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Muay Thai

Rutten Vs Trainee
by surrey604 | This video is part 2 of "How to kick ". Bas Rutten teaches how to kick in a fight.

Bass Vs Trainee
by surrey604 | Bass Routine teaches how to give effective strong mma kicks to your opponent. Some basic kicks are the round house kick, kick to the head, kick to the body, kick to the knees

Bass Rutten Vs Trainee
by surrey604 | ass Rutten teaches how to defend your self when an opponent kicks attack you. He also teaches how to quickly counter attack your opponent when he kicks you. You will learn: how to kick to the back of the opponents leg, counter with a kick to the head...

Rick Vs Peter
by surrey604 | This is a short clip narrarated by Rick O' Kane on defense of muay thai body kicks with Shawn Yacoubian & Peter Cunningham demonstating.

Trainer Vs Training Doll
by surrey604 | This is some of the basic difference between a high kick and a body kick

Trainee Vs Trainer
by surrey604 | Basic concepts for elbow drills in training for Muay Thia fight training

Boxer Vs Boxer 3
by surrey604 | Here is a good Muay Thai striking combination to learn with a good show of how to do the combinations n a slower pace

Boxer Vs Boxer 2
by surrey604 | Closing the distance in Muay Thai in this video youll notice a good explaination of how to close the distance n learn new ways of doing so