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Gang Fights

The Whole Ghetto Vs Rest Of Ghetto
by Violentce | This fight is a good one! I have never seen so much pulled hair laying on the ground before. The ghetto comes alive here.

Ghetto Girls Vs Ghetto Girls
by Violentce | I bet there was a pound of hair on the ground after it was all said and done. Then dudes start fighting.

Ghetto Girls Vs Ghetto Girls
by Violentce | Mass Ghetto Girls FightSomewhere in the USA. Big Fighting.

Femen Activists Vs French
by Violentce | ctivists from the women\'s movement FEMEN on November 18 conducted a rally in defense of the bill on same-sex marriage in central Paris, France. The rally was called \"In Gay We Trust.\" The rally was conducted at the time when \"a hom...

Group Of Chicks Vs Group
by Violentce | A bunch of girls fights on some wedding and a guy redords everything and laughs

Two Black Chicks Vs Many
by Violentce | One black chick gets punched on by a few and her black friend jumps in and starts getting punched too. 10 Vs 2

Chicks Vs Chicks
by Violentce | Girls gets in to a MASSIVE BRAWL and gets KO'ed must watch!!! Oh No! Girl Gets A Major Beating!! Titties Pop Out - 10 Girls Fight!

Ghetto Chicks Vs Ghetto Chicks 2
by Violentce | All Girl Fight at the RaceTrac - Boobs Pop Out. 2 Groups of chicks fighting.

Ghetto Chicks Vs Ghetto Chicks
by Violentce | The Rock in Bakersfield/ Ghetto Fight on Lacey Apartment was Mace 12/21/2010

Girls Vs Their clothes
by Werold | A group of ghetto girls get into a scrap in Detroit. Clothes start flying.

Spanish police Vs Bystanders
by Werold | Spanish police whack a girl in the face, and she flips out. Her guy friend tries to haul her away as she flails about.

Family Vs Family
by asiasgoddess | On this Video You will see a family members fighting in wedding of their family members.............

Drag Queen Vs Drag Queen
by asiasgoddess | The runner-up in Brazil's Miss Gay competition steals the winner's crown and wig, proving that Hell hath no fury like a man-dressed-as-a-woman scorn.

Young People Vs Rock Fans
by asiasgoddess | ore than one hundred young people attacked the audience at a music festival in central Russia on Sunday. Eleven people were taken to hospital. Police are questioning the suspected organizer of the mass fight. According to reports, the man became enra...

Drunken Men Vs Drunken Men
by asiasgoddess | Funny how strong people are when they have the friends with them, get them one on one and they are huge pussies, fight far