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Knockout Fights

Amateur Boxer Vs Ex-Pro Boxer
by Violentce | Looks like there is a clear winner. "What happened"

Body Slammed Vs Slammer
by Violentce | Russian guy and French guy fight. One guy hurt bad. He ok.

Hoodlums Vs Hoodlums
by Violentce | Rapper party ends with several guys knocked out cold on the ground

Facial Expressions Vs Sleeper
by Violentce | runken bashing results in a knockout in the middle of a street in AustraliaCCTV captured a bashing that took place in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia on May 23rd, 2013. Luke Alexander Green was sentenced to 2 years with early parole on the 13...

Sleeper And Buddy Vs Buddy
by Violentce | Video starts with a guy knocked out and his buddy getting punched out right after.

White Female Basketballer Vs Black Female Basketballer
by Violentce | Black chick gets checked down and retaliates with a swift sucker punch to the jaw.

Two Vs Four
by Violentce | One guy gets jumped by 4 and his small buddy comes to rescue him only to get beat on as well. Guy that got jumped ends up getting stomped to sleep.

Idiot Looking Dumbass Vs Punch
by Violentce | Dumbass with moronic haircut agrees to take a punch to the face for a tattoo. Im glad it was recorded so I got to laugh as well.

by Violentce | "Get the fuck out of my face", gets knocked the fuck out.

Dropped Vs Dropper
by Violentce | *Ding Ding Ding* Fight starts, punch is thrown, fight is over, *Ding Ding Ding*

Group of Rowdys Vs Other Group
by Violentce | I thought this was going to be a super intense fight since there is a huge group ready to battle but only one proper punch gets landed which does drop a guy but doesnt knock him out.

Brazilian Vs Brazilian
by Violentce | Two guys throwing punches till one of them connects and the other folds over like a slinky.

Loud Guy Vs Puncher
by Violentce | Loud guy gets knocked out during SXSW 2014. Quick fight.

30 Year Old Vs Young Kid
by Violentce | Quick effective kick to the face ends it quick for this sad looking battered guy. Hopefully when he wakes up he will reevaluate his life.

Beast-mode Vs Dudes
by Violentce | Guy in Hawaiian shirt throws down and one punches some dudes quick fast style. Happens out some restaurant. People drop fast so this is a good video.

Street Fighters Vs Others
by Violentce | Decent compilation of a bunch of knock out and one punch street fights. People getting beat up left and right.

Kid Vs Kid Vs Crowd
by Violentce | School fight ends with a guy snapped in half1 vs 1 fight turns into friends jumping the winning guy and the fight ends via brutal knockout

White Guy Vs Cocky Black
by Violentce | White Guy Knocks Out Cocky Black GuyYea Boy !.

Hood Chick Vs Pipe
by Violentce | Bitch does the twitching chicken on the ground after getting slayed in the head with a pipe.Just another day in the Hood...Mass brawl in the US, Woman gets hit with pipe while trying to flee.

Fat Dude Vs Skinny Dude
by Violentce | You got knocked the F outDude gets knocked out in the hood and falls awkwardly to the ground.

Afro Vs Afro
by Violentce | Knocked out completelyTwo young afros fighting for weed..

Boston Dude Vs Other
by Violentce | Boston Police are reviewing the incident, which occurred on Saturday October 20 near Milk Street and India Street in the financial district.

Mexican Vs Brother
by Violentce | A fight broke out between two guys in the street! Ended with an awesome TKO

Black Vs Angry Dudes
by Violentce | Street Fight. Man gets head stomped on, in Bath, England, after being sucker punched by angry guy

Little Kid Vs Old Man
by Violentce | Little kid knocks out an old man by a kick to the face. Then punches some woman to the ground.WTF of the Day

16 Old Girl Vs Mean Punch
by Violentce |CCTV camera caught a man knocking out a 16 year old girl with a blow to the head outside the Black Lion Pub in the Plaistow neighborhood of Newham in East London. The girl was treated for bruising to her head and cuts to her face and was later relea...

Ukranians Vs Ukranians
by Violentce | Massive Brawl in Ukraine!Wow!! Couple of knocked out dudes as well.

Carpnter Vs Drunk
by Violentce | Do not interrupt carpenters while they are working..PERIOD!Unfortunately for this drunk he never read the sign

Mike Vs Rapper
by Violentce | This Is What Happens To You In Real Life If You Talk Shit

Gay Dude Vs Chick
by Violentce | Knockout Of The WeekGay dude KOs Chick with a Slap.

Purple Shirt Vs Grey Shirt
by Violentce | Brutal knockout in a street fight Decent and fair fight ends with a big time knockout

Brutal Slam Vs Fighter
by Violentce | Guy takes his opponents back and throws him to the ground knocking him out cold

Bar Patron Vs Big Bouncer
by Violentce | Don\'t Taunt Bar Security......They Just Might Lay You Out. Bar patron taunts security into fighting at a bar in Sunnyside Queens- Ends in Knockout

Umpire Vs Bat
by Violentce | Baseball umpire gets hit in the head with batHome plate umpire Jerry Layne gets hit in the head during the Cincinnati Reds - Minnesota Twins game. Layne left the game and was taken to the hospital to be checked after being hit in the head with t...

KOed Vs Russian
by Violentce | Brawl between intoxicated men - disturbingA brick and a kick results in 2 people unconscious. The man is in critical condition.Note: date is not correct, happened yesterdayOut of all the people passing by, no one rushed to call the police....

3 Blacks Vs 1 Robbed
by Violentce | RAPHIC footage of a youth's brutal bashing at a train station shows three attackers taking turns to kick him in the head.Detectives investigating the vicious assault say they are appalled by the level of violence, which left the 23-year-old man f...

Black Vs Stunter
by Violentce | Fight at Skate Park Ends before it Starts with Brutal Head KickIf you like to see a felony offense caught on tape, this is the video for you. I wonder if the cops ever arrested this guy.

Brutal Kick Vs Soccer Player
by Violentce | ehdi Carcela-Gonzalez was injured after getting kicked in the head during the Belgium series final, playing against Racing Genk. He suffered several fractures in his face.It doesn't look like it was on purpose to me, but holy fecal matter he took...

Loud Mouth Vs Bomber
by Violentce | This guy talked smack for a while before his opponent finally decided to strike.

Five Vs One
by Violentce | The jumpers become the jumped. Looks like a crowd of weaklings fighting one guy and then a few come rescue the one guy.

UFc Fighter Vs UFC Fighter
by Violentce | Previous record of the fastest UFC knowckout. 6 seconds in and knocked out.

Latvian Vs French
by Violentce | Konstantīns Gluhovs (Latvia) knocks out France kickboxer with an amazing heel hook kick.

Bully Vs Beatdown
by Violentce | A contestant on the show Bully Beatdown is beating his beater only to get knocked out cold

Kicked Vs KO
by Violentce | Knocked out with a nasty kick. Buddy bounces his head right off of the concrete.

One Guy Vs Two KOed
by Violentce | One man decides to cheapskate punch two guys when their not looking. Knocked out both of them in one punch each.

Tony Swinnie Vs Life Sentence
by Violentce | Idiot black dude smashed a liquor bottle over a store owner during a robber and in the same clip he robs someone at McDonalds after delivering a one punch ko.

Knockouts Vs Top Ten
by kaptiv8 | 10 Top videos of 2011 best knockout videos of Mixed Martial Arts..

Cop Vs KOed Mom
by Violentce | San Francisco, California. Video shows a San Francisco police officer throwing a resisting suspect to the ground, apparently knocking her unconscious, while leaving the baby to cry on the side-walk.

Hispanic Vs Many Blacks
by Violentce | urveillance video of the brutal beating of a 15-year-old Newark teenager may only tell half the story.The attack last week by a pack of teenagers shows the youth being pummeled and kicked as he lay on a sidewalk in front of a deli about four blocks...

Huge Dude Vs Shit talker
by Violentce | One punch KO by the looks of it. This was a couple of years ago, at about 2pm on a saturday, in the middle of a busy high street. You've gotta love Sutton eh!?

Shit Talker Vs Headbutt
by Violentce | Shit talker tries calling a dude out to a fight. Dude says fuck that. Finishes the guy with a head butt.

Scary Black Vs White dude
by Violentce | Big black dude ends up fucking destroying this white guy from behind with a cheap shot. Pretty rough video. white guy gets harassed by black couple, while other seven white people just watch in horror lol

Skaters Vs Shit Talkers
by Violentce | Two shit talkers approach a group of skaters at a hotel hall and end up getting K.O.ed very quickly

Punch Vs Guy
by Violentce | LMFAO!! Guy gets knocked out twice in 30 seconds...The commentary is actually amazing, props to the two who filmed this XD

One Vs Two
by Violentce | Guy knocks out two bullies with 2 punches. Quick little guy for sure. One punch mayhem galore.

1 Guy Vs 4 Guys
by Violentce | 1 Guy Fights 4 And Wins .Even tho outnumbered by a good margin guy and his girlfriend put up a good fight .

OG Russian Vs 5 Pickpocketers
by Violentce | Russian OG takes on five pickpocketers. Seems fake but I can't tell

Black Chick Vs One-Punch KO
by Violentce | Wow. Guy one-punches a girl out COLD. She ends up waking up towards the end of the video. Good Morning Sunshine :D

Chicks Vs Chicks
by Violentce | Girls gets in to a MASSIVE BRAWL and gets KO'ed must watch!!! Oh No! Girl Gets A Major Beating!! Titties Pop Out - 10 Girls Fight!

Cop Vs Suspect
by Violentce | Cop knocks out some dumb-ass with one punch. Awesome. I bet the idiot still didn't learn his lesson.

Justin Vs Oliver
by Violentce | Australian dudes fighting over some past beef. One guy gets dropped right away and then judo thrown to the ground. Quick but shitty quality of footage.

K.O.s Vs K.O.er
by Violentce | Buddy K.O.s another with one punch. Was prettty quick if you ask me.

Ghetto Kid Vs Ghetto Kid
by Violentce | Speedy ghetto kids fighting at some park. Damn their quick out there in the ghetto. KO for the win.

Quicky Vs Slow Poke
by Violentce | Two guys are doing backyard boxing and one guy ends up getting temporarily KO'd. Decent quick fight.

Bar Patrons Vs 2 Latinos
by Violentce | Dual One-Punch KO. Two buddies get KOd through various methods. One takes a headbutt while the other takes a punch.

Big Hawaiian Vs Jap
by Violentce | Another fight from Hawaii...This one ends in a dramatic knockout!!!

Tough Group Vs Other Group
by Violentce | his is just a clip of a bunch of teenagers setteling some problems in a parking garage.It seems kind of confusing at first,but basically it's how it looks,one side hates the other..After a small scuffle one of the teens ends up knocked cold face firs...

Slim Dunkin Vs CTE Artist
by Violentce | Rapper cheap shots and KOs another rapper in one punch. Good deal.

G Vs G
by Violentce | op Comment from YT: "good shit knocked the fucked out...but bro it's done there i can't believe people who keep punching and even stomping after someone is knocked out. Who wants to go to murder over a fist fight honestly man up and walk away you ...

Red Hat Wearer Vs Homophobe
by Violentce | ude punches dude in car. Dude in car gets knocked out.Dude knocked out is in moving car then crashes into a parked car.This was filmed in a parking lot outside of a bar after the bar closed. I saw 2 guys yelling at each other and grabbed my camer...

Burgundy Hair Vs Tough Guy
by Violentce | Girl hits guy and breaks his jaw. the second girl with the red in her hair breaks his jaw .

David Kaplan Vs KO
by Violentce | UFC fighter asks to get punched and gets one punch KOed by Tom Lawler

Glen "Big Baby" Davis Vs Dwight Howard's Elbow
by Violentce | len "Big Baby" Davis gets knocked out by a Dwight Howard elbow in game 5 between Boston & Orlando. Baby shows heart and tries to run to get back to the action even though he can't walk straight, has no legs and probably doesn't even know what his nam...

Soccer Team Vs Soccer Team
by githunu | A collection of crazy soccer fights. This video shows some of the best soccer fights ever recorded during world cup and other major leagues.

Juan Manuel Lopez Vs Bernabe Concepcion KO
by unpurechoy | This video shows the fight between Filipino Bernabe Concepcion and Puero Rican Juan Manuel "juanma" Lopez

Kung Fu Vs Tae Kwondo
by videoadder2 | Two fighters fight without protective gear. Knock out by kick to the head

Tyler Bryan Vs Sean Parker
by videoadder2 | Funny double knockout MMA fight at the Indianapolis 8 second saloon

Insane Vs Knock out
by Target | Insane Vs Knock out. This guy gets knocked out badly..Insane Vs Knock out

Pacquiao Vs Hatton round 1and2
by thessarie | Action packed much anticipated fight of decade. Pound for pound universal boxing champ Manny Pacquiao takes on Ricky Hatton for Hatton's IBO world title

Manny Pacquiao Vs Shane Mosley
by thessarie | Round Three - "Knock Out Round" Round Three - "Knock Out Round"

Kimbo Slice Vs James Wade
by thessarie | Kimbo Slice knocks James Wade out in crucial fashion, It was bad, was taken out on a stretcher

Usmaan Achmed Vs KO
by VeNaH | Usmaan Achmed aka KO getting knocked out after his FAIL dancing when entering the ring (KO in first round)

Ko Vs Knocks to the Tenders
by drak3ll0rd | The Video speaks for itself.. Lmao.. Enjoy..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KO Punches Vs Funny Ko
by drak3ll0rd | boxing hits and other hits at their finest

Wrestler Vs Pin down
by drak3ll0rd | Major Hardway short sheet on Scotty Mac Gets pinned down

Ufc Fighter Vs Insane KO
by drak3ll0rd | Ugly Ko,he knock him out with a head butt...

Mma Fighter Vs Crazy Ko
by drak3ll0rd | Sick MMA knockout, the guy suffers badly...

Kimbo Vs KO
by drak3ll0rd | Finally Kimbo learns what it feels like to end up face down, knocked out cold.

Boxer Vs Insane Kick of Death
by drak3ll0rd | a highlight of MMA fighter Mirko "Cro Cop" this clip shows the devastation of his kicks.

Boxer Vs Insane Ko
by drak3ll0rd | This guy gets knocked out badly... Ouch!!

Guy Vs Self KO
by drak3ll0rd | This boxer does the one thing you shouldn\'t...KO yourself!

Big Guy's Punch Vs Small Guy
by drak3ll0rd | back yard UFC fighting one hitter quiter...

IceHockey player Vs Punch
by drak3ll0rd | this guy goes down in one punch.. and goes down hard

Boxer Vs One Second KO
by drak3ll0rd |Quick fight, 1 second!!!

Guy Vs KO Punch
by drak3ll0rd | Guy Gets a strong right hook in his face..!!

Lewis Vs Tyson
by drak3ll0rd | Lewis knocks out Tyson.

MikeTyson Vs Knockout History
by drak3ll0rd | Mike Tyson insome of his classic battles and knockouts. Enjoy!

Man Vs Man 8
by patriciapapier | Fight where guy shows off before getting a hard punch in the face. Funny Capoeira Fight

One man Vs Crowd
by Werold | One man takes on a group of guys in the street. Guy in white gets completely floored.

Guy Vs Ko Punch!
by drak3ll0rd | The Ultimate Ko punc taken. Knocks the guy out cold