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Snake Vs Hunt in desert
by sean512 | how a snake hunts in a desert ? wana know watch thisand you will know.

Python Vs Alligator 2
by sean512 | Wildlife Biologist Joe Wasilewski talks about Python preying on Alligators in the Everglades. Camera & Concept by Heiko Kiera.

Rattlesnake Vs Rattlesnake 4
by jsubang | Two Diamondback Rattlesnakes fighting for the favors of a female. So may the best one wins!

Rattlesnake Vs Rattlesnake 3
by jsubang |We came around a bend and my eye caught some movement off the trail. We where amazed to see two Rattlesnakes fighting not 7 feet off the trail. After consulting some experts, it turns out it this may be a very rare sight.

Rattlesnake Vs Rattlesnake 2
by jsubang | Rare video of a timber rattlesnake fight, caught by a NatureBreak member. A reptile fight like this is hardly ever seen.

Rattlesnake Vs Rattlesnake
by jsubang | During the summer of 2008 we were fortunate enough to catch these 2 rattlesnakes wrestling with each other in New Mexico.

Rattlesnake Vs Rat 2
by jsubang | Never seen an albino rattler.... That must be worth a few quid!! considering all the morphs in pythons and boa's i'm sure there is a market for venemous morphs out there!! Awesome collection!!

Rattlesnake Vs Kingsnake 3
by jsubang | snakes aren't disgusting in any way at all. At least research about them before judging them based upon their appearance, if you do this then you will realise that snakes are docile clean animals.

Rattlesnake Vs Kingsnake 2
by jsubang |I came across this King snake just as it caught a baby diamondback rattler. It eats the diamondback head first. What a fight.

Rattlesnake Vs Kingsnake
by jsubang | Ca King Snake constricts, strikes and begins to swallow Western Diamond Back Rattler. In the hills of central CA

Rattle Vs Kingsnake
by jsubang | King snakes kill other snakes all the time. i don't think the idea of "putting them in danger" is the same as "not keeping them in separate cages." nature has no cages.

Rattlesnake Vs Rat
by jsubang | This is his third feeding and he seems to be getting stronger with his strikes. At least, he takes them out quicker now. This one was the largest so far and it seemed to be immobilized immediately.

Rattlesnake Vs Rabbit
by jsubang | The slow moving rattlesnake was no match against the faster rabbit.

Rattlesnake Vs Red Tailed Hawk
by jsubang | In the scorching desert sky a hawk spies prey- a venomous rattler,as the two predatorsclash the hawk reigns supreme.

Rattlesnake Vs Bobcat
by jsubang | s it appeard from the start of the video, they probably both ran into each other some how, (most likely the cat came across the snake) and saw each other as a threat, so they started fighting. Either that, or the cat has kittens nearby and sees th...

Man Vs Rattlesnake
by patriciapapier | Man captures a rattlesnake in Western South Dakota, but the rattlesnake tries to get revenge.

Cobra Vs Snake
by Uday | Cobra vs Rat Snake

Lynx Vs Rattlesnake
by Violentce | Lynx kills a rattlesnake.

Timber Rattlesnake Vs Squirrels
by Violentce | 4 Different attempts at a rattler trying to catch squirrels. I think the squirrels are just messing with the snake.

Timber Rattlesnake Vs Squirrel
by Violentce | One of the best videos ever. You see the strike and the eating of the squirrel.

Black Bear Vs Timber Rattlesnake
by Violentce | Infrared footage of a black bear jumping out of the way of a snake strike. I do not see any striking.

Fox Vs Timber Rattlesnake
by Violentce | Fox finds a rattler but does not engage in combat.

Timber Rattlesnake Vs Black Bear
by Violentce | Rattlesnake strikes at a black bear, but you do not see it since the bear is in front of the camera and blocking it.