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Angry Car Vs Thugy Car
by Violentce | Two thugs smash a window of a car after they backed into it. Victim says fuck you guys, you guys are nothing. He backs this story up with a full on read ender. No literally he reverses into them and rear ends them.

Compton Vs Prankd
by darkwolf | Compton prank ogne wrong...aCompton prank ogne wrong...aCompton prank ogne wrong...aCompton prank ogne wrong...a

Cars Vs Lots of Cars
by Violentce | New Crazy Russian Car Crash CompilationSong:Аrmin van Buuren feat. Christian Burns -This Light Between USEnjoy watching!:)

2004 Chevy Cavalier Vs Cop Car
by Violentce | Cop chases a 2004 Chevy Cavalier and starts ramming it after it drives into things.

Rear Ending SUV Vs Truck
by Violentce | Russian Style AccidentThis sort of accident is not common in South Korea.

Drifting Car Vs Car
by Violentce | Fatal car crashtwo people died as a result of this collision

Car Vs T-Bone
by Violentce | Brutal T-bone collision when overtaking on the highway in Russia Oh my god! all alive, all right

Rear Tires Vs Edge
by Violentce | Drifting Failwell you looked so cool untill!....... you over slide and destroy your rear axel.

Chased Car Vs Car
by Violentce | Police car chasing and a car accident at the endRussian Federation

Truck Vs Car And Baby Carriage
by Violentce | Luckily there was no baby in the carriage.As the truck tipped over, it clipped and knocked over the baby carriage. The old woman pushing fell over but was not hit by the truck.No other information.

SUV Vs 2 Cars
by Violentce | One More Violent Head-on Car Crash In Russia. Killed two birds with one stone.

Sliding Car Vs Car
by Violentce | Horrible T-bone collision on wet highway in Russia

Car Vs Pharmacy
by Violentce | Driver crashes his car right into a pharmacy in turkey. 2 girls and one little boy almost get shish-kebabed in the process.Oh, and give it up for the most monitored pharmacy in the world.

Biker Vs Cars Rear End
by Violentce | Biker at high speed crashed into a car Holy crap!

Toyota Noah Vs Car
by Violentce | Thursday afternoon, Aug. 16] A woman driving a Toyota Noah failed to comply with \"give way\" sign and crashed into a Honda. as a result, a 7-year old girl was thrown out of the honda\'s window. she suffered a brain injury, bruises and abra...

3 People Scooter Vs Car
by Violentce | Scooter with 3 persons crashes into car. One person is dead. Happens in Russia.

Female Driver Vs Parking Garage Gate
by Violentce | emale driver from my work was departing our buildings parking garage located in downtown Sacramento on 8/1/12 at 7:35pm. She stopped her vehicle a tad bit short of the exit card reader as seen in the video. She then attempted to lean out of the car a...

TRAX Train Vs Honda CRV
by Violentce | tah Transit Authority has released video of a deadly accident between a TRAX train and a car. The accident happened last week when the driver of a Honda CRV turned left against a red warning light. The female driver was identifed as Lorna Boguslawski...

Car Vs Truck
by Violentce | Woman who caused accident was unconscious for a long time, a doctor who was behind her revived her and supported her to the ambulance.

Sleeping Driver Vs Guardrail
by Violentce | Fatal crash - Car crashes into guard rail fall asleep,health problems or drunk, no details,happened today

Car Vs Car
by Evanpoco604 | Car crashing into other car you can see the damage thats done and smoke

Car Vs Cow And Man
by Violentce | Fatal accidentBrutal accident in Romania with two dead: the pedestrian and one of the drivers...and of course the cow :(

Car Vs T-Bone
by Violentce | Video of a car T-boning an SUV. They hit each other at the front fender. SUV goes on a field trip afterwards.

Bicycle Vs Car
by Violentce | 1St person view of a car t-boning a bicycle. Recorded at the bicycles point of view.

Car Vs Accident
by Violentce | Part of guard rail flew into windshield after deadly crash on highway Nissan driver died on the spot, this year he four times already brought to administrative responsibility for speeding,in dash cam car people without injuries.*volume warning*

Drunk Police Vs Pedestrian
by Violentce | Pedestrian fatally hit by a drunk driver on a pedestrian crossing the driver was a police officer

Car Vs Elderly
by Violentce | In January 2011 a hit and run driver was caught on vehicle dashcam hiting a 75 year old man knocking him to the floor, driver made no attempt to stop and was chased and caught a few miles away.,

One Car Vs Three Cars
by Violentce | Accident involving 4 carsVodka was to blame?

Windshield Vs Car
by Violentce | Windshield goes flying after a car gets another car head-on in Baku, Azerbaijan

Car Vs Three Chinese
by Violentce | Chinese Bikers Killed in Bizarre Accident. Three Chinese bikers Killed when a car flips and skids into them

Car Vs Car and Bike
by Violentce | CCTV captures brutal wreck in Chandigarh. Car T-Bones another car and the wreck takes out a biker.

Car Vs Idiot
by Violentce | Two idiots are in the middle of the road and one gets hit by a car while the other jumps in the trunk to avoid getting hit.

Car Vs Van
by Violentce |terrible head-on collision van and car on slippery highway in Russia as a result of unsuccessful overtaking. Overtaking on a slippery road Lada driver loses control and drove into oncoming traffic where the van collided with a Ford Transit.The dri...

Cars Vs Each Other
by Violentce | Brutal car accident on the highway with two cars and flying car a few times in the air The driver fell out of a car turning over in the airWOW!!! It was too scary....

Car Vs Scooter 2
by Violentce | Not sure why this is happening here. 2 Wheeler drives right into a car as if he was angry at the car.

Drivers Vs Roadrage
by Violentce | Compilation of Road Rage, angry Drivers , Fights on the Road and more.

MotorBike Vs Angry Car
by Violentce | Road rage in Brazil. .women + big cars = danger on the road...women + any vehicle = danger on the road*

Motorbike Vs Rearender
by Violentce | Motorcyclist gets rear ended by a car. The lady in the car should not be allowed to drive.

Truck Vs Car Vs Car
by Violentce | Brutal head on collision resulting in the camera car getting hit as well.

Pedestrian Vs Vehicle
by Violentce | This police officer knows our system for naming videos. He even says it himself, Pedestrian Vs Vehicle, although its really a Bicyclist Vs Vehicle.

People Vs Car Accident
by Violentce | Fake realistic video of what happens when people text and drive. The aftermath of an accident is here too. Sick shiat.

Russian Vs Drugs
by Violentce | Looks like russian idiot is on drugs. Cop comes to beat on him and he decides to wreck a bunch of cars driving around like it was Grand Theft Auto in real life.

Green Car Vs Black Car
by Violentce | In China people fight cars instead of other people. Which results in cars fighting other cars...

Cars Vs Vehicles
by Violentce | Chinese video of how people refuse to follow traffic lights and signs and the price they pay.

Murcielago Vs Crash Test
by Violentce | 30mph crash test of Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 in a controlled crash.

Car Vs SUV
by Violentce | Car driven by teen gets creamed by an 18 wheeler semi truck after police chase.

Evo Vs Ditch
by Violentce | Major rear ender averted when the owner of this video drives into the ditch instead of rear ending someone on the road when a bunch of cars are all stopped on the highwway.

SUV Vs Semi
by Violentce | Head on accident of a SUV hitting a semi. Intense video as the SUV explodes into little pieces...!!

Car Vs Trailer
by Violentce | Intense video of a car pulling a trailer at high-speed only for the trailer to start fishtailing and flip.

Porche Vs Bus
by Violentce | e've all seen that guy who parks in the middle of two spaces to avoid anyone dinging his precious sports car. He may get away with it at the grocery store, but when he puts it halfway onto the sidewalk directly in front of a busy bus stop, the laws o...

Bus Vs Car 4
by Violentce | Officials Say: Worst City Bus Crash in 20 Years. Car gets pinned between a rear-ending bus and a bridge.

Red Hat Wearer Vs Homophobe
by Violentce | ude punches dude in car. Dude in car gets knocked out.Dude knocked out is in moving car then crashes into a parked car.This was filmed in a parking lot outside of a bar after the bar closed. I saw 2 guys yelling at each other and grabbed my camer...

Cars Vs Crazy Drivers!
by arjun | This Video is a compilation of some of the raw car accidents caused by mad people behind the wheels. Well, in the video, mostly you can see the cause of the accidents were due to over speeding, rest are clumsy by the way. Speed thrills but kills!!!

Idiots Vs Injuries
by sean512 | Random idiots doing stunts with all types of watercraft, boats, and motorcycles. Not too bad at all.

Car Vs Two wheeler
by manish4381 | Never trust Green Signal always look around. Its really horrible video and eye opener on making us being caustious while crossing joint signal.

Fatal ATV Vs Car Collision
by superkath14 | In Marysville Washington, a man lost his life after colliding into a parked Chevy Lumina while operating an ATV. The collision was so violent that the ATV came to rest on the opposite side of the car after flipping up and over the roof of the Lumina....

Devastating Accident Vs Cops
by superkath14 | Devastating accident. You should all be careful on a side of a street. You never know where it'll come from.

Hit Vs Run
by superkath14 | emi crashes through barricade and almost hits oncoming traffic. A surveillance camera catches a hit and run attempt on tape. This dramatic accident caught on tape is of an alleged drunk driver trying to escape the scene of a crime, only to fail miser...

Woman Vs Hummer
by jsubang | A woman driving a hummer h1 crash on a car and tries to debate the car owner and also people near by thats its her fault.

Bus Vs Truck 2
by jsubang | a bus crash in Ray County sent about a handful of students to hospitals and left more than a dozen others getting medical attention.

Bus Vs Crash 10
by jsubang | Five people were taken to hospitals following a crash involving a city bus, a mini-van and a tractor-trailer in Queens. None of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening.

Car Vs Bus
by jsubang | Drunk Driver crashes into bus on Brazilian highway. Luckily no one on the bus was hurt and the drunk driver was arrested.

Car Vs Tires
by jsubang | A racing car speeding at 122mph on the race track losses control and hit the tire wall.

Car Vs Scooter
by jsubang | A car is driving slow and at a safe speed when this stupid scooter driver tries to cross the road illegally and as a result gets hit by a car.

CarVs Bus
by jsubang | A car plowed into a Winston-Salem Forsyth County school bus on Thursday morning, but no one was injured, Winston-Salem police said.

Car Vs Human
by jsubang | A car is driving slow and at a safe speed when this stupid guys tries to cross the road illegally and as a result gets hit by a car.

British F3 Vs Crash
by jsubang | A weird crash during the first Britsh F3 race at the Bus stop Chicane at Spa Francorchamps, July 29th 2011

Exotic Car Vs Bus
by jsubang | A crash involving a Ferrari California that is side swiped by a bus in Beverly Hills and this is the results. Driver was fine.

Stupid Dubai Drift Vs Crash And Accident
by jsubang | Some noob dubai pretenders tries to drift that they thought its easy as driving a normal car but its not to they end up crashing some spectators.

Drift Crash RX7 Vs Scion Cc
by jsubang | The driver on the white car which is the Mazda RX-7 crash on the wall when his suspension failed.

Drifting Vs Crash 2
by jsubang | The driver on the ford mustang GT was about to drift when suddenly his car losses control and hits the wall.

Plane Vs Crash Landing Vs Car
by ali8989 | Plane crash land on highway 405 and than crashes into a car and that car becomes that plane nose wheel and then they just missed crashing into an old women car and she is not happy.

BMW Vs Crash
by jsubang | This guy is trying to do a drift using his M3 but ends up crashing.

Drifting Vs Crash
by jsubang | Drifting is an awesome racing but you have to be careful when doing a drift. this video will show you how dangerous it is.

Rally Race Vs Crash 2
by jsubang | This video will show you how dangerous rally racing is. better watch this out.

Several Cars Vs Crash
by jsubang | Here are several crash collection videos. better watch this video to find out.

Car Vs Cow 2
by jsubang | A rally car slams into a Cows head during a race. It's now your lucky day after all.

Drag Racer Vs Crash 12
by jsubang | two piston heads go head to head drag racing but one ends up crashing.

Drag Racer Vs Crash 11
by jsubang | two piston heads go head to head drag racing but one ends up crashing.

Drag Racer Vs Crash 10
by jsubang | two piston heads go head to head drag racing but one ends up crashing.

Drag Racer Vs Crash 9
by jsubang | A drag racer with a turbo charge car crash onto a wall. better watch this video to find out.

Truck Vs Car 4
by jsubang | Truck crash and drag the car slipped on the road. Luckily the driver on the car survives the crash.

Drag Racer Vs Crash 8
by jsubang | two piston heads go head to head drag racing but one ends up crashing.

Drag Racer Vs Crash 7
by jsubang | two piston heads go head to head drag racing but one ends up crashing.

Drag Racer Vs Crash 6
by jsubang | two piston heads go head to head drag racing but one ends up crashing.

Drag Racer Vs Crash 5
by jsubang | two piston heads go head to head drag racing but one ends up crashing.

Drag Racer Vs Crash 4
by jsubang | two piston heads go head to head drag racing but one ends up crashing.

Drag Racer Vs Crash 3 2
by jsubang | two piston heads go head to head drag racing but one ends up crashing.

American Car Vs Crash
by jsubang | 1955 Chevy drag race crash. Driver ejected from the car. It clearly show that this type of race is dangerous.

Wild Drag Race Vs Intense Crash
by jsubang | he driver was ok, gave the crowd that had amassed a thumbs up before they put him in the ambulance. Supposedly the wind got too strong and right as he let off his nitrous kicked him into the wall!

Drag Racer Vs Crash 3
by jsubang | two piston heads go head to head drag racing but one ends up crashing.

Tommy Adams Vs Drag Race Crash
by jsubang | is ashes now blow in the wind. This was the last race of my old friend Tommy Adams. The crash wasn't even his fault. Tommy survived and had a short stay in the hospital. But he later developed medical problems and was never able to race again. He die...

Several Drag Racing Vs Crash
by jsubang | A Selection of crashes from Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire.

Bad Drag Racing Vs Crash
by jsubang | two piston heads go head to head drag racing but one ends up crashing.

Snowmobile Style Drag Racing Vs Crash
by jsubang | Some stupid dude tries to drag race using snowmobile and ends up crashing.

Drag Racer Vs Crash 2a
by jsubang | Monday the 20th of June I have a bad crash this is the Tower view we have 5 different views!

Drag Racer Vs Crash 2
by jsubang | his happened during qualifying back at the 2006 World Street Nationals. Luckily the driver was ok, but as you'll see the car was completely destroyed. It's one of the most brutal crashes I've seen outside the Pro ranks. This is a good example of why ...

Drag Racer Vs Crash
by jsubang | Jacque Bidard, an experienced drag racer, knocks himself 'out-cold' during a ferocious start line launch and, whilst still unconscious, he unfortunately keeps his foot firmly planted on the throttle pedal - with disastrous results!

Mitsubishi Evo Vs Dyno Crash
by jsubang | Mitsubishi EVOLUTION ("EVO") decides to disgracefully side-tackle a pillar after a low dyno run of 450hp.

Tank Vs Car
by TheToinar | They took two family car and put it in the middle of an military base, then drove a tank over them. It\'s all inspired by new game Red Faction Guerilla