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Polish Vs Russian
by surrey604 | Polish riot police on Tuesday fired warning shots into the air after two people were injured

London Police Vs Teenage Bikers
by rocketman55 | London police beat up teenage bikers after they break curfew and barricade setup. Taken from a helicopter view.

Mubarak Loyalists Vs Pro-Democracy Protesters
by SMASH | Al Jazeera footage of Mubarak loyalists and pro-democracy protesters clashing in Egypt.Loyalists drive through a crowd and protesters are shot at on a bridge.

People Vs People
by patriciapapier | The Beginning Of The L.A. Riots. On April 29, 1992 After The Jury Acquitted Four L.A.P.D Officers For The Beating Of Rodney King.

Gangs Vs Police
by jsubang | A riot between rival gangs has broken out at a jail in Mexico. The conflict killed two and injured at least seven. Here's more. A standoff at a prison in the Mexican border town of Ciudad Juarez. Inmates stood on the roof after a riot killed two ...

Protesters Vs Biker
by jsubang | Someone obviously learned from the Reginald Denny incident on picking the wrong biker.

Rioters Vs Police 4
by jsubang | Ethnic violence is spiraling out of control in a northwest Chinese province.

Fans Vs Fans 3
by jsubang | During the 2011 Vancouver Riot, people were smashing a high-tec mini car with solar panels and etc

Rioters Vs Police 3
by jsubang | Violent clashes between the police and the rioters in Chile Football Game.

Police Vs Rioters 2
by jsubang | One of Chile's largest and most powerful workers union, CUT, strike in Santiago, Chile.

Protesters Vs Police 5
by jsubang | iots are raging in southern Chile with two women killed and four others injured. Protesters are out in anger at gas price increases, which are reportedly due to troubles experienced by the state-owned petroleum company. 21 people have been arrested. ...

Fans Vs Police 2
by jsubang | Vancouver Canucks' fans erupted in chaos and violence after a game-seven loss.

Protesters Vs Police 4
by jsubang | A dramatic scene! Activists and protesters stormed woomera detention camp in Australia (2002), risked their lives, and freed poor asylum seekers who've been detained in the camp for months.

Demonstrators Vs Police
by jsubang | Protest in support of the civilian victims of Gaza. Demonstrators spread shoes across the road to show how many people died.

Protesters Vs Police 3
by jsubang | clashes between protestors and the police in Oslo during a demonstration in support of Gaza.

Fans Vs Police
by jsubang |At least a hundred people were injured late on Sunday when fans, angered by their team's elimination from Peru's second division football championship tournament, lashed out against police and local businesses.

Prisoners Vs Police
by jsubang | Violent clashes in Mexican prison which resulted to the death of two inmates.

Ranger fans Vs Police
by jsubang | Thousands of Rangers fans have suffered Uefa Cup final heartache after their side were beaten 2-0 by Zenit St Petersburg.

Protesters Vs Police 2
by jsubang | Iranian police have confirmed that one person was killed during clashes between security forces and protesters. Police Commander General Ahmad Reza Radan says dozens of people, including nine members of the security forces.

Cops Vs Protesters 2
by jsubang |Riot police use shields and batons in unprovoked attack on peaceful protesters. It took place at the Climate Camp on Bishopsgate in the City of London during the first day of the G20 protests on Wednesday 1st April 2009.

Police Vs French students
by jsubang | ollege Kids and Student rioting in France (2006) ; They were protesting against a plan by the government to allow companies to sack young people without explaination as long as they are under 25 (CPE). After 2 month of occupations of universities ,de...

Rioters Vs Cops 2
by jsubang | The violence between the police and homeless rioters garnered little local or international media attention because the Japanese government was anxious not to disrupt the climate of the G8 summit, which was hosted by Japan in July, 2008.

Police Vs Demonstrators
by jsubang |The police abused the demonstrators both verbally and physically which resulted in lots of injuries. it's organized violence.

Protesters Vs Police Vehicles
by jsubang | Angry protesters throwing hard objects like stones to police armored cars.

Police Vs Truckers
by jsubang |People protesting the goverment . Truckers protesting gas prizes in Reykjavik Iceland. Taken April, 2008.

Protesters Vs Police
by jsubang | oronto G20 protests Toronto 2010. Vandals burn Police cars, break windows and turn on the cameras. Some came downtown to protest about their right to protest; and some to break things for fun. There were protesters concerned about the unfair distribu...

Students Vs Police 5
by jsubang | Students protesting the Bologna process (Europe-wide convergence of academic qualifications) in Barcelona are attacked violently by police.

Rioters Vs Police 2
by jsubang | ore than 100 people were injured in Spain as riot police clashed with protesters on Friday, as authorities cleared away a makeshift camp set up as part of a Spain-wide demonstration against the country's economic problems. The trouble started when po...

Fans Vs Fans 2
by jsubang | Some fans got a little rowdy on the streets of Chicago after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. I shot this from a bar looking down as fans shook the paddy wagon trying to tip it along with some fights breaking out!

Cops Vs Protesters
by jsubang |Violence grips Thai capital as troops fire bullets at anti-government protesters. Police push to end a two-month political standoff and clear the Bangkok streets of Red Shirts sparks clashes that kill 2 and wound 45.

Police Vs Protesters 6
by jsubang | Irish throwing bombs and rocks in the direction of the Garda..Minutes later, Back up comes and they chase down the irish!

Youths Vs Police
by jsubang | The "orange order" use the PSNI ( police service of northern ireland) to force a parade through a catholic area of Belfast.

Pro-Democracy Protesters Vs Syrian Forces
by jsubang | Syrian security forces fired bullets and tear gas on pro-democracy demonstrations Friday, killing at least 49 people in the bloodiest day of the uprising against the current regime.

Protesters Vs Soldiers 2
by jsubang | Thousands of Thai anti-government protesters clashed with armed soldiers .

Police Vs Rioters
by jsubang | Chaos in the Egyptian Capital Cairo when police fires tear gas on angry anti government protesters.

Students Vs Police 4
by jsubang | Mass demonstrations by thousands of students and trade unionists in central London against an increase in tuition fees, are growing more violent. It's the latest and the largest in a string of rallies against sweeping austerity .

Rioters Vs Police
by jsubang | Demonstrators furious at the severe injury of a protester during an anti-austerity march clashed with riot police in central Athens.

Students Vs Police 3
by jsubang | Student protesters in Italy clashed with police in the Sicilian capital Palermo .

Rioters Vs Cops
by jsubang | Intense rioting and looting in Birmingham which halt businesses in the city.

Rioters Vs City Vs Cops
by surrey604 | Vancouver Canucks' fans erupted in chaos and violence after a game-seven

Rioters Vs City
by surrey604 | Riot Footage from Montreal Quebec Canada, These guys don't mess around and are not passive like so many other areas..