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Idiot Vs Two Cops
by Violentce | he State Attorney\'s Office on Thursday released the transcripts of a grand jury hearing held Wednesday at which two Marion County sheriff\'s deputies were not charged with any wrongdoing in the fatal shooting of a civilian over the summer. At the ti...

Two Robbers Vs Gunner
by Violentce | Robber Continues to Snatch Jewels Through GunfightTwo guys enter the Jewellers, and the owner of the store starts shooting back. Meanwhile, the second robber continues to raid the cabinet.

Jabal Mehsen Vs Bab Al-Tibeneh
by Violentce | ebanese militants hit by a missile after a fight broke out in tripoli lebanon, between the two town of jabal mehsen (pro alassad) and bab al-tibeneh (anti alassad).the militants in this video are from bab al-tibeneh and got hit by a rocket either f...

NYPD Vs Empire State Shooter
by Violentce | he NYPD released dramatic footage Friday night of their confrontation with Johnson before they eventually shot and killed him. The video shows what Police Commissioner Ray Kelly stated earlier — that the suspect pulled his handgun from the ba...

Insurgents Vs Iraq Police
by Violentce | Islamic State of Iraq: Gunmen in Disguise Attacking Several Checkpoints

Gunner Vs Gunned
by Violentce | Two guys roll up in a motorcycle and one starts pointing a gun at someone off camera only to get tagged once. The guy tagged ends up emptying his whole clip. Friend carries tagged guy onto motorcycle and they drive away.

Syrian Soldier Vs Sniper
by Violentce | Syria snipe on soldier at checkpoint. This one clearly very real.

Cops Vs Knifer
by Violentce | Crazy psycho get shot by police, only after stabbing 2 officers.Police arrived to the area to investigate a domestic violence call, where they were ruthlessly assaulted by the enraged man.

Innocent Victim Vs Bullet
by Violentce | as Vegas Metro police released graphic surveillance video Monday of an attempted robbery that ended with a victim being shot in the head.The video showed an armed suspect attempting to rob two people at a 7-Eleven on Sierra Vista Drive, near Dese...

3 Guys Vs 1 Gun
by Violentce | ootage of Fatal Shooting in Belle Glade ReleasedAuthorities just released this surveillance footage of men scrambling in a hail of bullets last night in Belle Glade.Theshooting killed one of those running and injured three others. A victimi...

Robbers Vs Shop Owner
by surrey604 | Shop owner stoned by male and female robbersThey pointed guns at the owner and then hit him with stones. They fled with 20,000 yuan in cash. Police is investigating the case.

New Hempshire Police Vs Maniac
by Violentce | New Hempshire police Murdered caught On Dash Camera. Killer dies moments later.

Idiot Vs Selfs Gun
by Violentce | Dumbness knows no bounds as this idiot shoots himself in his bulletproof vest. Might be fake?

Russians Vs Birds
by Violentce | Russian hunting with boats and cars. Decent clip for sure. They got some big birds in Russia that's for sure!

Police Vs People
by Violentce | Looks like police officers are just walking around as firing squads and executing people on sight. Only in america.

Michael Bell Vs Police
by Violentce | his is the self-incriminating Kenosha Police Department reenactment video of the actual officers who took 21 year old Michael Bell's life. The officer who claimed "he has my gun" has since committed suicide. Crime lab found none of Michael's DNA or f...

Curtis Gerard Vs Police
by Violentce | Fox Point police told 12 News the suspect in the Gamestop Robberies killed himself during a shootout with police and that no charges will be filed.

Police Vs James New
by Violentce | Some guy with a death wish rushes a cop as soon as he gets pulled over. Gets tasered and then he ends up brandishing what looks like a gun and the cop executes him on the spot. Sheboygan's district attorney office says police shooting justifiable.

Riot Police Vs Idiot
by Violentce | uy with a cloth on his hand, approaches riot police and pushes a cop. As far as the cop knows, the guy could have a knife or weapon hidden under the cloth (they usually do that in bad neighborhoods such as this one) This happened in Colombia South Am...

Beaten Vs Shot
by Violentce | Video released by Redlands Police of the fatal shooting that took the life of a Calimesa man on Saturday shows a gunman pulling the weapon and firing on a frightened crowd.

Murder Vs Self Defense
by Violentce | 7-15-2010 - A shooting outside the Conway Arkansas Police Department. The suspect is currently charged with First Degree Murder and Aggravated Assault. Are these charges justified?

Richard Haynes Vs Gun Charges
by Violentce | Four on board TTC surveillance cameras clearly captured the altercation and shooting on an Oakwood TTC bus on Feb. 23, 2009. Richard Haynes was sentenced to nine years for the attempted murder. (March 18, 2009)

Killer Vs Devon Wind
by Violentce | ops are looking for a man who shot and killed a 24-year-old in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Killer Vs Victim
by Violentce | Black suspect is seen shooting teenager in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

G Vs G 2
by Violentce | Police in New York release shocking surveillance footage of a man being shot outside a McDonald's in the Flatlands district of Brooklyn, New York.

Cops Vs Reality
by Violentce | This is a video that claims that all cops need to learn how to protect their weapon. Also first video in Training category.

sniper .50 caliber Vs taget range
by thessarie | uddy firing a 50 cal barret at a 150 m target The .50 Browning Machine Gun (.50 BMG) or 12.7×99mm NATO is a cartridge developed for the Browning .50 caliber machine gun in the late 1910s. Entering service officially in 1921, the round is based on a ...

Spud Gun Vs Skinny Girl
by prodigal | I have never seen a Potato gun like that! She has no clue what she is in store for.

Dirty Harry Vs Blondies Grip
by prodigal | Dirty Harry's Pistol is no match for this blonde. She is lucky she doesnt misfire

The Innocent Vs The Sniper
by superkath14 | he Japanese hidden camera show Panic Face King tricks man into thinking that he is filming a documentary about telephone scammers. Shortly after the interview begins, a sniper from outside the building attacks, killing everyone else in the room EXCEP...

Crysis 2 - SCAR Vs Multiple Enemies
by jsubang | I really love this gun and it is the best AR out there. enjoy watching

TAC Nuclear Launcher Vs Korkor
by jsubang | korkor is my nickname and i really love crysis. One of the best weapon is the tac nuclear launcher. This video was recorded using my old HD3870 video card that died on 8/19/2011. Hope like nuclear.

M16 Vs Steel Slab
by challapradyumna | Shooting a Steel slab with M16 Carbine and dual welding M16 Carbines.

M249 SAW Vs Propane Tanks
by challapradyumna | Shooting some random stuff with M249 SAW and some propane tanks with big explosions.

AA-12 Shotgun Vs Bottles
by challapradyumna | Shooting Some random stuff with AA12 Shot Gun and how to breach a door using an AA12 Shotgun

The Meat Chopper Vs Quad Power Part 4
by jsubang | Will decided to make a Quad machine gun. What so amazing about this guns is it uses large rounds. Better watch this video to find out.

The Meat Chopper Vs Quad Power Part 3
by jsubang | Will decided to make a Quad machine gun. What so amazing about this guns is it uses large rounds. Better watch this video to find out.

The Meat Chopper Vs Quad Power Part 2
by jsubang | Will decided to make a Quad machine gun. What so amazing about this guns is it uses large rounds. Better watch this video to find out.

The Meat Chopper Vs Quad Power
by jsubang | Will decided to make a Quad machine gun. What so amazing about this guns is it uses large rounds. Better watch this video to find out.

MG 42 Super Quad Vs Super Gun
by jsubang | Inspired by a client who's looking for a new maximum firepower weapon, Will decides that combining four high performance German MG 42 machine guns will be a cool, more economical way to get the job done.

Swivel Gun Shoot Vs Nice Cannon
by jsubang | The Red Jacket team takes the swivel gun out for a round of test firing on a traditional boat mount.

1910 Maxim Beauty Vs Awesome Gun
by jsubang | A rare 100-year-old Maxim machine gun worth $150,000 comes into the Red Jacket shop for restoration. Category:

Prop Gun Vs Nice Harmless Gun
by jsubang | The movie props master test fires the M-11 machine gun on the set of The Courier, but Will has to improvise to keep it from jamming.

1860's Moore Revolver Vs Nice Gun
by jsubang | Check out this .32-caliber Moore revolver that dates back to the Civil War.

Defeating Taliban Ambushes Vs Goodbye Taliban
by jsubang | A security contractor asks Will to develop a remote controlled machine gun that can be used on Humvees and other vehicles in Afghanistan to lay down suppressive fire to defeat Taliban ambushes

Civil War Artillery Gem Vs Nice Cannon
by jsubang | Historical weapons expert Glenn Harrison shows up at Red Jacket with an original Confederate 12-pdr cannon that hasn\'t been fired for a 150 years.

Bazooka Blast Vs Awesome Blast
by jsubang | A very satisfied bazooka customer joins Will at the firing range for some fun with custom-designed Red Jacket rocket rounds.

AR-15 Katana Rifle Vs Super Gun
by jsubang | Tiger McKee, one of the best known combat firearms instructors in the country, enlists Will to complete the development of a new ultra-light AR-15 assault rifle.

Iwo Jima Rifle Vs Nice Gun
by jsubang | Will Hayden invites the gun's owner for a little shooting on the indoor range.

44 Magnum Vs Nice Gun
by jsubang | Charlie Watson uses the ballistic gel setup to find out the penetrating power of an 1892 .44 Magnum Mare's Leg rifle.

Man-Sized Fire Power Vs Insane Gun
by jsubang | The Red Jacket team delivers the custom shoulder fired Browning M1919 just in time to join in the machine gun competition.

Will Vs Supercharged M16
by jsubang | Will has an after hours meeting with an active duty gunner serving with a US Navy River Boat Unit who would like to have the combined firepower of two M16's in a single boat-mounted weapon.

Rapid Fire Turret Vs Destruction
by jsubang | Will and the Red Jacket team take the remote controlled machine gun out for a live fire test on the firing range.

Combo Fire Power Vs Awesome Gun
by jsubang | After figuring out a way to mount a 12-gauge shotgun on an M-16 rifle, Will tests the stability of the new hybrid.

World War II Medal of Honor recipient Woody Williams Vs Flamethrower
by jsubang | World War II Medal of Honor recipient Woody Williams gets a chance to fire a flamethower 65 years after he used one in the Battle of Iwo Jima.

Will VsFirst 1,000-Yard AK
by jsubang | Will Hayden tasks his crew at Red Jacket to build the world's first 1,000 yard AK.

SWAT Team Vs Super Tommy Gun
by jsubang | The Baton Rouge sheriff and his SWAT team are blown away by the customized Tommy Gun.

Silenced AK-47 Vs Happy Customer
by jsubang | A customer loves Red Jacket\'s external AK-47 suppressor but he challenges Will to figure out a way to create an internal version

Will Vs Grenade Launcher
by jsubang | Will has a M-203 grenade launcher delivered to the shop. Will enjoys firing the grenade launcher.

Will Vs Triple M16
by jsubang | Will takes his new triple-barreled M16 gun system out to the range.

Mum Vs Son
by drak3ll0rd | WARNING: Graphic Images. A security video from inside a gun range shows a Florida woman shoot her son in the back of the head before turning the gun on herself. Family members say she was mentally ill. (April 7)

soldier Vs Gun
by jsubang | This soldier is testing a Barret M107 sniper rifle while kneeling. As you can see on the video how this rifle was nick name the cannon because of the power on the bullet it use.

Boar Vs Rifle
by asiasgoddess |couple of nice hogs we got one day in TN. Hogs this big with bloodline like this are common. We mainly do free range hunts but if you want good odds at a giant hog then a preserve hunt like this is the way to go. We limit the amount of hunting in th...

Prisoner Vs Police
by asiasgoddess |courtroom defendant accused of threatening a prosecutor was restrained with a Taser Wednesday, Louisville television station WLKY reported. Percy Phillips, 44, who was in handcuffs and leg irons at the time, jumped out of his chair and knocked over ...

Killer Vs Police
by asiasgoddess |convicted killer was wrestled to the floor and stunned in a Wichita, Kansas courtroom. Officers had to restrain Gregory Moore after an emotional outburst during the sentencing phase of his trial for killing a sheriff's deputy. He became irate over t...

Drug Dealer Vs Police
by asiasgoddess | In this amazing video a wanted drug dealer is so wasted he crashes into a tree and then struggles to lie still on the ground prompting officers to taser him.

Police Vs Teachers
by asiasgoddess | olice fired with rubber bullets on teachers taking part in a nationwide civil servants' strike in South Africa on Thursday. The violence came on the second day of the strike for higher wages. At first the march was peaceful, with some strikers dancin...

Pig Vs Hunter 2
by squashylights | My buddy shot this hog on the ground and then it came after me. Just before it got to me the little buger ran out of blood and fell over.

Police Vs Criminal 2
by squashylights | Moscow cops shooting a criminal - Police shoots this is such a great video

Black Guy Vs Cop
by squashylights | Deputy Steven Rankin pulls over a vehicle for loud music. The deputy suspects the person is driving while intoxicated because he is not obeying simpler commands

Psycho Vs Shop Keeper
by squashylights | Caught On Tape: Psycho Slits A Man In The Throat and Goes on a Knife Attack! Store Owner forced to gun him down. Apparently the assailant knew the owner and had a prior dispute

Cop Vs Criminal 2
by squashylights | Watch this awesome video where a man fights two cops and is shot by them.

Cop Vs Criminal
by squashylights | When you don't know what is coming towards you.Outstanding shooting! The officer did exactly what he was trained to do.

Man Vs The Villagers
by asiasgoddess | Husband of a Gram Pradhan was killed in Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh after the clash erupted between Pradhans husband and the family of a muscleman in the village. The murder happened in front of camera.

Girl Vs Gun
by asiasgoddess | None of all those "experts" around did not find necessary to tell her to put the gunstock against her shoulder?

Old Woamn Vs Machine Gun
by asiasgoddess | On this video you will see a an old woman in a wheelchair shoots at at a target....................

G-Unit Music Video Vs Shooter
by Violentce | G-Unit Music Video Vs Shooter

Gun Vs Idiot Man
by asiasgoddess | On this video you will see that the ideot man is playing with the gun and the reuslt its really crazy! Its a must see video.

Palestinians Vs Israeli Soldiers
by asiasgoddess | Palestinians clashed with Israeli soldiers in Hebron after peolple gathering for Arafat's death anniversary.

Protesters Vs Soldiers
by asiasgoddess | Three people were injured and one aristed durring the peacefull protest against the wall in the village of bilin in the west bank.

Army Vs Demonstrators
by asiasgoddess | The army attack Bil'in non-violent protest: six injured, one kidnapped. Typical Israeli courage. They succeed in beating up unarmed protesters, and they are at it five against one. Reminds me of how the Nazi's treated opposition.

Helicopter Vs People2
by surrey604 | A video from Iraq played with a couple of different effects. the shots were fired from an ah64 apache and killed the insurgents

Helicopter Vs People
by surrey604 | A chopper watching targets over afganistan takes down 4 people

Warthog Vs Hunter
by asiasgoddess | Warthog hunt with Xanadu Safari's in South Africa.!!!!!!!!!!! WOW nice shot man,!!!!!!!!!

Helicopter Vs Place 2
by surrey604 | Footage of Apache helicopter pilots identifying insurgents emplacing improvised explosive devices.

Helicopter Vs Place
by surrey604 | Awesome video of an Army Apache hard at work doing another days work

Helicopter Vs Places
by surrey604 | ages ago i saw someone make a vid like this so this is a tribute to him. whoever you are, enjoy.

Punt Gun Vs Target
by Violentce |

Idiots Vs Kickback
by Guest | .577 T-Rex rounds

1 Million rounds per minute gun.
by prakashvr | 1 Million rounds per minute gun.

by prakashvr | MINi MACHINE GUN

World's smallest PISTOL!!!. Austrian SPY Weapon. #1
by prakashvr | World's smallest PISTOL!!!. Austrian SPY Weapon. #1

Mini-Gun Firing
by prakashvr | Mini-Gun Firing

How NOT to fire a 50 Cal Machine Gun
by prakashvr | How NOT to fire a 50 Cal Machine Gun

50 Cal Machine Gun
by prakashvr | 50 Cal Machine Gun

.50 cal Barrett sniper rifle fired while kneeling!
by prakashvr | .50 cal Barrett sniper rifle fired while kneeling!

High Impulse Weapon System
by prakashvr | High Impulse Weapon System

New 007 Laser Weapon - Revealed!
by prakashvr | New 007 Laser Weapon - Revealed!

future weapons
by prakashvr | future weapons

Robbers Vs Robbed
by Violentce | Robbers go to rob but end up in a shoot-out.