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Lioness Vs Zebra
by Violentce | Lioness takes down a zebra. Then the tables turn when the zebra tries to drown its attacker.

Lion Vs Bear 4
by Violentce | A fight between an African Lion and an American Black Bear. It seems like a fight for territory, so who wins? Decide for yourself!

2 Lions Vs Tiger
by Violentce | A stupid lioness tried to show her bravery to tiger, only to get beaten badly by tiger. Then male lion came to help lioness only to get slapped and chased away by tiger.

Lion Vs 2 Cheetahs
by Violentce | n this clip a coalition of Cheetah blood brothers are so infatuated by a female they fight recklessly in front of a Male Lion that has just mobbed their female and crushed her skull no more than 30 meters away they continue to fight over the now dead...

Hippo Vs Pack Of Lions
by Violentce | Lions try and take down a Hippo but there is a surprise ending to the clip.

Predators Vs Prey
by Violentce | Intense top 10 animal hunting video between predators and prey. Good clip for sure. Well worth the watch.

Lion Vs Crocodile2
by MindGamer | A lion meets a crocodile at the bank of a river and scares it away. Unbeliebavle!

Young Zebra Vs African Lioness
by dild26 | Young Zebra is Victorious against African Lioness even after long breathless moments the Zebra survived the attack and got away from tired Lioness.

Elephant Vs Lion 2
by puspanjali | O! wow! The Elephants make the king of the forest to run for its life. And it runs as it can be made pray.

500lbs Lion Vs 500lbs Lion
by rjhuaman2009 | Two lions fight each other. Shows the great power the lions have in each punch.

Lion Vs Hyena 3
by oloros | Eternal Enemies. This lion kills the hyena because it was irritating his pride of lionesses. Usually kills are done for food or to protect food, but this one was done for ego. Lions won't eat hyena. It's tough meat.

Lion Vs Crocodile Vs Bufalo
by oloros | Battle at Kruger. Amaging video in! I'ts almoust imposible lions to runaway from the victim ! isn't Africa beautiful? can you see this while in a ur zoos?

Men Vs Lion
by Target | Man Eater Lion shoot to kill by hunters while the lion trying to save his family

Lion Vs Safari Travelers
by Target | Lions helping change a tire on the land rover. Thanks to the safari travelers whose pictures have circulated on the web.

Lion Vs Women
by Target | Lion Vs Women. Lion attacks women during an interview.the trainer said after the girl was attacked: well he's not trained for TV shows!

Lion Vs Human
by Target | lion attak on cameraman and took away his hand from his shoulder

Lion Vs Car
by Target | A tourist in Africa nearly gets her car destroyed by a Lion!

Dave Salmoni Vs Wild Lion
by chrizcg1 | This is an attempt of a man to get near a growling lion. For security reason, he got a rifle with him.

Elephant Vs Lion
by rebuo | Elephant Versus Lion pride encounter Battle on the african plains video

Animals Vs Africa
by VeNaH | Virtually every predator in Africa hunting and KILLING other animals. Very entertaining!

Lion Vs Black Bear
by DemoNik | Lion went for an attack at the little black bear. Brawl Fight!!!

Lion Vs man 4
by sean512 | a zoo Keeper called Bob has been attacked by two hungry lions the big big cats both are full grown andhealthy. other footage of lions aggressive behaviour is also added watch it.

Lion Vs girl
by sean512 | Lion Attack's a women in a shoot, poor women . Really these wild animals Cannot be Trusted.

Lion Vs Bear 3
by sean512 | Lion fightingwith a bear which is half of its sizeits totally one sided, but the bear is not bad itis so fast in running away lol.

Lion's Vs Lion's
by sean512 | usually Lions fight for their territories and foodonly two cases they dont fight for fun that too such aggressively . this video is all about lions fighting among themselves in the cases i mentionedjust watch em.

WhiteTiger Vs Lion's
by sean512 | white tiger is ultimate it always wins even in a battle with two lions 2 times bigger than its size its awesome. watch the video rare footage.

Hippo Vs lion attacked
by sean512 | 2000 pounds of pressure on lions skull by a hippo. but still the lion survives after few days . amazing.

Lion Vs Hippo and Calf
by sean512 | a pride of lions killing a Hippo and a calf . this video was shot in cruger park of lions.

Lions Vs Crocs
by sean512 | Part two of the Lions vs Crocs sighting we had in the Masai Mara, Kenya. in kenya lions Struggling for food and starving, so they even daring to steal the food from the crocs in thw water.

Monitor Vs lion
by sean512 | A monitor lizard steals lions feed, the dangerous weapon of the lizardis its tail

Lion Vs armed men
by sean512 | Men were on a hunt of lion and after few shots lionpicked a man and attacked almost got butthe lion which was already scared of the sounds from the guns missed the man and ran away.

Lion Vs Trainer 2
by sean512 | A trained lion attacks its ownerfrom ages who cared and fed him wit love obviously lions are not dogs , they cannot be pets.

Lion Vs Village
by sean512 | losing the previous thought: The lion came into their village - he was the invader - and began killing people. Your solution - give the whole village to the lion. Yet you allow animals in China to be skinned alive and you send gentle farm animals ...

Man Vs Lion2
by sean512 | Man training and ordering lion to move hear and there in a zoo. an unprofessionaldoing a professionals work.any thing goes wrongthis man is a dead man.

Lion Vs Man 3
by sean512 | Watch a man going Face.Man fights crazy lion. One wrong move and its certain death. face to face with lion in the wild.

Lion Vs Man 2
by jsubang | Inspectors from the Ministry of Environment (WildLife) arrive to rescue a female lion, not knowing that his own supporters would be attacked. Lion attacking a man inside a private home.

Lion Vs Woman 4

Lion Vs Woman 3
by jsubang | Animal Attacks: 02 - Woman Gets Attacked by Lion During Photoshoot, always take precautionary measures.

Lion Vs Woman 2

Lioness Vs Cheetah
by jsubang | A lioness ambushed two cheetah brothers and killed one. It's the scary reality in the animal kingdom.

Lion Vs Owner
by jsubang | Basically, its an animal that anyone in his good mind can never control.

Lion Vs Trainer
by jsubang | This kind of job is quite scary, be well trained and extra careful.

Lion Vs Kids
by jsubang | If not for the super thick glass these children would have been in serious trouble. The lion didn't like the lady holding a little baby (not shown) and would jump up at the glass.

Lion Vs Elephant
by jsubang | One solitary elephant does not equate a mob. Besides without the strength of the pride the lion is not particularly an intrepid lone ranger.

Tiger Vs Lion 3
by jsubang | An animal would never lie on its back in a real fight, they would never expose their stomach cause that will get them killed. They're just playing.

Lion Vs Bull 2
by jsubang | When a lion tries to fight with the bull which is double of his size obviously ends up losing.

Lions Vs Hippo
by patriciapapier | Some Kruger Lions Kill Hippo and its calf (not for sensitive viewers)

Lion Vs Hyena 2
by patriciapapier | A silly Hyena makes the biggest mistake of its life and gets killed for it.

Huge African Lion Vs American Black Bear 2
by patriciapapier | A fight between an African Lion and an American Black Bear. It seems like a fight for territory, so who wins? Decide for yourself!

Lion Vs woman
by jsubang |Another instance of people ignoring the boundaries of common sense when it comes to wild animals. She's lucky it wasn't a full grown male.

Zebra Vs Lioness
by jsubang |Young Zebra is Victorious as the young zebra trys to drown the african lioness, and leaves her pretty banged up Lion lion attack.

Lion Vs Warthog
by jsubang | This african lion attempts to kill a warthog but to no avail with his size.

by samron | Check out this awesome fight where a lion has to take on a Bear. Both these animals are heavy and very strong. See both these animals beat each other.

Lion Vs Journalist
by Niz1986 | A Journalist was trying to broadcast all about lion but unexpectedly he was attack by the animal

Dog Vs Lion
by samron | heck out thos gorgeous video of the king of the Jungle the Lion and a Dog sharing territiory and in this case a cage. The Lion and Dog actually play together and the Dog is fearless and trust the Lion with his eyes closed. As a matter of fact the dog...

Lion Vs Lion 2
by squashylights | eople always talk about how Male Lions are lazy and that Lionesses do all the work, and yes this is true..but trust me..I grew up in Kenya and when it came to taking down a big Buffalo or a big Hippo the Male Lion would always be the one to delive...

Lion Vs Crocodile
by samron | The Lion is the king of the Jungle, but the African Crocodile is no joke as well. So when both of them battle it out together, there is a showdown. Thats all in this awesome video

Tigers Vs Lion
by asiasgoddess | The tiger didn't own the lion...the lion got double teamed so he was like oh fuck this shit they aint playin fair im out

Elephant Vs 7 Lions
by asiasgoddess | This is probably one of the most amazing videos ive ever seen on youtube. such amazing and beautiful creatures.

Lions Vs Elephants
by asiasgoddess | n and of all the battles that exist in the in the natural world none is more titanic than lions versus elephants. Being a social animal the African lion is more than a super predator, it's a hyper predator, and most would probably believe it is the u...

A Horde Of Buffalo's Vs A Lion Pride
by Violentce | A super epic video about lions taking down buffalos. It sucks to be in the jungle. These two buddies willl

Warthog Vs 2 Lions
by asiasgoddess | Warthogs are known to kill lions. This video just shows much trouble multiple lions have when hunting a warthog

Zebra Vs Female Lion
by asiasgoddess | The zebra should of stayed and drowned him then dragged him back to lion pack and said to lions if i see any of you around here again il kick your fucking asses

Zebra Vs Lion
by asiasgoddess | hat does it really feel like to be an animal? Step out onto the African plain from behind the eyes of a zebra as real-life footage and state-of-the-art computer graphics combined to explore your strategy to escape a lion which has crept up to the wat...

Lions Vs Zebras
by asiasgoddess | Team of lions search for a meal amongst the African wildlife. The strategic benefits of hunting in a group bring dividends. Such behaviour is observed in this clip from Big Cat Diary

Lion Vs Bird
by asiasgoddess | This was shot by me in South Africa. A lion was at a drinking hole when he spotted a wader and decided to snack on it

Lion Vs Buffalo 2
by asiasgoddess | Lion pride take on angry buffalo to feed the baby cubs. It's a battle for the African lion pride as the lions take on the buffalo in the struggle for food

Lions Vs Leopards
by asiasgoddess | The leopards are in danger when a young male lion starts prowling around their territory in the African wild.

Lions Vs Crocodiles
by asiasgoddess | The wild lions are hungry and they've selected a strange prey in the form of a crocodile. But crocs have big teeth too.

Lions Vs Antelope
by asiasgoddess | Lions hunting for antelope in the shallows of the African swamp capture their prey. A veritable African wildlife and nature safari

Lion Vs Wilderbeest
by asiasgoddess | Mother lion makes a kill to feed her baby cubs. The lions demonstrate how they can share the food amongst the females and the cubs. Dinnertime on the African safari.

Lions Vs Spitting Cobra
by asiasgoddess | The young lions have their first experiences with a deadly poisonous snake. Cobra or lion - who will come out the winner?

Cheetah Vs Lion
by asiasgoddess | A cheetah mother, Honey and her three young cubs are unwittingly about to bump into a lion. This cheetah however will not back down!

Lion Vs Hippo2
by asiasgoddess | Survival of the fittest animal species in a fight between the hippopotamus and lion of the african animal kingdom

Tiger Vs Lion 2
by asiasgoddess | This is a compilation of different fight scenes of Lion and Tiger.Its a must see movie!

Lion Vs Giraffe 2
by MAUD |

Lion Vs Lioness
by Uday | Lion Kills Lioness

Lion Vs Hyena
by Uday |

Hyena Vs Lion
by Uday |

Teenager Vs 3 Lions
by srikanth |

Man Vs Lion
by srikanth |

Lion VS Tiger 2
by Uday | White Tiger vs African Lion in Everland

Young Zebra vs African Lioness. Young Zebra is Victorious
by prakashvr |

Lion Vs Zebra
by HARSH | Zebra is determined to live!

Lion vs Giraffe
by HARSH | First EVER "Lion KILLS Giraffe" Caught on Tape!

Hunters Vs Lion 2
by Violentce | Hunters almost get eaten

Hunters Vs Lion
by Violentce | Hunters become the hunted.

Lion Vs Hunter
by Violentce | Hunters almost get killed by a charging lion.

Lion Vs Bow Hunters
by Violentce | Lion gets shot about 3:15 into the video.

Lions Vs Buffalo
by Violentce | One lion gets impaled by the buffalos horns.

Lions Vs Hyenas
by Violentce | In detail explanation of the battle between lions and hyenas.

Lions Vs Lions
by Violentce | Big pack of lions all fighting each other.

Lion Vs Spitting Cobra
by Violentce | A spitting cobra nails a Lion in the eye.

Lion Vs Hippo
by Violentce | No fighting, just a hippo stealing a lions kill.

Lion Vs Wilderbeats Vs Hyena
by Violentce | Lions catch a wilderbeast and then furtuer on in the video a bunch of lions catch a hyena and kill it.

Lion Vs Tigers
by Violentce | Lion tries to enforce its rule only to get boxed by two tigers.

Tiger Vs Lion
by Violentce | Friendly battle between a lion and a tiger. Tiger submits.

Lion Vs Tiger
by Violentce | Black and white footage. Video is a clip from a movie.