
by asiasgoddess |fed "Lilly" a 17 pound pig last week and filmed the last 90% of the "Python eating" event. I thought of throwing the whole piece of footage up, but figured it would be fun and more worth your time to watch if I chop it up, condense it down, and spee...

Pig Vs Hunter 2
by squashylights | My buddy shot this hog on the ground and then it came after me. Just before it got to me the little buger ran out of blood and fell over.

Pig Vs Bull
by madel911 | A big boar invades the horse paddock during the drought of '07... the mares go crazy but the bull comes in for the attack

Bear Vs Cougar
by Violentce | Check out this amazing video between a Cougar and a Bear. The powerful cat at the end scars the Bear away, the bear is almost 2 times bigger than the Cat. Watch this amazing video.