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Dog Vs Electric Fence
by Violentce | Ok its a little mean but the doggie is fine and I found it funny just something a little different

Pitbulls Vs Police
by Violentce |brazilian women wants to take her dogs for a walk. Suddenly some wilddogs, one of them a pitbull, ran towards her and attack. Passengers tryto help the women; one hits the wild dogs even with his bike. Whenpolice turns up they start kicking th...

Monkey Vs Dog 3
by puspanjali | A Dog has fight with monkeys and like theremonkeys were going to kill that dog because it wouldn't leave them alone

Animals Vs kids 2
by puspanjali | Kids are being injured by the funny activities of animals and birds

Dog Vs Cobra 2
by puspanjali | A Dog has food as cobra where cobra struggles for his life with this dog .

2 Dogs Vs 1 Dog
by rjhuaman2009 | 2 street dogs against one dog. Not a fair fight because the one dog gets his butt kicked.

Small Dog Vs Mean Small Dog
by rjhuaman2009 | Two small dogs get into a fight but only one of them wins. The mean one ofcourse. Poor little one.

Wolf Vs Lamb and Wolfhound
by DemoNik | A wolf caught on cam attacking lambs then a Wolfhounds comes to the rescue!

Deer Vs Dog 4
by DemoNik | A dog plays with his "deer" prey first before attacking it.

Shark Vs Dog
by DemoNik | A Retriever catches his first shark. Struggled a little but was able to retrieve it anyway. Good Boy!

Dog Vs Shark
by jsubang | It's the craziest thing, a dog on a boat jumps right into the water and bites this shark and drags it to land. Gotta see it to believe it.

Dog Vs Ratsnake
by jsubang | Get out of my sight, please I want to swim to cool down my anger.

Dog Vs Cobra
by jsubang | A cobra struggles for his life with this dog a lot bigger its size.

Dog Vs Cat
by jsubang | I want to make friend with you but just don't go near me! Go away kitty-kitty.

Dogs Vs Snake 2
by jsubang | hat was a harmless species of snake. The right thing to do would be to make the dogs back off and allow it to retreat in peace. If it had been venomous those dogs would have been injured or killed. It's good training to teach snake avoidance. It c...

Wolf Vs Girl
by jsubang | A wolf thought that my hair would be a tasty treat! (these wolves are at a rescue location in Colorado and yes they are actually wolves.)

Dog Vs Pigs
by jsubang | Just don't mess around little fellows, get inside your cage please.

Dog Vs Pig 3
by jsubang | Just a friendly quarrel both are lovely animals to be with. Amazing creatures.

Dog Vs Pig 2
by jsubang | Hey, I don't want both of you to share my cushion, please go away you stink.

Dog Vs Pig
by jsubang | What an entertaining day for both animals, just happy to live around peacefully.

Boar Vs Dog
by jsubang | This is hilarious poor Dog has to go through so much pain due to this playful little creature.

Dog Vs Monkey
by jsubang | My old dog would have loved to try this. She would play tug and roughs with anyone.

Dog Vs Reporter
by patriciapapier | A news reporter barely escapes being blinded after getting too close to a police attack German Shepherd during an interview that won't be soon forgotten.

Dog Vs Man
by patriciapapier | Dog attacks Police Officer Taser Full News Report and Officer is forced to tase a dog after it attacks his partner.

Angry Boar Vs 2 Young Pups
by patriciapapier | 2 pups getting a taste of a Fresh Boar, Wasnt out on a hunt just puttin trap out and spotted this mid afternoon boar didnt even try hard to run just wanted to fight

Dogs Vs Snake
by patriciapapier | Watch an Angry snake battling it out with two golden Labrador Retriever

Jaguar Vs Dog
by patriciapapier | Baby Jaguar playing with animated dog. Isabella was a pleasant suprise for panther ridge.

Bird Vs Pitbull
by patriciapapier | A Bird attacks a pitbull puppy in the yard. Very cute puppy-

Dog Vs Rooster
by patriciapapier | Cute dog fighting rooster- The rooster doesn't seem very intimidated by it.

Rottweiler Vs Cattle
by patriciapapier | Apparently Rottweilers have a natural herding instinct.. we put it to the test with hilarious results.

Animals Vs Kids
by pradeepkovvuru | When kids are playing with pet animals how funny things happen to those kids.

Monkey Vs Puppy
by Werold | A monkey manhandles a puppy's package and has a good laugh at the puppy's expense.

Dog Vs Cats in Action
by dluardo | Meownny Pacman the "Cat" Vs Bullweather the "Dog". Bullweather the "Dog" got powned

Greyhound Vs Shih Tzu
by samron | his video is a must watch, check out how a Greyhound actually gets scared by a Shih Tzu. The Greyhound were once known to hunt down wolves, but the fact remains that these dogs remain very kind and gently, but you know where they come from, so its be...

Hyena Vs Wild Dogs 2
by Niz1986 | Hyena decides to steal doggy dinner. But wild dogs decided to get on hyena

Pig Vs Hunter
by squashylights | Damn that was funny...the old knife kill there would have been epic...good footage...crazy friends..hahah what a freaking awesome video

Dog Vs His Boss
by Niz1986 | Dogs barking to their Boss that abruptly bites it in the face

Dog Vs Animal Pound
by Violentce | Some fat lady gets his pitbull to attack a lady. Some dude comes and 2x4's it.

Dog Vs Criminal
by squashylights | i would never remove the dog till the CRIMINAL was under complete control, he can still pull out a gun or knife

Cop and Dog Vs Suspect
by squashylights | A police officer fights with a suspect helped by his trusty police dog. The fight ends badly when the suspect grabs the police mans gun and tries to shoot him.

Man Vs Dog 2
by squashylights | Dogs are instinctively pack animals, they would fight and hunt with their pack. This dog has been well trained to defend the innocent by aiding the police in their work. It helps the police avoid killing!

Man Vs Dog
by squashylights | From KSAZ TV. A 350lbs man fights a police dog, slinging it like a rag doll after a 45 minute standoff. The standoff was after a freeway chase in Mesa Arizona.

WallarooVs Dingo
by asiasgoddess | Watch a wallaroo's defence technique as a young adolescent comes face to face with a dingo by the watering hole.

Hyena Vs Wild Dogs
by asiasgoddess | On this Video. Hyena decides to steal doggy dinner. And now look what you have done!

Deer Vs Dog
by Uday | 6-Legged Deer Attacked By Dog