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Predators Vs Prey
by Violentce | Intense top 10 animal hunting video between predators and prey. Good clip for sure. Well worth the watch.

Lion Vs Crocodile Vs Bufalo
by oloros | Battle at Kruger. Amaging video in! I'ts almoust imposible lions to runaway from the victim ! isn't Africa beautiful? can you see this while in a ur zoos?

jaguar Vs croc
by thessarie | Deep in the jungle, a jaguar goes fishing for baby crocodile. It's jaws versus paws in a fight to the death.

Jaguar Vs Dog
by patriciapapier | Baby Jaguar playing with animated dog. Isabella was a pleasant suprise for panther ridge.

Jaguar Vs Anaconda2
by samron | heck out this awesome video of the beautiful Jaguar and the Anaconda. The Jaguar fights the Ananconda and comes out a winner. The Anaconda is the largest snake in the world and can swallow a Jaguar if it wishes too. The Jaguar with its elegance defea...

Lion Vs Tiger 3
by illusion2436 | veryone knows that lions live in Africa and tigers live in Asia, right? Wrong. The world's last population of Asiatic lions live in northern India, 200 miles away from the nearest tigers. How did these two apex predators choose their different habita...

Jaguar Vs Crocodile
by asiasgoddess | This jaguar has killed an anaconda and a crocodile, 2 stories that get him laid a lot

Jaguar Vs Anaconda
by Violentce | Anaconda gets pulled out of the water and eaten/