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Lion Vs Hyena 3
by oloros | Eternal Enemies. This lion kills the hyena because it was irritating his pride of lionesses. Usually kills are done for food or to protect food, but this one was done for ego. Lions won't eat hyena. It's tough meat.

Animals Vs Africa
by VeNaH | Virtually every predator in Africa hunting and KILLING other animals. Very entertaining!

Bear Vs Hyenna
by jsubang | We can see that the bear handles the hyena with its speedy paws, making it close to impossible to get in a bite. That will go also for a spotted hyena.

Lion Vs Hyena 2
by patriciapapier | A silly Hyena makes the biggest mistake of its life and gets killed for it.

Small Female Leopard Vs Huge Hyena
by patriciapapier | Small female leopard defeats a large hyena threatening her cubs.

Hyena Vs Wild Dogs 2
by Niz1986 | Hyena decides to steal doggy dinner. But wild dogs decided to get on hyena

Ostrich Vs Others
by squashylights | It was hillarious when the Ostrich was eyeballing the guy. The ostrich gave a run for their money to everyone from monkey to the man to the hynea

Hyena Vs Wild Dogs
by asiasgoddess | On this Video. Hyena decides to steal doggy dinner. And now look what you have done!

Lions Vs Hyena
by asiasgoddess | I hate hyena's they are the most annoyingest thing in the world. i wanna just take there vocal cords out so they will stop lauphing

Cheetah Vs Hyena
by Uday |

Lion Vs Hyena
by Uday |

Hyena Vs Lion
by Uday |