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Gaza Strip

TerroristsVs Israeli Tank
by asiasgoddess | Palestinian terrorists in action, or is it israeli terrorists in action? how is launching missile at citizen, using white phosphorous and steeling homes is defending your land???

Palestinians Vs Israeli Soldiers
by asiasgoddess | Palestinians clashed with Israeli soldiers in Hebron after peolple gathering for Arafat's death anniversary.

Reporter Vs Tear Gas
by asiasgoddess | The soldiersfired tear gas at Jacky Rowland, Al Jazeera's correspondent who was covering the event live from near the village of Bilin.

Protesters Vs Soldiers
by asiasgoddess | Three people were injured and one aristed durring the peacefull protest against the wall in the village of bilin in the west bank.

Army Vs Demonstrators
by asiasgoddess | The army attack Bil'in non-violent protest: six injured, one kidnapped. Typical Israeli courage. They succeed in beating up unarmed protesters, and they are at it five against one. Reminds me of how the Nazi's treated opposition.