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Tae-Won-Do Boxer Vs Kuala Clench Fighter
by Violentce | One of the first UFC events. Clinch Fighter takes the win.

Ronda Rousey Vs Miesha Tates Arm
by Violentce | Arm is bent backwards completely! Look at how ver extended the elbow is.Ronda Rousey breaks Miesha Tates arm in fightRonda Rousey takes Strikeforce bantamweight belt with another armbar

MMA Fighter Vs Broken Leg
by Violentce | MMA Fighter breaks leg as he tries to stop getting slammed. Ouchie!

600lbs Vs 169lbs
by Violentce | 600lbs Sumo Vs 169lbs MMA Fighter. Or as one commenter said, typical american vs japanese.

Miesha Tate Vs Ronda Rousey
by Violentce | The official recap of the March 3rd match for the Strikeforce women's bantamweight belt between Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey. Watch Rousey's win over Tate by armbar submission.

UFc Fighter Vs UFC Fighter
by Violentce | Previous record of the fastest UFC knowckout. 6 seconds in and knocked out.

Latvian Vs French
by Violentce | Konstantīns Gluhovs (Latvia) knocks out France kickboxer with an amazing heel hook kick.

Bully Vs Beatdown
by Violentce | A contestant on the show Bully Beatdown is beating his beater only to get knocked out cold

Knockouts Vs Top Ten
by kaptiv8 | 10 Top videos of 2011 best knockout videos of Mixed Martial Arts..

Kung Fu Vs Tae Kwondo
by videoadder2 | Two fighters fight without protective gear. Knock out by kick to the head

Tyler Bryan Vs Sean Parker
by videoadder2 | Funny double knockout MMA fight at the Indianapolis 8 second saloon

Insane Vs Knock out
by Target | Insane Vs Knock out. This guy gets knocked out badly..Insane Vs Knock out

Broken Foot Vs Ninja Girl
by Target | Ninja Girl break is leg middle in the MAA fight in a leg lock. Ninja Girl (Megumi Fujii)!

Mount Escape Vs MMA Candy
by Target | Mount Escape Vs MMA Candy. Super Hot chickMMA Candy teaches you how to Mount Escape

Calf Lock Jiu Vs Jitsu Vs MMA Candy
by Target | Let these sexy warriors teach you a MAA lessom, enjio Calf Lock Vs Jiu-Jitsu Vs MMA Candy

Jiu-Jitsu Vs MMA Candy
by Target | Mount Reversal - Jiu-Jitsu - MMA Candy. Let these sexy gilrs teach you an MAA lesson

MMA Candy Vs MMA Candy
by Target | These sexy girls are real warriors Watching these Vidios you will learn a lot.

Julie Vs Michelle
by Target | The best thing I have ever seen on the matJulie and Michelle from MMA Candy teach how to do a armbar from Guard

Cody Vs Clint
by VeNaH | Spectacular and awesome blood bath - MMA bloody match gone terribly wrong

Mirko Cro Cop Vs Fighters compilation
by Werold | This a compilation dedicated to Cro Cop's kicking prowess. Who says you can't high kick in a fight?

Kimbo Slice Vs Seth Petruzelli
by Werold | Former underground fight king Kimbo Slice (Kevin Ferguson) getting knocked out in an MMA fight.Looks like a flash knockout.

Ko Vs Knocks to the Tenders
by drak3ll0rd | The Video speaks for itself.. Lmao.. Enjoy..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KO Punches Vs Funny Ko
by drak3ll0rd | boxing hits and other hits at their finest

Ufc Fighter Vs Insane KO
by drak3ll0rd | Ugly Ko,he knock him out with a head butt...

Mma Fighter Vs Crazy Ko
by drak3ll0rd | Sick MMA knockout, the guy suffers badly...

Kimbo Vs KO
by drak3ll0rd | Finally Kimbo learns what it feels like to end up face down, knocked out cold.

Boxer Vs Insane Kick of Death
by drak3ll0rd | a highlight of MMA fighter Mirko "Cro Cop" this clip shows the devastation of his kicks.

Guy Vs KO Punch
by drak3ll0rd | Guy Gets a strong right hook in his face..!!

Wrestler Vs Fighter
by Werold | In a very surprising move, a MMA wrestler pulls a WWE style suplex on another figher during a live match. I'm guessing he won.

Man Vs Man 8
by patriciapapier | Fight where guy shows off before getting a hard punch in the face. Funny Capoeira Fight

Guy Vs Ko Punch!
by drak3ll0rd | The Ultimate Ko punc taken. Knocks the guy out cold

Guy Vs One Punch
by drak3ll0rd | Fighter gets Ko'd By one Right Hook..!! amazing

Gayishguy Vs fighter
by drak3ll0rd | Guy gets KO\'d before fight for acting gayish. LOL. Haha,, Freaking Punch

Karate guy Vs Karate Kick
by drak3ll0rd | Ehsan Shafiq ios an afghan kung fu champion, he always uses Spectacular and dificult techniques in his real fights,thats why people enjoy watching them.In here Ehsan is fighting with a national karate champion.

Guy Vs Karate Guy
by drak3ll0rd | Deadliest fight ever This is one of the best street fights ever

Couture And Gonzaga Vs Opponents
by Niz1986 | UFC preview for a fight between two rough dudes. Not too much action but ok clip.

Quamie Beck Vs Unlucky MMA'er
by Violentce | uote from YT "My name is Quamie Beck. I am part of the Eastern Michigan Mixed Martial Arts Team and this was my first knockout! I will load the Full video later! =]Close up Cage side KO. Face Breaking Abuse.He got hit with a G6. They had to call ...

Bruce Vs Chocolate
by madel911 | This was a good fucking fight... better than some UFC fights. They both got busy.

Wrestler Vs Kickboxer
by asiasgoddess | One of the most violent and bloody fights ever seen in the history of MMA, classic match up of wrestler against kickboxer, not for the squeemish!

Little Man Vs Big Man
by asiasgoddess | On this video you will see a kickboxing fight between a big man and little man! lets see who will win this fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tara Vs Sally
by madel911 | View full fight of sally krumdiak and tara la rosa on a main event night

Puncher Vs Jumper
by Violentce | 5 Second knock out of a runner in a MMA fight

Travis Axworthy Vs Jonathan Goulet
by Violentce | One kick in the beginning of the round changes everything

Kimbo Vs Tank Abbott
by Violentce | MMA Fight

Kimbo Slice Vs Bo Cantrell
by Violentce | MMA Fight

Kimbo Vs Ray Mercer
by Violentce | MMA Fight.

Kimbo Vs Serbian
by Violentce | Kimbo Slice sparring with his bodyguard from Serbia - The Ribcracker Savage.

Kimbo Vs Seth Petruzelli
by Violentce | Someone gets knocked out in 15 seconds. MMA fight.