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Dog Vs Cat 2
by arjun |dog gets beaten up by a cat!! When I say beaten up, I literally mean it! The Dog just touches a cat on its back and the next the thing you know is that the dog is getting hit right on his face. The fight is so humanly. The poor dog looks so sad gett...

Cat Vs Mirror 2
by puspanjali | A cat gets confused by its mirror image and starts attacking and gets knock out

Pussy Vs Printer 2
by puspanjali | A cat fight with the printer and gets a knocked out from the printer .

Cat Vs Cat 2
by rjhuaman2009 | A cat fight that takes a little bit to start, but once it starts they are very good fighters!

Pussy Vs Printer
by superkath14 | The face of the cat while attacking the papers is priceless. And in the end the cat gets a knocked out from a printer .

Cat Vs Puppy
by jsubang | Please, I don't want to share my food, just go away from me.

Cat Vs Dog 3
by jsubang | We don't want a fight, all we wanted is to play around peacefully.

Cat Vs Mirror
by jsubang | Funny video of a kitten attacking a mirror! Just to kill the time, I'll myself.

Cat Vs Trampoline
by jsubang | Our cat attacks the hump on the trampoline! Just being happy and loved by my masters.

Cat Vs Dog Vs Watermelon
by jsubang |It looks like Cooper found his favorite fruit. A fresh, juicy watermelon every blue moon makes for a delightful treat. When it's the doggies' turn, Cooper wouldn't leave the watermelon alone and even tried to squeeze in front of the doggies.

Bear Vs Cat
by jsubang | The bear is on the porch trying to take the garbage, then the cat chases the bear out into the driveway . What a brave cat.

Cat Vs Dog 2
by jsubang |the cat is protecting herself her kittens, and her porch. It's a motherly instinct of the cat.

Cat Vs Snake 3
by jsubang | Cats are curious, but if you watch close enough, you will see the snake is merely trying to defend itself. It is in the nature of a snake to defend themselves, just as it is the nature of many other creatures.

Cute Kitten Vs Cute Snake
by patriciapapier | This kitten is so cute~ the little snake also supper funny~it can't stand the irritating cat and ran off

Cat Vs Snake 2
by patriciapapier | Cat meets a snake for the first time. (the snake is harmless)

Snake Vs Cat
by patriciapapier | A Giant Grass Snake and a scaredy Cat fight eachother in the garden.

Crows Vs Cat Vs Cat Street Fight
by patriciapapier | Epic Cat Fight (cat's horror) Crows vs Cat vs Cat Street Fight!

Cat Vs Dog
by patriciapapier | Like cats and dogs, these two seems to prove it wrong when onwer actually forces them to fight eachother

Kung Fu Rooster Vs Black Cat
by patriciapapier | Seems like this is a jelous Kung Fu rooster who attacks the cat for getting close to its owners.

Cat Vs Fox
by patriciapapier | From a Swedish nature television show. Here's a brave cat fighting a wolf.

Cats Vs Snake
by patriciapapier | Two cats fights a snake and they win! Cats rules, the sneak ends up bleeding.

Turtle Vs Two Cats
by patriciapapier | Russian turtle chases and tries to fight 2 cats who were eating their food

Cat Vs Snake
by patriciapapier | Curious cat fights a Snake till the snakes catches his face and runs off with the snake hanging onto it.

Cat Vs Printer
by patriciapapier | A cat fights a printer and ends up falling off!! funny (with translation)

Cat Vs Helicopter
by patriciapapier |an exotic shorthair cat take on a remote control helicopter and have the time of her life! This is her favorite toy and the Air Hogs Havoc Helicopter survives quite a lot of abuse. Do not try this at home or at all.

Dog Vs Cats in Action
by dluardo | Meownny Pacman the "Cat" Vs Bullweather the "Dog". Bullweather the "Dog" got powned

Cat Vs Bird
by Violentce | nd

Amazon Parrot Vs 4 Kittens
by Violentce | Parrot takes on 4 kittens. Interesting to see 4 kittens swiping in harmony towards one bird.

Squirrel Vs Cat
by Violentce | Cat is watching a Squirrel and then the Squirrel sees the cat. Boss Squirrel attacks cat.

Cat Vs Little Bird
by Violentce | Looks like a playful time between a little bird and a cat untill the friendly giant kills it.