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Elephants Vs Pick Up Truck
by Violentce | Angry Elephants Attack Car. The female drivers calm and cool driving averts a disaster yeah I know its crazy

Elephant Vs Rhino 3
by puspanjali | A elephant who is 13 feet heightgets a war with Rhino of 6 feet its always small one to be knocked out.its bad fight

Elephant Vs Lion 2
by puspanjali | O! wow! The Elephants make the king of the forest to run for its life. And it runs as it can be made pray.

Elephant Vs Lion
by rebuo | Elephant Versus Lion pride encounter Battle on the african plains video

Elephant Vs Elephant3
by sean512 | Elephent attacks public and other Elephants as well on a festival day in the Country Indiaa state called Kerala.

Mad Elephant Vs Humans
by superkath14 | At a School Festival in South India a Bull Elephant suddenly gets enraged. Charges and attacks men and kills one person. Afterward attacks another Bull Elephant and chases people on the Campus.

Elephant Vs Hippo
by jsubang | I am much bigger than you are so better get out of my sight before I change my mind.

Elephant Vs Rhino 2
by jsubang |To discover which of these awesome beasts is the supreme heavyweight, zoologist, Dave Salmoni and Vet. Ellen Rogers conduct a series of groundbreaking tests to evaluate the remarkable powers of the elephant and rhino.

Elephant Vs Humans
by patriciapapier | Watch this video of an elephant stomping everything that comes its way.

Elephant Vs Elephant 2
by squashylights | elephant fight in Kruger ParkThis is a pretty viscous fight, normally just play fighting, a fair bit of shit kicked in the air here

Elephant Vs Man 4
by squashylights | Hey stupid, that guy was trying to close the gate so the Elephant couldn't escape into the park. He was doing his job and thinking of the safety of the zoo's visitors

Elephant Vs Truck
by squashylights | It is festival time in Kerala, and Elephant owners are overburdening elephants with more and more work.. see how an elephant responds to all the atrocities towards him!!!

Elephant Vs Town
by squashylights | Elephant Attack in Thrissur town of Kerela India. He destroys a car completely and then goes all over the street before he is injected with a medicinal gun

Elephant Vs Elephant
by squashylights | Guruvayur Elephant Attack. Something seriously went wrong hence the Elephant attacked that other Elephant

Elephant Vs Man 3
by squashylights | Wonder what happened to that Elephant Suddenly.Elephant Attacks swami

Elephant Vs Crowd
by squashylights | Elephant amok at Tirupati temple. September 29, 2009. No casualties have been reported after one of the four elephants went berserk during the Dasara....

Elephant Vs Man 2
by squashylights | That's what those people get. I will never understand the mentality in tying up and trying to ride animals that are bigger than us and could totally kill us. Poor elephant.

Elephant Vs Ostrich
by squashylights | This elephant had a bad temper today.Everything goes well with the ostrich after the struggling. I wonder what would I have done if he did something similar to me.

Elephant Vs Man
by squashylights | this was such a sad situation. All people helped the elephant out of the mud pit but the elephant ended up killing one innocent man.

Elephant Vs Others
by squashylights | While 500 people die each year from elephant-related fatalities, each year 23,000 elephants are killed for their ivory. "We're going to stomp all night, through your neighborhood, cause it feels alright."

Car Vs Elephant 2
by squashylights | An elephant charges us while on safari in Botswana. She rammed one of her tusks into the engine and busted the coolant tank and the other tusk broke the windshield and she literally picked our jeep up and rolled us back 300 feet.

Tourist Vs Elephant
by squashylights | Elephant Attack - Chasing Tourist Car Video shot by Prabal Krishna. An agitated elephant charging a vehicle full of tourists at forest near Mysore (India).

Car Vs Elephant
by squashylights | Stampy takes out his aggression on the vehicle, so these guys are lucky - except for whichever one owns the car.hahha what a funny video to watch

Elephant Vs Rhino
by samron | lephant and the Rhino, both huge animals and when they fight, its one fight you don't wanna be close too, Here see the African elephant and the white Rhino take each other. Two of the biggest animal battle it out. This video also shows how much power...

Elephant Vs 7 Lions
by asiasgoddess | This is probably one of the most amazing videos ive ever seen on youtube. such amazing and beautiful creatures.

Lions Vs Elephants
by asiasgoddess | n and of all the battles that exist in the in the natural world none is more titanic than lions versus elephants. Being a social animal the African lion is more than a super predator, it's a hyper predator, and most would probably believe it is the u...

Elephant Vs Excalibur Crossbow
by Violentce | Crossbow hunting in the safari.