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Police Fights

Police Vs Pedestrian
by Violentce | Police (of state Ankara), attacks a pedestrian from back.

Black Chick Vs Chicago Cop
by darkwolf | Black chick being arrested by a Chicago cop resists arrest and gets into a fight with the cop.

Police Vs Beaten Observer
by Violentce | as Vegas police agree to pay $100,000 to beaten videographer.Crooks was videotaping police from his driveway the night of March 20 as officers investigated a burglary across the street near East Desert Inn Road and South Maryland Parkway. As Colling ...

Cop Vs Skinny Black
by Violentce | Police Officer forced to use increased force to subdue criminalsaw this and figured it might add to the debate on use if force while arresting a woman. there are many variables to consider, but the fact a woman has a vagina should not be conside...

Cop Vs Hummer
by Violentce |bizarre and deadly incident took place yesterday afternoon near the Csongrád County village of Apátfalva near the Romanian border, after an Austrian man driving a Hummer sports utility vehicle ran over and killed a Hungarian motorcycle policeman a...

3 Black Teens Vs Cop
by Violentce | CTV footage of NY police officer being attacked by three black teens in the Ghetto3 vs 1 and the cop stands his ground .. holy shitI haven\'t found this video in LL....yetUTICA - The police officer who was assaulted at the corner of James Str...

Catalan Vs Girl
by Violentce | Catalan (Spanish) issues police brutality on 13 y.o. girl.The child was transported to a hospital by private car, since, as reported by parents, Police prevented an ambulance agree to meet the child. Once at the hospital the child has received f...

Chased Car Vs Car
by Violentce | Police car chasing and a car accident at the endRussian Federation

Idiot Vs Two Cops
by Violentce | he State Attorney\'s Office on Thursday released the transcripts of a grand jury hearing held Wednesday at which two Marion County sheriff\'s deputies were not charged with any wrongdoing in the fatal shooting of a civilian over the summer. At the ti...

Dexter Johnson Vs Court Police
by Violentce | A 19-year-old man flew into a rage in a Houston courtroomafter a Harris County jury sentenced him to death for murder.

Weaklings Vs Yellers
by Violentce | uslim\'s disrespect Remembrance Day event in Toronto.This was on remembrance day for fallen canadian soldiers, this was part ofan event honoring them, which included a moment of silence, thesemuslims were screaming during the silence and disr...

Big Dude Vs Cop
by Violentce | hug drops cop after he gets maced by a giant can of mace. Video of the chaos over the Concords. keep watching towards the end to see a cop get DROPPED!!this was at the boynton mall in boynton beach FLOriginal Video @ http://youtu.be/xmrdzUyOxQ4...

LAPD Officers Vs Michelle Jordan
by Violentce | Two Los Angeles police officers should be prosecuted after slamming a \"defenseless woman\" to the ground during a routine traffic stop, the woman\'s lawyer said.

Saint Paul Police Vs Beaten
by Violentce | Police Brutality in St. Paul: Black man on ground after being maced, heaving and trying not to vomit. Cop suddenly kicks him, cuffs him, pulls him up by his hair, slams him into police car, and arrests him.

Tough Guy Vs Cops
by Violentce | Teen Attacks Cop Gets Beat Down and TaseredCops beat down guy after he attacks one of the officers.

Anaheim Police Vs Drunk
by Violentce | naheim police are unknowingly videotaped committing shocking police brutality.The drunk man in the video initially resisted arrest and was taken down the police.But after he was restrained the police are seen choking the man and taking turnin...

East Indians Vs Punishment
by Violentce | Sucks to be a male Indian train commuter...People getting smacked and punched all over the place.

NYPD Vs Empire State Shooter
by Violentce | he NYPD released dramatic footage Friday night of their confrontation with Johnson before they eventually shot and killed him. The video shows what Police Commissioner Ray Kelly stated earlier — that the suspect pulled his handgun from the ba...

Traffic Police Vs Kenyan
by Violentce | Some Kenyan is insisting on fighting a traffic cop. Cop beats him with cuffs. Thats a new one.

Cops Vs Knifer
by Violentce | Crazy psycho get shot by police, only after stabbing 2 officers.Police arrived to the area to investigate a domestic violence call, where they were ruthlessly assaulted by the enraged man.

Police Vs Slammed Girl
by Violentce | An officer is seen slamming a girl to the ground. The 15 year-old girl, who has not been identified, was arrested for allegedly fighting.

Police Vs Man
by surrey604 | Vietnamese traffic police vs man with bottles of beer with bottles of beer

Pitbulls Vs Police
by Violentce |brazilian women wants to take her dogs for a walk. Suddenly some wilddogs, one of them a pitbull, ran towards her and attack. Passengers tryto help the women; one hits the wild dogs even with his bike. Whenpolice turns up they start kicking th...

Female Police Vs Drum
by Violentce | Occupy wall street protestor hits female cop in the head with a drum

Policewoman Vs Electricity
by Violentce | Full video of this accident, happened 2010 in Peru as a policewoman electrocuted during rope demonstration

Skater Vs Police
by Violentce | Idiot skater gets arrested for being a smart-ass with the police. No fighting but still interesting.

Paraguayan Police Vs 13 Year Old
by Violentce | hocking footage has emerged showing a Paraguayan police officer violently attacking a handcuffed 13-year-old boy.The policeman is seen punching and kicking the boy in the corner of a squalid police cell.First the officer punches him in the stom...

Atlanta Cop Vs White Woman
by Violentce | Woman comes out swinging against two cops in a bar. She ends up getting semi-ko'd by one of the cops.

Suspect Vs Defence Lawyer
by Violentce | quot;Wendall Hollingsworth was accused for holding people at gunpoint during a robbery. He was brought in court in a wheelchair and suddenly he started kicking his own defense attorney. Deputies immediately tasered the man and removed him from the co...

OWS Protestors Vs Police
by Violentce | Occupy Anger! Don't let anyone in a cop costume push you around!

New Hempshire Police Vs Maniac
by Violentce | New Hempshire police Murdered caught On Dash Camera. Killer dies moments later.

Cops Vs Water Bottle
by darkwolf | Hilarious, guy annoys cops by pretending to pee with stream of water from a water bottle that he put a hole in the lid. I don't know why he didn't just use a bottle with a stream top but, yeah.

Pedestrian Vs Vehicle
by Violentce | This police officer knows our system for naming videos. He even says it himself, Pedestrian Vs Vehicle, although its really a Bicyclist Vs Vehicle.

Police Vs Fighter
by Violentce | 1 guy actively fighting an officer. Must have been pretty strong since it took three to get him away. Mistake number two was not giving up his hands.....maybe he'll remember tat next time.

Police Vs Complainers
by Violentce | Hidden video of people looking to complain against police in USA end up getting arrested. What a joke this cops are in the states. No wonder they get executed all the time.

Russian Vs Drugs
by Violentce | Looks like russian idiot is on drugs. Cop comes to beat on him and he decides to wreck a bunch of cars driving around like it was Grand Theft Auto in real life.

Cop Vs Bystander
by Violentce | YouTube Comment: "Police officers should watch this video and think carefully about their own image. This is why people don't feel bad when police officers get shot and killed in action."

Cops Vs One Guy
by Violentce | Guy tries escaping via highspeed chase but ends up losing control of his car. Guy surrenders but the cops beat on him anyways.

Kenyan Vs Cop
by Violentce | A policeman in Kenya tries driving away and some crazy fuck keeps trying to fight the cop. Cop starts beating the guy with his handcuffs (thats a first!)

3 Police Vs Idiot
by Violentce | Apparently the video claimed police brutality but when I watch the video I see an idiot refusing to follow instructions and being taken to the ground...

Sgt. Shamar Thomas Vs Police
by Violentce | This Soldier lets these NYPD Officers know what he thinks about the way they have been treating the peaceful protesters on Wall Street.

Cornelius Gill Vs Police
by Violentce | Cop slams some black kid on the hood of another police car whle the guy is cuffed. Cop gets fired.

Police Vs People
by Violentce | Looks like police officers are just walking around as firing squads and executing people on sight. Only in america.

Michael Bell Vs Police
by Violentce | his is the self-incriminating Kenosha Police Department reenactment video of the actual officers who took 21 year old Michael Bell's life. The officer who claimed "he has my gun" has since committed suicide. Crime lab found none of Michael's DNA or f...

Curtis Gerard Vs Police
by Violentce | Fox Point police told 12 News the suspect in the Gamestop Robberies killed himself during a shootout with police and that no charges will be filed.

Police Vs James New
by Violentce | Some guy with a death wish rushes a cop as soon as he gets pulled over. Gets tasered and then he ends up brandishing what looks like a gun and the cop executes him on the spot. Sheboygan's district attorney office says police shooting justifiable.

Quiet Dude Vs Taser
by Violentce | Cops walk up to some random sitting on a porch and tase him. Didn't get to see why this happened but Im sure he did something dumb.

Police Vs Inmate
by Violentce | Police officer suspended without pay following incident with inmate. Nothing really happened except a small shove.

Cop Vs KOed Mom
by Violentce | San Francisco, California. Video shows a San Francisco police officer throwing a resisting suspect to the ground, apparently knocking her unconscious, while leaving the baby to cry on the side-walk.

Riot Police Vs Idiot
by Violentce | uy with a cloth on his hand, approaches riot police and pushes a cop. As far as the cop knows, the guy could have a knife or weapon hidden under the cloth (they usually do that in bad neighborhoods such as this one) This happened in Colombia South Am...

Cop Vs Suspect 5
by Violentce | his tough talking chick cop tries to take down a bad guy who got away from her before, and she quickly learns the hard way that she's in the wrong profession! When her male backup arrives, she is in a headlock and being tased! How humiliating for thi...

Two Cops Vs One Black
by Violentce | Black dude is trying to get away and ends up getting batoned while the other cop is tackling the guy.

Boxer Cop Vs Idiot
by Violentce | A police officer who used to be a boxer knocks out a guy who tries to run.

Cop Vs Slow Driver
by Violentce | Now this is not a typical Vs Video but I think its quite hilarious none the less. Slow driver in the fast lane gets pulled over and once the driver is in the slow lane the cop turns lights off and takes off.http://youtu.be/vJjtQKND4W8

Cop Vs Suspect
by Violentce | Cop knocks out some dumb-ass with one punch. Awesome. I bet the idiot still didn't learn his lesson.

Bully Vs Bigger Bully Vs Taser
by Violentce | Awesome video of a bully getting beaten in jail. Sucks to be the guy tazed. Ouch! PRISON BRAWL! Bully Picks a Fight With the Wrong Guy in a Jail Cell

Angry Man Vs Police
by aekramer | Eastern Europe. Police reluctant to fight this angry man. 1 Vs Multiple officers.

London Police Vs Teenage Bikers
by rocketman55 | London police beat up teenage bikers after they break curfew and barricade setup. Taken from a helicopter view.

Cops Vs Reality
by Violentce | This is a video that claims that all cops need to learn how to protect their weapon. Also first video in Training category.

Dog Vs Man
by patriciapapier | Dog attacks Police Officer Taser Full News Report and Officer is forced to tase a dog after it attacks his partner.

Crew Vs Crew
by ihanya | Drunk people (Mostly men) fights each other at some concert in Thailand. There\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s always mostly happens in hot season in april.

People Vs People
by patriciapapier | The Beginning Of The L.A. Riots. On April 29, 1992 After The Jury Acquitted Four L.A.P.D Officers For The Beating Of Rodney King.

Cops Vs drug dealer 3
by bebofch | Nice Fight - Cops vs Drug Dealer , look at how he sreams, you gonna see this!!

Deputy Vs Suspect
by bebofch | A suspect is charged with fighting a sheriff's deputy who confronted him in a pawn shop in Spartanburg, S.C., about 1:20 p.m. Tuesday. The deputy was treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital.

Spanish police Vs Bystanders
by Werold | Spanish police whack a girl in the face, and she flips out. Her guy friend tries to haul her away as she flails about.

Protesters Vs Police 6
by jsubang | If you have to lie to make your point you have no point. They were not arrested for protesting they were arrested for interfering with the rights of others free movementYour rights end where mine begin

Man Vs Cops 5
by jsubang | When an unruly citizen just make fun out of the police officers, get a job please.

Crazy girl Vs Cops
by jsubang | Everyone don't need to experience such a shaming scenario but then it's everyone's choice.

Ninja Vs Police
by jsubang | The cops brought a pepper ball paintball gun to a Ninja Fight?? Go back to China black ninja.

Man Vs Cops 4
by jsubang | Five dutch police officers fail at arresting one man. All of you should go back to the academy.

Man Vs Cops 3
by jsubang | Police having to arrest a resisting suspect, remember don't ever with cops for they are just doing their jobs.

Man Vs Police 7
by jsubang | Look the people they are watching Seargeant Mark Colombo fighting a criminal and nobody do nothing they are only watching. Seargeant Mark Colombo was fighting for his life and for the other citizens to be safe.

Man Vs Police 6
by jsubang | NYPD Police Officer chases a man into a street to arrest the guy. Beware those unruly guys out there.

Man Vs Cops 2
by jsubang | Nobody could beat him except of Pepper Spray. He deserves what he gets in this fight.

Man Vs Police 5
by jsubang | A man fight's with a Police Officer. Hmm....I wonder who's going to win this one.

Man Vs Police 4
by jsubang | A man wielding a sword taunts police, who are forced to call a SWAT team, to try to avoid using deadly force. The SWAT team does not take this situation lightly.

Man Vs Police 3
by jsubang | Violence between two families erupted at a Perth court following the sentencing of 27-year-old John Anderson for a fatal assault of his two-year-old nephew.

Man Vs Police 2
by jsubang |A man who Las Vegas police allege is Richard Shepherd fires a handgun from an elevator on the first-floor of Caesars Palace in this casino surveillance video from Aug. 4. Shepherd pleaded not guilty to a variety of charges.

Police Officcer Vs Old Man
by madel911 |Police beat an elderly man in New Orleans and then beat a member of the press for recording it. A pig on a horse try's to block the cameras view.

Crowd Vs Crowd
by Niz1986 | A fight in the Crowd went on and Cop had to interupt with a big bash on that guy

Red Sox Fan Vs Cops
by samron | heck out this video where a Red Sox Fan Fights with Cops and at one time both this female cop and the Red Sox female fan almost get to a bad fight. At the end a lot of abuses and a few pushes seals the deal. The female NYPD Officer gets the fan in de...

Tiny Cop Vs Big Man
by asiasgoddess | Tiny female cop tries to arrest a massive man. This is a very shocking video! A must see video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black Student Vs Black Students
by asiasgoddess | The kid shouldnt have been tazed towards the end, but I do agree, 2 cops VS a crowd of easily 100-200 people, cops arent one man armies guys, and believe it or not they have a right to defend themselves if threatened too

Man Vs 3 Cops
by asiasgoddess | It's funny seeing all the idiots coming on here to insult cops. They're the first ones that run to the phone to dial 911 when things go bad, begging the cops to come help them.

Skater Vs Thug
by asiasgoddess | Black or white... don't matter. You got two against one, and the first throw is a sucker punch from behind, then both you and your friend are nothing but a bunch of pussies. Plain and simple. No other arguments needed.

Porsche VsVolvo
by asiasgoddess | olice try to stop a porsche for speeding. When they try to stop him he leaves the motorway and while turning on the motorway he crashed. After the crash the pursuit continues. When he drives into a parking he change cars whit a VW Golf R32. The drive...

Young People Vs Rock Fans
by asiasgoddess | ore than one hundred young people attacked the audience at a music festival in central Russia on Sunday. Eleven people were taken to hospital. Police are questioning the suspected organizer of the mass fight. According to reports, the man became enra...

Lady Vs Police
by asiasgoddess | A blonde lady was driving along the highway when a blonde police officer pulled her over for speeding......................................

Police Vs 6 Year Old Girl
by asiasgoddess | In yet another shocking case of brutality, two cops were caught on camera in Uttar Pradesh's Etawah district, assaulting a six-year-old girl

Old Man Vs Police
by asiasgoddess | This was happened in Barcelona Spain when police officers attacks the suspected killer.........

Kurdish Civilian Vs Police
by asiasgoddess | Footage of Turkish police beating Kudishcivilian and proof of ongoing human rights .....................................

Police Vs Couple
by asiasgoddess | Valentine's Day has turned out to be very grim day for lovers in many parts of the country. There have been many instances of young couples being beaten up, humiliated and some of them have even been forcibly married off by the moral police.

Police Vs Black People
by asiasgoddess | A Missouri police officer got more than he bargained for when he responded to a large street fight. The officer was apparently punched by one of the women involved in the fight.

Prison Vs Officer
by asiasgoddess | This is for the Officers that arrived at the scene. You let down your brothers in Blue. You had a green light! I wish I was still boxing in Police Olympics and face you cowards. I would remind you how you let your family down.

Prisoner Vs Police
by asiasgoddess |courtroom defendant accused of threatening a prosecutor was restrained with a Taser Wednesday, Louisville television station WLKY reported. Percy Phillips, 44, who was in handcuffs and leg irons at the time, jumped out of his chair and knocked over ...

Killer Vs Police
by asiasgoddess |convicted killer was wrestled to the floor and stunned in a Wichita, Kansas courtroom. Officers had to restrain Gregory Moore after an emotional outburst during the sentencing phase of his trial for killing a sheriff's deputy. He became irate over t...

Old Man Vs Young Man
by asiasgoddess | efore it began there was arguing involving the men as well as the old man with the cap and woman with the white shirt . The fight was over white shirt girl. One of the guys had made a comment to white shirt girl when she'd gone to get a luggage pushc...

Snoop Dogg Vs Security
by asiasgoddess | On this Video: Snoop Dogg in Heathrow Airport Fighting With Security.................................................

Criminal Vs Cop
by asiasgoddess | A police officer decides not to use deadly force against a drug-crazed car thief, who gives a whole new meaning to the term "resisting arrest", and captures him in hand-to- hand combat.

Officer Vs Man
by asiasgoddess | he man was obviously intoxicated, and he did kick that bag with violence. Then it looks like the trooper orders him away from the road, and he takes a fighting stance towards the trooper. There is no assault here. The trooper was arresting the man...