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VYBZ Kartel Vs Ninja Mon
by Violentce | Not a lot of hitting going on but the music does stop!

Munga Vs Deva Bratt
by Violentce | Rapper pushes someone off the stage and the other rapper punches dude in the face a bunch of times.

Mike Vs Rapper
by Violentce | This Is What Happens To You In Real Life If You Talk Shit

Ghost Vs Math
by Violentce | A normal rap battle turns into a crazy brawl

New Boys Vs Spectators
by Violentce | New Boys \"your a jerk\" rappers fight brawl

Waka Flocka Vs Haymaker
by Violentce | Waka Flocka was ruthlessly coldcocked in the face Thursday night -- after a massive brawl broke out at the rapper's charity bowling event -- and Violentce.com has obtained footage of the free-for-all.

Gorilla Zoe Vs Security
by Violentce | I can't tell who Gorilla Zoe is fighting but the video's title says Security. Zoe pushes a bunch of dudes dressed in white when they try and approach him on stage.

Webbie Vs Crowd
by Violentce | ight breaks out at the Free Lil Boosie Concert in Chicago, IL (((((Anti-FukBoi Movement))))) Chicago peoples nation Stones vicelords 4ch latin kings almighty all's well and Webbie gets drug off the stage and beat up for not contributing anything to L...

Rapper Vs Puncher
by Violentce | Black dude gets almost punched out by a white guy after the white guy slaps the black guy. The black guy responds by punching the white guy. White guy misses a couple connections to the face.

Slim Dunkin Vs CTE Artist
by Violentce | Rapper cheap shots and KOs another rapper in one punch. Good deal.

Snoop Dogg Vs Security
by asiasgoddess | On this Video: Snoop Dogg in Heathrow Airport Fighting With Security.................................................

G-Unit Music Video Vs Shooter
by Violentce | G-Unit Music Video Vs Shooter