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Amateur Boxer Vs Ex-Pro Boxer
by Violentce | Looks like there is a clear winner. "What happened"

Ray Vs Jorge
by Violentce | Kimbo's crew is at it again with this BONUS Fight, Ray vs Jorge (rematch)

Ray Vs Jose
by Violentce | Ray is on Kimbo's team, and Jorge is a pro fighter and he actually weighs 155 pounds.

Kyson Vs Lawaia
by Violentce | ood fight!! the kid in the yellow walked rite into that!! love the dude at the end that tries to jump in to fight the dude in the red trunks after he\'s tired and shit..... what a pussy!! the big guy with the tats punks his ass though, lol!! good ...

Slapper Vs Kicker
by Violentce | Two idiots decide to have a "slapping only" fight when all of a sudden one of them decides to kick the other guy right in the jaw and ends up dropping him.

David Vs Goliath
by Violentce | cheduled backyard "MMA" fight ends in amazing brutal knockout!!!! The bigger fighter talking all the trash at the beginning seemed as if he weighed at least 250-300 pounds easy.His opponent was maybe around 145 pounds....After fat boy talks himself...

Thonged Woman Vs Other Woman
by Violentce | Splendid Boxing Fight Between Two Ladies. Both are wearing just underwear. Chyea.

Female Boxer Vs Female Boxer
by Violentce | Only..... a work of Thomas Alva Edison in may, the 6th of 1901.

Teen Vs Teen
by helldawg | 1:11 minutes. Two older teen boys fight with gloves on. Nice punch for a knockout at the end

Fast Chick Vs Fast Chick
by Violentce | Backyard boxing brawl between two girls. Quick match but decent.

McCord Vs Reber
by lilfrank | Backyard Boxing Match ends after 1 hit. very sick fights i was amaze when i saw it .

Shirtless Vs Shirtless
by Violentce | Backyard boxing brawl between two guys. Starts first with the end of the first match and then the 2nd match starts. Decent but not amazing footage.

Samayoa Vs Leon
by Violentce | 6th round of 6. There are a total of 6 videos on the users page who added this video. View all their videos to see teh rest of the 5 rounds/videos.

Friend Vs Friend
by Violentce | I thought this was a ghetto street fight but turns out its a backyard brawl between two friends. Boxing only.

Smiley Vs Chris
by Violentce | From YT comments: Smiley goes to unfamiliar turf to fight Chris and knows he needs a win.