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Prison Fights

Tough Dude Vs Two
by Violentce | Jail fights are fun to watch. This video is a decent one. Observe the scars on the winners head.

Russian Guards Vs Prisoner
by Violentce | Russian prison guards beat the inmatePenal colony No. 10, Rostov-on-Don, Russia.Prison guards explain to inmate the prison hierarchy...For more details on this incident - visit http://redhotrussia.com/prison-guards-beat-convict

Jail Gang Vs Gang
by Violentce | This mini-riot broke out in a Maine jail during Church service.

Suspect Vs Defence Lawyer
by Violentce | quot;Wendall Hollingsworth was accused for holding people at gunpoint during a robbery. He was brought in court in a wheelchair and suddenly he started kicking his own defense attorney. Deputies immediately tasered the man and removed him from the co...

Fedor Vs Guards
by Violentce | MMA Heavyweight Fedor gets thrown in jail and ends up beating up the guards.

George Cathemer Vs Markus Rebowski
by Violentce | 6 foot 6 "gangster" beats on a traffic violating white guy who got arrested for driving while suspended. 18 minute fight clip. Personally I would have just faught the guy instead of running around in circles.

4 Prisoners Vs Child Molestor
by Violentce | Inmates attacking a what they taught was a child molester Video of dude getting beaten for 1 hr.

Bully Vs Bigger Bully Vs Taser
by Violentce | Awesome video of a bully getting beaten in jail. Sucks to be the guy tazed. Ouch! PRISON BRAWL! Bully Picks a Fight With the Wrong Guy in a Jail Cell

ManVs Prisoner
by jsubang | A man attacked a convicted killer before a judge pronounced the death sentence for him in the hammer-slayings of his wife and twin 2-year-old sons. The man rushed the defense table in the Dekalb County, Georgia courtroom.

Prisoners Vs Prisoners 3
by jsubang | There's basically no way to avoid violence ... if you don't join a gang you're dead. If you do join a gang you're the pawn of some arch-criminal who probably ends up ordering you to murder some guy you don't even know. If you snitch you're dead, a...

Prisoner Vs Court police
by jsubang | Fight in a courthouse!!Check out this raw footage of accepting life in the prison is unacceptable.

Prisoners Vs Prisoners 2

Prisoners Vs Police 4
by jsubang | Just for fun to make you laugh, for a change. For some people it's worth watching for.

Prisoner Vs Prisoner 4

Prisoners Vs Prison cell
by jsubang | This new inmate has no previous record but must learn to survive behind bars with more hardened criminals. So, better take it as a bad dream and change for good.

Prisoners Vs Police 3
by jsubang | A fight in the day room at the Lorain County Jail. After the brutal fights what's next?

Prisoner Vs Prisoner 3
by jsubang | When people try to gang up on one person to eliminate them, well in that situation at least. a real man fights one on one, matching his strength with his opponent.

Prisoner Vs Prisoner 2
by jsubang | Idaho U.S. Attorney Wendy Olson says the U.S. Department of Justice is looking into allegations of criminal conduct among the staff at the state's only private prison.

Prisoners Vs Police 2
by jsubang |Venezuelan authorities say seven inmates died and at least 16 were injured on Tuesday during fights inside two prisons in the western part of the country.

Prisoners Vs Prisoners
by jsubang | In this video show the real life inside a prison cell, this is a total chaos.

Inmates Vs Inmates
by jsubang | A prison fights escalates between inmates, they really wanted a showdown between themselves.

Prisoner Vs Police 2
by jsubang | when cops try to take his finger prints, he loses it and a scrap breaks out!!

Inmates Vs Prison guards
by jsubang | Stingball grenades will stop a huge fight in a prison within 2 seconds. Within those 2 seconds, they're all retreating. Being hit by 1 of the rubber balls is as painful as being bit by a fast pitched softball.

Inmates Vs Police
by jsubang |An inmate being moved from a cell in Pasco County Florida got into a scuffle with a couple of sheriff's deputies when another inmate joined in the fracas.

Man Vs 3 Cops
by asiasgoddess | It's funny seeing all the idiots coming on here to insult cops. They're the first ones that run to the phone to dial 911 when things go bad, begging the cops to come help them.

Prison Vs Officer
by asiasgoddess | This is for the Officers that arrived at the scene. You let down your brothers in Blue. You had a green light! I wish I was still boxing in Police Olympics and face you cowards. I would remind you how you let your family down.

Prison Mate Vs Prison Mate
by squashylights | Stingball grenades will stop a huge fight in a prison within 2 seconds. Within those 2 seconds, they're all retreating. Being hit by 1 of the rubber balls is as painful as being bit by a fast pitched softball

Soldiers Vs Prisoners
by asiasgoddess | This is how Burmese junta treat its people who deserves freedom. Please take a look CNN coverage and help Burma as you can.

Guy Vs Guy
by srikanth | Two prisoners fight and one gets getting beat up good. TV interview ensues.