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Monkey Vs Servant
by puspanjali | The monkey is having a good and enjoyment ride of the goat and plays with other goats too.

Monkey Vs Dog 3
by puspanjali | A Dog has fight with monkeys and like theremonkeys were going to kill that dog because it wouldn't leave them alone

Kingkong Vs Kingkong
by DemoNik | What's better to watch than UFC Fighters "hugging" each other? GORILLA FIGHT!!!!

Monkey Vs Dog 2
by jsubang | Wow, for a second there i thought the monkeys were going to kill that dog because it wouldn't leave them alone

Monkey Vs Girl
by jsubang | he monkey attack.....At a farm a monkey was showing the family that she likes babies, human babies and hug um as well as kiss em. After a while the family thought why not send there own child for her to hug. so they can get a video of it. But i guess...

Monkeys Vs Boys
by jsubang | While visiting the Buffalo Zoo, we were thrilled to catch these playful monkeys having some fun with a little boy. Of course, looked in a different light, they could be trying to attack him too!

Moneky Vs Tiger
by pradeepkovvuru | Monkey playing with tiger in a funny way,irritating it and playing with it

Monkey Vs Puppy
by Werold | A monkey manhandles a puppy's package and has a good laugh at the puppy's expense.

Monkey Vs Goat
by lindojoseph | This is seen typically in India.The monkey is having a good ride behind the goat

Monkey Vs Tiger
by lindojoseph | In this video, the monkey taunts the tiger.The tiger is really getting frustrated but is helpless... Worth watching....

Monkey Vs CameraMan
by drak3ll0rd | Funny video. camera man is chased by a monkey. Lol.. Must watch

Baboon Vs Flamingo
by madel911 | Hungry baboons in Kenya's Lake Bogoria find themselves surrounded by a million unsuspecting and unprotected flamingos.

Monkey Vs Crocodile
by madel911 | Watch how this monkeys never learned their lessons and seems like they are really doing it to annoy the crocodile!!!

Gorilla Vs Another Gorilla
by samron | Watch these two Gorillas fight it out, these are the animals that are probably the closest that comes to a human and yes they fight too and your right, they do it without weapons. In comparison, more peaceful creatures than the human species.

Man Vs Chimp
by asiasgoddess | You'd have to go back there with a knife, cause another fight and slice that crazy punk chimp . Just to maintain the appearance of superiority, so you won't have any other chimp trying it on.

Chimp Vs Chimp
by asiasgoddess | Sir David Attenborough narrates this violent and bloody natural history video recording the disturbing scenes of a real Chimpanzee territorial attack.

Human Vs Chimp
by Niz1986 | A chimp attacks a man who only wanted to be near to it. Unfortunately, the chimp harmed the man.

Male Baboon Vs Crocodile
by samron | heck out this incredible video of where a Baboon escapes the jaws of a Crocodile. The crocodile has a grip that he will not let go off, but the Baboon fights till the end to save his life and thats what he does in the end. He tried and tries and yes ...

Gazelle Vs Baboon
by samron | heck out this awesome video of how a Gazelle fights a Baboon to save her baby. The Gazelle fights until the Baboon leaves the child and this becomes on of the most touching videos. You see the Gazelle not worry about her own life and fights for justi...

Ostrich Vs Others
by squashylights | It was hillarious when the Ostrich was eyeballing the guy. The ostrich gave a run for their money to everyone from monkey to the man to the hynea

Gorilla Vs Gorilla 2
by asiasgoddess | A random gorilla fight caught on tape. Henry Dorley Zoo, Omaha, Nebraska

Bear Vs Gorilla
by asiasgoddess | A short clip of a fight between a bear and a gorilla. What a great fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby Cheetah Vs Baboon
by asiasgoddess | Cute baby cheetah cub is in danger when a wild baboon emerges in the African jungle.

Baboon Vs Flamingo
by asiasgoddess | Hungry baboons in Kenya's Lake Bogoria find themselves surrounded...by a million unsuspecting, and unprotected, flamingos.

Leopard Vs Gorilla
by Uday | Worth Seeing Gorilla Winner

Gorilla Vs Gorilla
by Violentce | Young against old.

Gazelle Vs Monkey
by Violentce | A baboon kidnaps a baby gazelle while the mother tries to get it back.