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Bouncer Fights

Bar Patron Vs Big Bouncer
by Violentce | Don\'t Taunt Bar Security......They Just Might Lay You Out. Bar patron taunts security into fighting at a bar in Sunnyside Queens- Ends in Knockout

Bouncer Vs Taser
by darkangel | Huge fat ass bouncer fights another huge black guy,then gets tased and arrested for stealing from the nightclub he works at.

Bouncer Vs Drunk
by darkangel | Bouncer knocks out drunk and pins him to the ground.The quality of this video is in excellent condition.

Asian Guy Vs Bouncer and Post
by Violentce | Drunk ass asian guy tries fighting some bouncer who is clearly way bigger. Asian guy gets knocked to the ground and ends up getting up only to stumble head first into a post.

Greg Vs Bouncer
by Violentce | Greg The KO Kid Attacked & Choked Out By Club BouncerThen he ends up one punching a bouncer.

Bouncer Vs Idiot
by Violentce | Bouncer bounces an idiot around. First he headbutts him then throws his ass outside.

13 Bouncers Vs 2 Guys
by Violentce | wo men give bouncers a hard time after they refuse to leave JayZ’s 40/40 club in Atlantic City, NJ. As the bouncers throw the men out of the club they beat them down in the parking lot.One man is out cold on the ground getting kicked when his fri...

Young Bouncer Vs Drunk
by Violentce | Nothing major. The bouncer at no fun at all has watched a few UFC fights.

Bouncer Vs Shit Talker
by Violentce | Walking outside of a bar in MTE, I saw this, pulled out my camera and started filming! What a moron!

Bouncers Vs Bouncers
by jsubang | Some bouncers then gets in a fight with some one else. The bouncers then run over. Please go home and get a sleep.

Drunk Vs Bouncer 2
by jsubang | Beware drunk fellows who are messing around with this bouncer who is just doing his job well.

Drunk Man Vs Bouncer 2
by asiasgoddess | hen you get asked to leave, Why do people have a go at the bouncers?? It will never end good, so why bother? But this guy goes in and gets a punch to the head, and a bloody good knee to the ribs.And I have NO idea what the guy with no shirt was goi...

Bouncer Vs Customer
by squashylights | Documentary footage of a bar room brawl between customers and bouncers that spills onto the street outside and rages on. Incredible stuff.

Bouncers Vs Beaten
by Violentce |

Bouncers Vs Patrons
by Violentce | Bouncers wreck shit on patrons in Russia.