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Mongoose Vs Asian cobra 2
by puspanjali | A Asian cobra is being attacked by a mongoose where the cobra fights for its life with the mongooes

Cobra Vs Mongoose 7
by DemoNik | The Cobra thinks he's the king of the land. But it doesn't know that Mongoose are bigger and only eats them.

Mangoose VsCobra snake
by sean512 | mangoose kills snake in wild cought on tape. snake misses every strike but mangoose never.

Mongoose Vs Asian Cobra
by jsubang | Witness this viscious battle between two mortal enemies, the mongoose and the Asian cobra.

Cobra Vs Mongoose3
by hienht37 | Mongoose seems to be afraid when facing with a cobra, however, it is a big surprise that it finally kills the cobra in a clever way

Cobra Vs Mongoose 4
by samron | here are a few creatures that have Snakes on their menu for dinner, and the one that does this often is the Mongoose. Watch in this Video how the Mongoose makes sure that he does not just scare and warn, but attacks and eats not just an ordinary snak...

Daniel Carcillo Vs Mike Duco
by Violentce | Daniel Carcillo Vs Mike Duco

Cobra Vs Mongoose 2
by Violentce | No dead animals.

Cobra Vs Mongoose
by Violentce | Snake gets beaten again.