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Elephant Vs Lion 2
by puspanjali | O! wow! The Elephants make the king of the forest to run for its life. And it runs as it can be made pray.

Animals Vs Africa
by VeNaH | Virtually every predator in Africa hunting and KILLING other animals. Very entertaining!

Leopard Vs Hyenna
by jsubang | It's another day of fighting for foods for these strong animals in the wild.

Leopard Vs Girl
by jsubang | My niece was at the zoo taking a photo in front of the Leopard Glass Cage when the vicious animal pounced on her..... Funny Reaction!

Small Female Leopard Vs Huge Hyena
by patriciapapier | Small female leopard defeats a large hyena threatening her cubs.

Leopard Cub Vs King Cobra
by patriciapapier | A super cute Leopard Cub fights a dangerous King venonum Cobra.

Leopard Vs Buffalo
by jsubang | . The major predators that prey on Wildebeest are lions, hyenas, cheetahs, leopards, and crocodiles. However, Wildbeast are very strong and can inflict considerable injury to even a lion.

Cougar VsLeopard
by asiasgoddess | Every big cat in the genus panthera are strong, but the jaguar(Panthera Onca) has the strongest bite force.

Leopard Vs Phyton
by madel911 | Leopard kills huge African rock python just one bite to the snakes head and its done.

Leopard Vs Phyton 2
by madel911 | Its amazing how this female leopard destroys gigantic rock python.

Lions Vs Leopards
by asiasgoddess | The leopards are in danger when a young male lion starts prowling around their territory in the African wild.

Leopard Vs Wilderbeest
by asiasgoddess | The crew go on the hunt for Shadow. Meanwhile Bella is stalking a herd of wildebeest.

Leopard Vs Gorilla
by Uday | Worth Seeing Gorilla Winner

Leopard Vs Idiot
by Violentce | Idiot pokes a leopard through a cage right before he decides to release it. Leopard fucks him up as soon as he gets out.

Leopard Vs Wilder-Beasts
by Violentce | Intense leopard takes down two wilder-beast one after another within seconds.

King Cobra Vs Leopard Cub
by Violentce | Leopard cub strikes the cobra a few times but does not kill the cobra.

Leopard Vs African Rock Python 2
by Violentce | Another video but this time its a video of pictures.

Leopard Vs African Rock Python
by Violentce | Leopard paw swipes and bites a huge snake.