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Dangerous Cats

Rapist Vs Women
by Violentce | A bunch of women crowd a man whos hands are tied up. Youtube video says that its a rapist getting beaten on video.

Molestor Vs Women
by Violentce | Check these two hood rats crackin dem knees. They said dis crazy nigga went and raped his own daughter. Anyway, after crackin dem knees, the molester runs off into some ladies house. It's all good in the hood.

Idiots Vs Idiots
by Violentce | It's a complete shit-show in the ghetto everyday but this takes the cake. Looks like its crips vs crips and they dont even knoe what the fuck is going on.

Mean Chick Vs Beaten Chick
by Violentce | 3 Seattle Bus Tunnel Guards Watch Brutal Beating while one chick beats on another. Decent as hell

Thonged Woman Vs Other Woman
by Violentce | Splendid Boxing Fight Between Two Ladies. Both are wearing just underwear. Chyea.

Eliana Vs Camila
by Violentce | Eliana (104 pounds) defeats Camila (132 pounds)in 40 seconds, by ripping her bra.

Black Chick Vs Other
by Violentce | Titties poping out in a girl Fight at the Lime Light Saginaw Michigan Video.

Big Bitch Vs Little Black
by Violentce | Chick gets pulled out of the car and beaten on viciously by a big nasty broad. Decent but a little brutal fight.

Group Of Chicks Vs Group
by Violentce | A bunch of girls fights on some wedding and a guy redords everything and laughs

Fat Chick Vs Skinny Black
by Violentce | Black chicks raging on each other at a constant rate. Good fight too bad its so dark and I can't see everything perfectly. Good video though!

Hispanic Chick Vs Meanie
by Violentce | You can tell right off the bat whos going to be dominating this fight. You can tell way before they even start.

Angry Chick Vs Beaten Chick
by Violentce | Girls fighting in a park. Well more like one girl beating on another for a bit. Starts with major punches and the last act is hair pulling *sigh*.

Weak Bitch Vs Weaker Bitch
by Violentce | Two black broads fighting, but this video kind of sucks because they dont fighting untill 2:45 into the video... Really short too.

Chick Vs Chick Vs Guy
by Violentce | Starts with two chicks fighting and then one of their boyfriends comes in and starts powerslamming people.

Latisha Vs Beaten
by Violentce | Your homegirl in the blue sweat pants is kicking the in the jeans ass. One chick just smashes another through a car window. Rawr.

Jamaican Chick Vs Shevonne Morris
by Violentce | Crazy Jamaican girls going Head to head in the craziest brawl I have EVER seen. I really felt bad for that girl in the wig OMG!!! Did you see what was under their!!

Crackhead Vs Crackheacd
by Violentce | Intense awesome video of two crackheads battling it out on the sidewalk. Actually a fairly brutal video because one chick pins the other down and you know the rest

Quick Chick Vs Quick Chick 2
by Violentce | Round 2 of the last video. Apparently their fighting over a man. And that man is me. I love it when ladies fight over me.

Quick Chick Vs Quick Chick
by Violentce | Black ghetto chicks fighting over what I can presume is chicken and watermelon. Food stamps only get you so far.

Two Black Chicks Vs Many
by Violentce | One black chick gets punched on by a few and her black friend jumps in and starts getting punched too. 10 Vs 2

4 Thai Girls Vs 1 Guy
by Violentce | Don't Mess With Thai Girls (street fight). I've never seen girls be so viscous. Intense shiat.

Russians Vs Russians
by Violentce | Not even sure who is fighting here. Everything is backwards in this video. Chicks fighting chicks fighting chicks.

Chicken Vs Pigeon
by Violentce | Chicken VS Pigeon YOU DECIDE WHO IS WHO LMAO. so thats what happened to MC hammer....hes now a referee for bitch fights White guy at the end looks like the one who promotes the felony fights...

Janeth Vs Carina
by Violentce | From YT: funniest fight lol janeth vs carinas mongolita ass lol(bitch fiight)

Chicks Vs Chicks
by Violentce | Girls gets in to a MASSIVE BRAWL and gets KO'ed must watch!!! Oh No! Girl Gets A Major Beating!! Titties Pop Out - 10 Girls Fight!

Ghetto Chicks Vs Ghetto Chicks 2
by Violentce | All Girl Fight at the RaceTrac - Boobs Pop Out. 2 Groups of chicks fighting.

Fat Chick Vs Fat Chick
by Violentce | Fatties going at it fighting over the last package of bacon of the supermarket.

Diamond Vs Black Chick
by Violentce | Black chicks fighting all out. Young but furious. Clear footage finally.

Hoodrat Vs Hoodrat
by Violentce | High school in a bathroom between two chicks. Great chick fight for sure. It doesn't have too much good punches but it's a good girl on girl fight.

Ghetto Chicks Vs Ghetto Chicks
by Violentce | The Rock in Bakersfield/ Ghetto Fight on Lacey Apartment was Mace 12/21/2010

Redneck Woman Vs Hillbilly
by Violentce | Redneck women fighting in an apartment complex. That's some real ghetto shiit right there. No blood or KOs.

Karlie Vs Gemma
by Violentce | Chickas fighting in a bus stop. One fighter is wearing a skirt. Not too bad.

3 Blacks Vs 1 White Girl
by Violentce | ortland: MAX Green Line Train - Anti-white Mob Assault on White Teenage Girl (From youtube) Anti-white crime knows no limits. Mob of black teenagers target and victimize white teenager. Three to four African-American teenage girls target one European...

JuPe Vs DePe
by riapto | Initially, two Indonesian actress, Julia Perez (JuPe) and Dewi Persik (DePe) is only doing fight scenes. The fight originally was acting alone resulted in a real fight.

Girl Vs Girl 7
by rjhuaman2009 | Two girls fight in front of a house. People try to stop them but can't Both fight till ther are tired.

Big Woman Vs Woman
by rjhuaman2009 | Two women fight in the middle of the street because one woman talked bad about the others daughter. Big woman gets beat up first.

Latina Vs Latina
by rjhuaman2009 | Two latin women fight in the middle of the street. One of them wins big time!

Wife Vs Mistres
by rjhuaman2009 | A wife finds man with his mistres in a car and desides to take matter into her own hands. She is pist off!

White stripper Vs Black stripper
by pab1020 | Two strippers star fighting at what seems to be a club, they are surrounded by thugs that seem to be enjoying the show.

Girl Vs Girl 6
by jsubang | These must be the huge group of high schoolers in special education right???

Girl Vs Girl 5
by jsubang | Schoolgirls of Leera college fight in street. Both girls should learn other things than fighting.

Girl Vs Girl 3
by jsubang | Two angry girls fighting after school. (Northglenn H.S.) Is there a chance of reconciliation?

American Vs Thai Women
by asiasgoddess | .....this guy's a fool and you dont that crap ESPECIALLY in a country where KICKING can turn deadly those girls were using simply muay thai kicks i root for them

Police Vs Black People
by asiasgoddess | A Missouri police officer got more than he bargained for when he responded to a large street fight. The officer was apparently punched by one of the women involved in the fight.

Wife Vs Husband
by madel911 | An indian woman trashing her husband using a belt in public.