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Cougar VsLeopard
by asiasgoddess | Every big cat in the genus panthera are strong, but the jaguar(Panthera Onca) has the strongest bite force.

Cougar Vs Wolf 2
by samron | In this video watch how the Wolf and the Cougar fight it out and the wild cat makes sure he shows his supremacy of being a wild cat, Wolf's are strong, but not stronger than a wild cat.

Jaguar Vs Capybara
by Violentce | Jaguar catches some big rodent. Never heard of these animals. Video was taken in presumably Brazil

Bear Vs Cougar
by Violentce | Check out this amazing video between a Cougar and a Bear. The powerful cat at the end scars the Bear away, the bear is almost 2 times bigger than the Cat. Watch this amazing video.

Cougar Vs Eagle
by asiasgoddess | he eagle is not stuck in the plants he is stuck with the rabbit , you can easily see that at 11 ; 22 ; 32 and at 37 you can see a black rope around the rabbit lied to the eagle ... its a bird trap.. or more like a cougar trap maybe he killed some ...

Cougar Vs Wolf
by asiasgoddess | ats have more weapons then a wolf. A Wolf just use his theets to kill. A cat use his teeths and his paws with his sharp claws to kill. On top of that, the cat is faster and more supple then a wolf. So yeah, I still think a cat in the same size/wei...

Black Bear Vs Cougar
by Violentce | A roaring match. Nothing major.

Cougar Vs Lynx
by Violentce | Video in the snow where one animal attacks another.