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Bee Vs Mites
by Violentce | insect being eaten alive by mites. Bee tries flying away but can't due to all the weight.

Eagles Vs Animals
by Violentce | Video clip of eagles taking down all kinds of animals. Animals getting attacked: Wolves, Bears, deer, rabbits, mountain goats and other animals.

Horses Vs Bulls
by Violentce | Early 1900\'s footage of bulls goring horses. Horses fall down easily...

Donkey Vs Car
by Violentce | Montenegro Man, Vojislav Savović, arrested for dragging donkey behind his truck in

Matador Vs Bull
by Violentce | The matador was taken to the Hospital Virgen del Mar in Madrid where he is now in stable condition.

Car Vs Cow And Man
by Violentce | Fatal accidentBrutal accident in Romania with two dead: the pedestrian and one of the drivers...and of course the cow :(

Boxing Kangaroo Vs Zoo Keeper
by Violentce | I didn't know Kangaroos kick as well as punch. This video shows how fierce of MMA competitorskangaroos are.

Wasp Vs Tarantula
by Violentce | Wow that was a cool showdown, I didnt know wasps could fight like that.I thought it would have flown over the spiders head then attacked, but they have great ground fighting.

Lioness Vs Zebra
by Violentce | Lioness takes down a zebra. Then the tables turn when the zebra tries to drown its attacker.

Boss Squirrel Vs Snake
by Violentce | At first I thought it was a mongoose against a rattler but then I quickly realized its a squirrel and a non poisonous snake battling it out.

Rhino Vs Dumb Buffalo
by Violentce | Dumb buffalo tries taking on a way bigger rhino. Look at the horn on the rhino!

Big Rhino Vs Bull
by Violentce | A rare sighting of Africa's Big Five filmed in South Africa at the famous Lions Valley Lodge. The Buffalo and Rhino stare each other down and then the fight begins!

Lynx Vs Rabbit
by Violentce | Lynx chases wild rabbit ( or hare if it pleases you. Lynx's look like the boss of the artic.

Predators Vs Prey
by Violentce | Intense top 10 animal hunting video between predators and prey. Good clip for sure. Well worth the watch.

Sharks Vs Hunt Killers 2
by puspanjali | A Sea is the winner always as it has the mighty shark with all small fish and the sailor hunter!

Shark Vs Crocodile 4
by puspanjali | A Shark is been attacked by a crocodile which has been knocked by a man too so bad luck!

Shark Vs Octopus 4
by puspanjali | A Shark Vs Octopus fight its quite dangerous where the shark is willing to have food but is knocked!!!

Monkey Vs Servant
by puspanjali | The monkey is having a good and enjoyment ride of the goat and plays with other goats too.

Animals Vs kids 2
by puspanjali | Kids are being injured by the funny activities of animals and birds

Bull Vs Bull 5
by rjhuaman2009 | 2 bulls go at it and knock each other out. After that one wakes up and kills the other.

Rooster Vs Duck
by rjhuaman2009 | A rooster picks a fight with a very mad duck that is not going to let the rooster go

Dave Salmoni Vs Wild Lion
by chrizcg1 | This is an attempt of a man to get near a growling lion. For security reason, he got a rifle with him.

Shark Vs Octopus 3
by thessarie | Think you know the outcome when it's shark versus octopus? Think again!See more National Geographic videos: http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/?source=4001

Polar bear Vs Walrus 4
by thessarie | Uploaded by xagtho on Sep 11, 2006 polar bear vs walrusUploaded by xagtho on Sep 11, 2006 polar bear vs walrusUploaded by xagtho on Sep 11, 2006 polar bear vs walrusUploaded by xagtho on Sep 11, 2006 polar bear vs walrus

Snake Vs Tiger
by thessarie | At the beginning of the fight it looks like the tiger’s got an upper hand but at the end it really gets into trouble. Some might say that in the old days this fights were staged. Well it still shows a massive strength of both animals.

Python Vs Alligator 4
by thessarie | the pyhon Vs aligator i think phython vs aligator.aligator is the winner of the fight

Super Tiger Retic Vs Ratte
by thessarie | super big tiger retic Vs ratte the snake is soo big snake soo watch the video

Cobra Vs Mongoose 8
by thessarie | How does a mongoose stand up to a cobra? You might be surprised at the outcome.

jaguar Vs croc
by thessarie | Deep in the jungle, a jaguar goes fishing for baby crocodile. It's jaws versus paws in a fight to the death.

Animals Vs Africa
by VeNaH | Virtually every predator in Africa hunting and KILLING other animals. Very entertaining!

Kingkong Vs Kingkong
by DemoNik | What's better to watch than UFC Fighters "hugging" each other? GORILLA FIGHT!!!!

Cobra Vs Monitor Lizard 3
by DemoNik | The Cobra tries to fight a Monitor Lizard but gets a slap on his back with its tail. Stupid Cobra . . .

Eagle Vs Tortoise
by sean512 | Eagle is also one of the good hunters in the wild watch this video and see how a Eagle hunts a Tortoise perfectly and feed it to her babies.

zebra Vs lion 2
by sean512 | how come whenever a lion runs after a pack like that they all run away? they could kill the lion so easily. its like 20 vs 1. dumb zebras

Honey Badger Vs Rock Python
by jsubang | Came across this Honey Badger in Kruger Park near Oliphants just after it had killed a Rock Python but was struggling to unhook it from a tree branch.

Honey Badger Vs Monitor Lizard
by jsubang | his is how what happens when the hunter becomes the huntedhttp://youtu.be/FlvZ6anM81Uhttp://youtu.be/FlvZ6anM81Uhttp://youtu.be/FlvZ6anM81Uhttp://youtu.be/FlvZ6anM81Uhttp://youtu.be/FlvZ6anM81Uhttp://youtu.be/FlvZ6anM81Uhttp://youtu.be/FlvZ6anM81Uhtt...

Bull Vs Bull 4
by jsubang | There was a bull's fight in Cheongju city in Korea today. It's an event of Festival for people in Livestock.

Bull Vs Bull 3
by jsubang | It's one of the exciting scenes that some people loves to watch but in reality its a deadly one.

Bull Vs Bull 2
by jsubang | early "Battle of the Queens in the Italian province of Aosta, a tradition passed down from herders whose strongest cows harmlessly faced off to determine the owner of prime grazing land. Pairs of cows-dozens in a day-are led to face each other over a...

Bull Vs People
by jsubang | 40 people were injured in northern Spain on Wednesday when a raging bull jumped into the packed grandstands of a bullring and ran amok. The terrifying incident happened in Tafalla, in the northern region of Navarra, and occurred when the animal leapt...

Bull Vs Men 3
by jsubang | It's one of the exciting scenes that some people loves to watch but in reality its a deadly one.

Bull Vs Men 2
by jsubang | It's one of the exciting scenes that some people loves to watch but in reality its a deadly one.

Bull Vs Men
by jsubang | It's one of the exciting scenes that some people loves to watch but in reality its a deadly one.

Bull Vs Man Vs Car
by jsubang | Showing everyone how strong this bull is just making a car its toy.

Bull Vs Car
by jsubang | Showing everyone how strong this bull is just making a car its toy.

Bull Vs Man 2
by jsubang | It's one of the exciting scenes that some people loves to watch but in reality its a deadly one.

Bull Vs Man
by jsubang | Particulars keep out, you are just intruding my vicinity. It's just one of your unlucky day.

Bull Vs Bull fighters
by jsubang | The Barnes family pits one of their pure bred Mexican Fighting bulls against the Heart of the North Rodeo's bull fighters. The bull was feeling good this night and he decided to play with the boys and put on a good show for the crowd.

Bull Vs Bull
by jsubang | Big Bulls fighting at the water hole. Why not share with each other, don't be too greedy?

Carnivor Plant Vs Slug
by TheToinar | A slug joins many other i the other closed leaves and become a plant food

Crocodile Vs Jaguar
by jsubang | Deep in the jungle, a jaguar goes fishing for baby crocodile. It's jaws versus paws in a fight to the death.

Chick Vs Lizard
by patriciapapier | A little Chick fights a Lizar and it ends up being the winner !

Squirrel Vs Snake 2

Squirrel Vs Crows
by patriciapapier | One squirrel lies dead in the road but his friend fights off the crows who come to eat him

Turtle Vs Pigeon 2
by patriciapapier | Turtle hunts a pigeon and sumerges it in the water for lunch.

Fox Vs Rat
by patriciapapier | ts not nice to see any living creature being killed and in this way. This Fox and the Foxes in this area catch and eat alot of Rats. The young Fox might appear to be cruel but it is likely that the young Fox is afraid of being bitten by this young Ra...

by patriciapapier | he Dublin City Grey Heron hunts and kills and eats whole a Brown Rat. The Grey Heron versus the Rat. The Grey Heron was Filmed hunting a Brown Rat in the busy city of Dublin Ireland. The Rat battled long and hard to free its self from the tight grip ...

Rottweiler Vs Cattle
by patriciapapier | Apparently Rottweilers have a natural herding instinct.. we put it to the test with hilarious results.

Squirrel Vs Snake
by patriciapapier | Squirrels goes crazy over snake and doesnt seem to be scared at all

Turtle Vs Two Cats
by patriciapapier | Russian turtle chases and tries to fight 2 cats who were eating their food

Rabbit Vs Snake
by patriciapapier | Rabbit and snake battle.Jumping is a good technique to escape from the Snake!

Animals Vs Kids
by pradeepkovvuru | When kids are playing with pet animals how funny things happen to those kids.

Cat Vs Helicopter
by patriciapapier |an exotic shorthair cat take on a remote control helicopter and have the time of her life! This is her favorite toy and the Air Hogs Havoc Helicopter survives quite a lot of abuse. Do not try this at home or at all.

Beetle Vs Scorpion
by Werold | From a collection of Japanese bug fights. An armored beetle takes on a scorpion.

Buffalo Vs Buffalo
by jsubang | Battle for herd dominance between two cape buffalo in the Aberdare Forest on February 5, 2010. Just showing how strong both species are.

Snake Vs Eel
by drak3ll0rd | A hungry snake brings an interview to an abrupt halt. Jorge Ribas and Kasey-Dee Gardner watch nature's epic struggle.

Corn Snake Vs Pinky
by drak3ll0rd | Baby snow corn snake eats pinky

Snake Vs Dog
by drak3ll0rd | This Huge python came into town and decided to swallow a dog for breakfast.

Goat Vs Python
by drak3ll0rd | Diega, Reptilia's 20+ foot reticulated python, dines on a 48 lb goat!

Baby Snake Vs Trainer
by drak3ll0rd | A baby snake bites its trainer while being fed a baby rat.. Ouch.. mUst hav hurt..

Fish Vs Snake
by drak3ll0rd | Snake Manages to catch a fish and gobble it down Alive.. the fish couldnt escape

Python Vs Nyala
by drak3ll0rd | This is a video of a large python eating a nyala. It was taken in Tembe Park South Africa.

Hippo Vs Elephant
by madel911 | The Hippo is trying to bite the elephant but the elephant don't give a damn.

by samron | Check out this awesome video of Dogs taking on Balloons, and believe me the dog does not like those things. He goes on bursting each and every balloon he can see and goes crazy on them. A must watch video. Funny!

Kangaroo Vs Humans
by samron | Check out this Kangaroo beat three people and the Kangaroo actually boxes these people and they sure have their basics right. The Kangaroo is one perfect example of a kickboxer.

Python Vs Guinea Pig
by asiasgoddess | IF U DON'T LIKE THIS KINDA THING THEN DONT WATCH IT! he's a 6' burmese python double het. for granite/albino. its feeding day and guinea pig is on the menu

Goat Vs Goat
by asiasgoddess |common scene at Kuala Besut , a small jetty town in State of Trengganu - West Malaysia. Video clip was taken by the year 1999. Tourist from all over the world might be familiar with this town because the journey to some famous Island starts from her...

White Goat Vs Black Goat
by asiasgoddess | Clasic battle of black vs white...good thing there was no winner, might get shit startted...............................

Goat Vs Arrow
by aniketgawade | This was shot on the Na'pali coast of Kauai along the Kalalau trail. 6 miles from the nearest road. Filmed by Nic Barca

30 Spuer Reds Vs Mouse
by asiasgoddess | You will see on this video a shocking Piranhas deleting a poor mouse...............

Shark Vs Woman
by Niz1986 | True story of a woman's survival from a hungry shark. While enjoying swimming at the sea, a shark came abruptly and bite her ankle which pulling her down

Man Vs Bear 2
by Niz1986 | A real story of survival from a bear which gives lessons to other people

Human Vs Horse
by Niz1986 | In a crowded place, an astrayed horse attacked a person to retaliate

Dog Vs Lion
by samron | heck out thos gorgeous video of the king of the Jungle the Lion and a Dog sharing territiory and in this case a cage. The Lion and Dog actually play together and the Dog is fearless and trust the Lion with his eyes closed. As a matter of fact the dog...

Dalmation Vs Tiger
by samron | Check out the cutest video of this year, a Dalmation and a Tiger take on a playful time. They both play and its incredible to see such a sight. Awesome video and I'll put my money on this one.

Husky Vs Lab
by samron | Check out the video of a Husky and a Lab. They both fight because of territory and make peace as soon as the master says. Watch this amazing video.

Husky Vs Pitbull
by samron | heck out this cute video where you see a Siberian husky and a Pitbull. The pitbull is really angry regarding something and the husky is calm and just howls in a sweet manner. Later, the pitbull gets even more angry and that does not let the husky get...

Siberian Husky Vs Rottweiler
by samron | wo of the most feared dogs in the world the Siberian Husky and the Rottweiler . The Rottweiler is the feared one much more than the Husky. Huskies are mountain snow dogs and are very lovely and strong. The Rottweiler is a dog with a very strong jaw a...

Gazelle Vs Baboon
by samron | heck out this awesome video of how a Gazelle fights a Baboon to save her baby. The Gazelle fights until the Baboon leaves the child and this becomes on of the most touching videos. You see the Gazelle not worry about her own life and fights for justi...

Pig Vs Hunter
by squashylights | Damn that was funny...the old knife kill there would have been epic...good footage...crazy friends..hahah what a freaking awesome video

Man Vs Horse
by squashylights | All animal abusers need to be put in a pen with this horse. See how they fuckin like it. Go horse!!!!

Horse Vs Car 3
by squashylights | during a moroccon festival two horse power came into contact with about 100 horse power. guess who won?

Horse Vs Car 2
by squashylights | Imagine driving and a horse flying into your windscreen...HORSE lovers dont watch! Hahha what a funny horse and a funny video

Horse Vs Car
by squashylights | I feel real sorry for that horse. A Rally car can always be bought, not life! I feel real sorry for that horse. A Rally car can always be bought, not life!

Car Vs Cow
by squashylights | A rally car slams into a Cows head during a race. Steak Anyone?? wonder what happened to that poor cow. May her soul rest in peace

Kangaroo Vs Car
by squashylights | Kangaroo: Mount Panorama Circuit, eh ? Okay, let's take off and look at that, there will be the real Panorama xD

Train Vs Cow
by squashylights | Narrow gauge train locomotive runs over a cow at the Conejos River Bridge, just north of Antonito, CO. Note how sharp-looking the cowcatcher is in the end of the video

Dragonfly Vs Bee
by madel911 | Look at this under water dragonfly invades a bee and cut it in half.

Pig Vs Bull
by madel911 | A big boar invades the horse paddock during the drought of '07... the mares go crazy but the bull comes in for the attack

Bull Vs Human
by squashylights | Bull Attacks Man and tears off pants. I hope this man is alive after the brutal attack