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Mongoose Vs Asian cobra 2
by puspanjali | A Asian cobra is being attacked by a mongoose where the cobra fights for its life with the mongooes

Dog Vs Cobra 2
by puspanjali | A Dog has food as cobra where cobra struggles for his life with this dog .

Cobra Vs Mongoose 5
by dollystriky | this videos is about a small fight between mangoose and cobra but not a good fight

Cobra Vs Monitor Lizard 3
by DemoNik | The Cobra tries to fight a Monitor Lizard but gets a slap on his back with its tail. Stupid Cobra . . .

King Cobra Vs Rat Snakes
by DemoNik | There's no question that the King Cobra will win. But the Rat Snake will not give up a fight!

Cobra Vs Mongoose 7
by DemoNik | The Cobra thinks he's the king of the land. But it doesn't know that Mongoose are bigger and only eats them.

Cobra Vs moneetor lizard
by sean512 | Think you can guess who wins the day when two aggressive predators? the battle was over before it began watch it.

Mangoose VsCobra snake
by sean512 | mangoose kills snake in wild cought on tape. snake misses every strike but mangoose never.

Cobra Vs Honey Badger
by jsubang | One of themost fearless in the planet,battle it out with the venomous Cobra.

Cobra Vs Ratsnake
by jsubang | Watch the exciting video of king cobra swallowing rat snake, what a heavy meal which lasts for a couple of days.

Leopard Cub Vs King Cobra 2
by jsubang | Watch as Leopard Cub is more faster than the slow moving King Cobra as they weaken its defences.

Cobra Vs Monitor lizard 2
by jsubang | Two ferocious predators fighting each other but in the end the Monitor lizard winsthe prize.

Boy Vs Cobra
by jsubang | Poor Cobra... in :53 the cobra is looking at the parents "Can you get this kid away from me? I dont want to keep biting him!

Leopard Cub Vs King Cobra
by patriciapapier | A super cute Leopard Cub fights a dangerous King venonum Cobra.

Cobra Vs Mongoose 6
by lindojoseph | watch and see who is going to win the battle betwwen the snake and the mongoose

Snake Vs Snake 2
by drak3ll0rd |this big king cobra snake was eating this also big red-tailed racer (rat snake).When snakes are eating there isn't a lot that can bother them. Well, not a lot they can do.

Snake Vs Snake
by Niz1986 | Snakes are really aggressive. See how they fight each other.

Cobra Vs Python
by hienht37 | In an attack, a cobra faces with a python and then thecobra wins and finally, it devours the python.

Cobra Vs Python 2
by samron | ee how a Python falls prey to the Cobra, its not just an Indian Cobra, its a King Cobra. They say that the King Cobra is one of the most or arguably the most dangerous Snake on Earth. The way the Python gets swollowed by the King Cobra, you really wo...

Cobra Vs Mongoose 4
by samron | here are a few creatures that have Snakes on their menu for dinner, and the one that does this often is the Mongoose. Watch in this Video how the Mongoose makes sure that he does not just scare and warn, but attacks and eats not just an ordinary snak...

Cobra VsMongoose
by asiasgoddess | How does a mongoose stand up to a cobra? You might be surprised at the outcome.

Lions Vs Spitting Cobra
by asiasgoddess | The young lions have their first experiences with a deadly poisonous snake. Cobra or lion - who will come out the winner?

Rabit Vs Snake
by MAUD |

Cobra Vs Monitor Lizard
by srikanth |

Anaconda vs Crocodile
by srikanth |

Cobra Vs Lizard
by Uday | Spectacled Cobra vs Monitor lizard

Cobra Vs Snake
by Uday | Cobra vs Rat Snake

Cobra vs. Mongoose
by Uday | How does a mongoose stand up to a cobra? You might be surprised at the outcome.

Cobra Vs Mongoose
by Violentce | Snake gets beaten again.

King Cobra Vs Rat Snake
by Violentce | The little rat snake has got nothing on the Cobra.

Cobra Vs Mangrove Snake
by Violentce | Cobra attacks a yellow and black striped snake.

King Cobra Vs Python
by Violentce | King cobra kills and eats a python.