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White Female Basketballer Vs Black Female Basketballer
by Violentce | Black chick gets checked down and retaliates with a swift sucker punch to the jaw.

Baseball Vs Face
by Violentce | This takes place during a kids baseball game. Pitcher gets the ball to the face after he throws it to the batter. Batter gets him good.

Glen "Big Baby" Davis Vs Dwight Howard's Elbow
by Violentce | len "Big Baby" Davis gets knocked out by a Dwight Howard elbow in game 5 between Boston & Orlando. Baby shows heart and tries to run to get back to the action even though he can't walk straight, has no legs and probably doesn't even know what his nam...

Saudi Arabia Vs Kuwait
by bebofch | Final match between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait National teams. One of the players starts beating on a ref and a brawl ensues.

Oregon stu Vs Oregon stu
by bebofch | irst game in Matthew Knight Arena, One involved an aggressive young black basketball player who he told to “show the real ghetto gangsta” during play. Sadly, this apparently caused the guy to ‘lose it’ a bit & he actually smuggled a live fire...

Pistons Vs Cavaliers
by bebofch | A few minutes later, Villanueva left the Pistons' locker room and made it halfway to the Cavs locker room before police and assistant coach Ryan Hoover restrained him again.

Greece VsSerbia
by bebofch | Greece - Serbia Basketball Fight 19/8/2010 Acropolis Tournament , unbelievable..Greece VsSerbia

Jayceon Taylor Vs Oxnard High School
by bebofch | Jayceon Taylor aka The Game. Provokes a fight at a basketball game at Oxnard High School in Oxnard, California. I went to watch my friend play

Georgetown Brawl Vs China
by bebofch | Georgetown Brawl in China: University Students End Basketball Game in Fight (08.19.11), A fight broke out during an exhibition game during the Georgetown Hoyas

Bahrain Vs kuwait
by bebofch | These players are under -18 there was 2:17 to end the game and ,Bahrain vs kuwait basketball fight.

China Vs US
by bebofch | Players from American Georgetown University men's basketball team and China's Bayi men's basketball team fight during a basketball game at the Beijing Olympic Basketball Arena on Thursday, Aug. 18, 2011.

China Vs Brazil
by bebofch | it started off with a bad foul from brazil which cause the chinese player a neck injuries,and the referee didnt call a foul on the brazil player

King Kobe Vs Player
by srikanth |

Player Vs Player
by srikanth |