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Midget Fights

Midgets Vs Strippers
by darkangel | Hot strippers kick midgets ass.This video is good quality.

Midget Vs Midget 6
by jsubang | Like regular humans these midgets are very welcome in the sports of boxing. Why not?

Midget Vs Midget 5
by jsubang | Yeah and why does anyone want to box? What does size have to do with it? Reguardless of size, believe it or not, most of us have the same desires in life. Some of us like to box.

Midget Vs Midget 4
by jsubang | A boxing bout of midgets in Manila, just for fun and entertainment in a bar.

Midgets Vs Western man
by jsubang |Full-sized Western man simultaneously boxes two midgets in Manila. At Ringside Bar, Makati City, Philippines.

Midgets Vs Elephant
by jsubang | An Asian Elephant competes against 44 little people in pulling a DC-10 jet 25 yards. Watch this worth seeing video.

Midgets Vs Police
by jsubang | These three funny midgets wanted to have a good time with the police.

Midget Vs Basketball players
by jsubang | Watch and see these cute, little fellows are, they look adorable.

Midget Vs Midget 3
by jsubang | In this video you will see that both midgets tries to show their muscles to the audience.

MIdgets Vs Man
by jsubang |Hey ever wanted to see an evil band of midgets fight a ninja? I sure haven't... but someone out there did so they made a movie with it in! Also just so happens to be one of the worst fight scenes, in my opinion, I have ever seen...

Drunk midget Vs Co-worker
by jsubang | ee Matt,of Beachers Madhouse fame is about to start his 2nd gig of St Pattys day. At the first gig, he practically drank the bar dry and now it shows as he proves he can barely speak, walk, or dance and he definitely cant fight, but he gives it his b...

Midget Vs Camel
by jsubang | These are the two legged midgets vs. the four legged camel and it's pretty amazing video with a good teamwork.

Small midget Vs Big midget
by jsubang | Taken at the Colosseum, this tiny midget unbelievably won over the big midget at the Octagon.

Midget Vs Midget 2
by jsubang | A short midget vs. a tall midget fights mixed martial arts in mineature ufc arena at james joyce.

Midget Vs Bull
by jsubang | Brave midget trying to tame a bull but ends up the bull tame the midget.

Midget Vs Midget
by jsubang | Funny confrontation of ex-boyfriend midget which results to a fight with cops midget to break the fight.

Cop Vs Midgets
by squashylights | a bunch of midgets in a smart car decide to beat up a cop! Watch this video taken from the dash cam of the police officers car

Midget Vs Black Guy
by Violentce | Midget Vs Black Guy

Midget Vs Guy
by Violentce | Midget Vs Guy

Midget VS Smaller Midget
by Violentce | Midget VS Smaller Midget

Midget Vs Tall Guy
by Violentce | Midget Vs Tall Guy

Four Tall Guys Vs Midget
by Violentce | Four Tall Guys Vs Midget