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Gang Fights

The Whole Ghetto Vs Rest Of Ghetto
by Violentce | This fight is a good one! I have never seen so much pulled hair laying on the ground before. The ghetto comes alive here.

Hoodlums Vs Hoodlums
by Violentce | Rapper party ends with several guys knocked out cold on the ground

Two Vs Four
by Violentce | One guy gets jumped by 4 and his small buddy comes to rescue him only to get beat on as well. Guy that got jumped ends up getting stomped to sleep.

Street Fighters Vs Others
by Violentce | Decent compilation of a bunch of knock out and one punch street fights. People getting beat up left and right.

Footballers Vs Footballers
by Violentce | Fun with football fans in Prague undergroundBrutal fight in Prague underground between fans of the two football teams. No one was seriously injured.

Kid Vs Kid Vs Crowd
by Violentce | School fight ends with a guy snapped in half1 vs 1 fight turns into friends jumping the winning guy and the fight ends via brutal knockout

Black Friday Shoppers Vs Others
by Violentce | Black Friday Sales - Dallas Texas Town East Mall FightCrazy fighting going on during the Black friday saleshttp://www.wfaa.com/news/local/Mesquite-police-break-up-fight-arrest-suspect-at-Town-East-Mall-180607011.html

Black Team Vs Black Team
by Violentce | Ghetto street fight with lots of brutal action that ends only when the ice cream man arrives on-scene.

Addicts Vs Addicts
by Violentce | Street Brawl Breaks Out In Front Of The Cops... They Just Watch And Let The Guys Go At It!Guess those guys were not worth the paper work...

Ukranians Vs Ukranians
by Violentce | Massive Brawl in Ukraine!Wow!! Couple of knocked out dudes as well.

Drunks Vs Angries
by Violentce | Las Vegas Fight No security around. Beer bottle scene at 37 seconds.

Ghost Vs Math
by Violentce | A normal rap battle turns into a crazy brawl

New Boys Vs Spectators
by Violentce | New Boys \"your a jerk\" rappers fight brawl

Blacks Vs Angry Dudes
by Violentce | Apparently one of the black dudes took too long to get out of the bathroom

Soldiers Vs Rebels
by Violentce | Syrian Soldiers Beat Detainees, Make Them Shout ‘Allah…Syria and Bashar Only’

Hui Muslim Noodles Vs Han Chinese noodles
by Violentce | The two restaurants run business in the same street and competition goes violent.

KOed Vs Russian
by Violentce | Brawl between intoxicated men - disturbingA brick and a kick results in 2 people unconscious. The man is in critical condition.Note: date is not correct, happened yesterdayOut of all the people passing by, no one rushed to call the police....

Vietnamese Gang Vs People
by Violentce | Vietnamese Gang Fight Breaks Out in L.A. Restaurant. Chairs and tables being used too.

Jail Gang Vs Gang
by Violentce | This mini-riot broke out in a Maine jail during Church service.

Crew Vs Crew
by Violentce | A couple of days ago was a brutal fight in the subway of Madrid, where one man stabbed another 4 times.Poor quality video, apparently a cell phone recording a security camera.No more details at this stage.

Beaten Vs Shot
by Violentce | Video released by Redlands Police of the fatal shooting that took the life of a Calimesa man on Saturday shows a gunman pulling the weapon and firing on a frightened crowd.

Beaters Vs Beaten
by Violentce | I was picking up a pizza at dominos when a fight broke out in the parking lot. These guys were pissed...

18th St Vs Tortilla Flats

Couple Vs Couple 2
by Violentce | Pretty funny video of a Polish woman beater getting beaten on. Then the woman who got beat ends up stepping in and she gets it too. Then the tables turn. It's pretty funny!

Blacks Vs Whites
by Violentce | In England they must hate black people a lot because this video is all about race fighting.

Seranos Vs Brown Pride
by Violentce | Started as a 1 Vs 1 and ends up as a fucking 10 Vs 1. Some kid jumps in and starts piping but doesn't injury anyone very good.

2 Muslims Vs Big Group
by Violentce | Tough guys decided to take on a big group by themselves. Can't see the end though :(

Skaters Vs Shit Talkers
by Violentce | Two shit talkers approach a group of skaters at a hotel hall and end up getting K.O.ed very quickly

Gang Vs Group
by Violentce | Big group of people rush 2 people at a 7/11. Decent but nothing amazing

16 Year old Vs 16 Year old
by Violentce | he fight was supposse between the guy in the white and blue which you see a brief clip of from this camera. The guy getting whopped decided to rush the guy in black shirt while he was recording the fight which was supposed to take place. When he hit ...

Tough Group Vs Other Group
by Violentce | his is just a clip of a bunch of teenagers setteling some problems in a parking garage.It seems kind of confusing at first,but basically it's how it looks,one side hates the other..After a small scuffle one of the teens ends up knocked cold face firs...

London Police Vs Teenage Bikers
by rocketman55 | London police beat up teenage bikers after they break curfew and barricade setup. Taken from a helicopter view.

Russian Security Vs Troublemakers
by rocketman55 | Russian Security Guards beat up troublemakers at the mall. They got what they deserved!

People Vs People
by patriciapapier | The Beginning Of The L.A. Riots. On April 29, 1992 After The Jury Acquitted Four L.A.P.D Officers For The Beating Of Rodney King.

Men Vs Men 2
by jsubang | Pretty much a medieval battle in modern day setting... this is how a fight would've been.

Gangs Vs Gangs 2
by jsubang | Mexican gang members beat the hell out of each other in the middle of street.Fist are flying everywhere.

Gangs Vs Gangs

Fans Vs Fans 4
by jsubang | Supporters of Danubio and Nacional invaded the pitch, beating each other with iron rods and corner flags. The Uruguayan Football Association has suspended all premier division matches following clashes between fans of the league's top two teams.

Crowd Vs Crowd
by Niz1986 | A fight in the Crowd went on and Cop had to interupt with a big bash on that guy

Family Vs Family
by asiasgoddess | On this Video You will see a family members fighting in wedding of their family members.............

Drag Queen Vs Drag Queen
by asiasgoddess | The runner-up in Brazil's Miss Gay competition steals the winner's crown and wig, proving that Hell hath no fury like a man-dressed-as-a-woman scorn.

Trans Vs Man
by asiasgoddess | Two idiots take on what they thought were transvestites but they were actually cage fighters going to a fancy dress party.

Skater Vs Thug
by asiasgoddess | Black or white... don't matter. You got two against one, and the first throw is a sucker punch from behind, then both you and your friend are nothing but a bunch of pussies. Plain and simple. No other arguments needed.

Young People Vs Rock Fans
by asiasgoddess | ore than one hundred young people attacked the audience at a music festival in central Russia on Sunday. Eleven people were taken to hospital. Police are questioning the suspected organizer of the mass fight. According to reports, the man became enra...

Drunken Men Vs Drunken Men
by asiasgoddess | Funny how strong people are when they have the friends with them, get them one on one and they are huge pussies, fight far

Old Man Vs Young Man
by asiasgoddess | efore it began there was arguing involving the men as well as the old man with the cap and woman with the white shirt . The fight was over white shirt girl. One of the guys had made a comment to white shirt girl when she'd gone to get a luggage pushc...

Snoop Dogg Vs Security
by asiasgoddess | On this Video: Snoop Dogg in Heathrow Airport Fighting With Security.................................................

Soccer Player Vs Soccer Player
by asiasgoddess | ee title it\'s a compilation of soccer hools and violence. So all you can see on this video is all about violence about soccer.

Fan Vs Fans
by squashylights | Fight between russian football hools. Spartak Moscow vs. Lokomotiv Moscow. Spartak hools win. Amasing how people can fight with rules and dont lose selfcontrol in battle.

Players Vs Players
by squashylights | Why fight with an opponent? Fighting with your team mate is much more satisfying.

Group Vs Group
by squashylights | Dirty chavs cant just have a drink, it has to end like this. I can see some chairs flying lolz

Fans Vs Fans
by squashylights | this is what happens after russians play mw2 they choose sides and do team deathmatch.skip to 1:36 if you're impatient (like me)

Street Fighters Vs Street Fighters
by squashylights | A raw compilation of the streets fights. Its a nice summary if you like street fights go watch it

Group Vs Group 4
by squashylights | Watch this video of a training army camp in Russia. Instead of fighting the enemy they are actually fighting each other and kicking each other.

Group Vs Group 3
by squashylights | acing intolerance for those non-Slavic appearance, acting on grounds of ethnic hatred and animosity of hooliganism, they attacked two residents of the Republic, in expressing their address insults and demands to leave the territory of the Russian Fed...

Nazi Vs Black
by squashylights | This time the Nazis don't hide their identification. That's 1 thing that makes this video different from the rest. The arrival of the Nazis leads the residents to a riot.

Soldiers Vs Prisoners
by asiasgoddess | This is how Burmese junta treat its people who deserves freedom. Please take a look CNN coverage and help Burma as you can.

Brazilians Vs Stage
by HARSH |

Black Guys Vs Asian guys
by Violentce | Black guys fuck shit RIGHT up.

Hooligans Vs Hooligans
by Violentce | Sounds like russiians to me.