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Other Fights

Base Jumper Vs Cliff
by Violentce | Cliff jumper, Jeb Corliss, with special suit to allow him to fly longer ends up clipping a cliff right before landing and crashes into the trees.

Ko Vs Knocks to the Tenders
by drak3ll0rd | The Video speaks for itself.. Lmao.. Enjoy..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KO Punches Vs Funny Ko
by drak3ll0rd | boxing hits and other hits at their finest

Gayishguy Vs fighter
by drak3ll0rd | Guy gets KO\'d before fight for acting gayish. LOL. Haha,, Freaking Punch

Skater Boy Vs Security Guard
by asiasgoddess | Street fight... A bullying security guard telling the skaters to go make there noise sumwhere else.

Biker Vs Biker
by srikanth |