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Animals Vs Africa
by VeNaH | Virtually every predator in Africa hunting and KILLING other animals. Very entertaining!

Deer Vs Dog 4
by DemoNik | A dog plays with his "deer" prey first before attacking it.

Deer Vs Tree
by jsubang | The deer is one of the fastest animal in the planet but in this video shows its speed falls on the tree.

Elk Vs Snowmen
by jsubang | There goes the evidence !!  Mr Elkee's been psychological affected throughout the years by Christmas; Snowman brings those bad memories.

Deer Vs Deer 18
by jsubang | It's another day of supremacy fighting between these two brave deer.

Deer Vs Deer 17
by jsubang | It's another day of supremacy fighting between these two brave deer.

Deer Vs Deer 16
by jsubang | It's another day of supremacy fighting between these two brave deer.

Deer Vs Deer 15
by jsubang |These two Fallow Deer males were really going at it! Apparently it was mating season... Anyway the guide stopped the train and they kept hitting it, pretty cool.

Deer Vs Deer 14
by jsubang | Two fallow bucks happened to start fighting right in front of me as I was taking stills of deer in the area, and I got a very (scary!) close-up view of how these deer decide their pecking order.

Deer Vs Deer 13
by jsubang |Two deer fighting for a herd of females. The fight goes on and on up to the moment they piss off a fallow deer, half of their size.

Deer Vs Deer 12
by jsubang | 2 stags have a huge fight and then walk off as friends. Filmed February 2009 in Bushey Park.

Deer Vs Deer 11
by jsubang | Two stags of red deer battle for the herd. May the strong one wins this time.

Deer Vs Deer 10

Deer Vs Deer 9
by jsubang |I don't hunt so I have never seen this before. One got up and ran away when they cut his horn off. The other one sat there for a long time. I don't know if he made it or not.

Deer Vs Deer 8
by jsubang | Two whitetail buck in a fight to the death. One buck expired and the other was fighting for his life. Motorist passing by noctice the two buck in the field and called friends for help.

Deer Vs Fat guy
by jsubang | He could have easily destroyed that deer with just his weight but he didn't want to hurt it.

Deer Vs Deer 7
by jsubang | I saw 2 male deer fight each other in the Nara National park of Japan. It's just that they don't enjoy each other sometimes.

Deer Vs Golf Ball
by jsubang | This deer came up while we were golfing and just stood there. This golfer wasn't that good, so we didn't think he would hit him (notice he missed the ball on the first swing).

Deer Vs Swing
by jsubang | A tame deer getting completely hit in the head by a swing. All I wanted is to play around.

Deer Vs Dog Vs Cat
by jsubang | f the dog was on a leash it would not have ran off. The dog was not in its own backyard. its not like the owner was with the dog, its the owners fault not the dogs fault nor does the deer have fault, they are animals. The deer was not going to ris...

Deer Vs Girl
by jsubang |....are those cookies only for deer, or are they edible. they remind me of those natural cookies home baked in Central America, yum!

Deer Vs Dog 3
by jsubang | It's a small world after all, why can't we be friends? We are both adorable creatures.

Deers Vs Girl
by jsubang | Nara Deer Park, Japan. We made the mistake of giving them a couple pieces of bread. They followed us around the park for like 10 minutes. Thanks for sharing anyway.

Deer Vs Boy
by jsubang | This poor deer has no one to fool around so, why not you BOY?

Deer Vs Deer 6
by jsubang | A pair of 2 point bucks sparring in the back yard. The 5 point buck is not around today, otherwise these two would be over the fence and gone. Taken in Victoria BC Canada.

Deer Vs Dog 2

Deer Vs Tiger
by jsubang |A superb video which shows the dominance of tigers in india when it hunts, nothing is safe when there is a tiger, NOT EVEN MAN!

Deer Vs Raccoon
by jsubang |raccoon came into the yard in the daytime, and we threw some organic corn chips on the lawn for him. A few minutes later the deer showed up, and the raccoon ran up a tree - for a few moments. Just as the raccoon was brave enough to head for the chip...

Deer Vs Deer 5
by jsubang | utting season on Angel Island, San Francisco Bay, CA. Two male blacktail deer spar for mating rights in this state park picnic grounds. The park visitors have left for the day. Deer come down to the grass area for grazing. Robin Adams, Volunteer Coor...

Rattlesnake Vs Rattlesnake 5
by jsubang | Two male rattlesnakes wrestling for the rights of a female rattlesnake. Usually standing taller than the other guy is enough, but in some cases nobody wants to back down

Deer Vs Hunter 2
by jsubang | A huge whitetail deer attacks a hunter.They have deer season for a reason: to keep down the deer population.

Deer Vs Deer 4
by jsubang | Two big whitetail deer, the old man is getting gray and teaching perhaps his son how to spar with his antlers.

Snake Vs Deer
by drak3ll0rd | ir David Attenborough presents this epic wildlife documentary, exploring the world of cold blooded animals. Watch this phenomenal video to see a fully grown python kill and eat a deer. Brilliant high quality images from BBC natural history masterpiec...

Deer Vs Deer 3
by asiasgoddess | oming from a person that has a passion for hunting, it would only be generous to let those deer take the lives of each other. Let nature take it's course and you come back later to see what happened. But in reality, you are just another human-bein...

Deer Vs Deer 2
by asiasgoddess | On this video you will see two male deer is fighting to show if who is the stronger between them...

Deer Vs Hunter
by asiasgoddess | Its a pity the deer didnt manage to get a good plant with one of her hoofs into the mans Skull,nevermind better luck next time.At the very least it would have been nice to see him disfigured.Disgusting cunt hunting innocent animals.

Deer Vs Car
by squashylights | i did not know deer could fly.i guess thats one way up to space. hope the car was ok