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Robbery Videos

Iranian Vs Robbers
by Violentce | ideo of an Iranian getting held up by a bunch of masked dudes. Things go smooth till the other cars show upVideo shows mugging in broad daylight on Tehran's streetsThe scene, filmed by a surveillance camera, is brief but violent. It takes place i...

Bottle Wielding Shopkeeper Vs Knife Wielding Robber
by Violentce | ramatic CCTV shows the shop assistant wrestling with the hooded thug after he burst into a corner shop in StaffordshireCovering his face with a balaclava, the yob threatened the shopkeeper with a knife, But the worker, known as Raja, bravely dodg...

Two Robbers Vs Gunner
by Violentce | Robber Continues to Snatch Jewels Through GunfightTwo guys enter the Jewellers, and the owner of the store starts shooting back. Meanwhile, the second robber continues to raid the cabinet.

Thugs Vs Clerk
by surrey604 | etectives need the public's assistance in identifying two suspects that brutalized a 71 year old convenience store clerk. On July 22, 2012 at 9:02 p.m., two unknown suspects entered the US 92 Convenience Store located at 102 Highway 92 W and Kings Av...

Innocent Victim Vs Bullet
by Violentce | as Vegas Metro police released graphic surveillance video Monday of an attempted robbery that ended with a victim being shot in the head.The video showed an armed suspect attempting to rob two people at a 7-Eleven on Sierra Vista Drive, near Dese...

Robbers Vs Shop Owner
by surrey604 | Shop owner stoned by male and female robbersThey pointed guns at the owner and then hit him with stones. They fled with 20,000 yuan in cash. Police is investigating the case.

Rober Vs Clerk
by surrey604 | wo robbers come to rob the wrong storeThe store clerk fights back with an array of deadly weapons. That includes pepper spray, face kicking wife and very gratiously slapping one of the robbers butt.

3 Blacks Vs 1 Robbed
by Violentce | RAPHIC footage of a youth's brutal bashing at a train station shows three attackers taking turns to kick him in the head.Detectives investigating the vicious assault say they are appalled by the level of violence, which left the 23-year-old man f...

Robber Vs Casino Employee
by Violentce | iolent Casino Robbery Caught On TapeInvestigators this afternoon were seeking two suspects in a violent robbery in Lehigh Acres.The crime occurred at Luxxor Casino, 5598 8th Street West, Lehigh Acres, just after 11 p.m. Friday.Upon arriva...

Tony Swinnie Vs Life Sentence
by Violentce | Idiot black dude smashed a liquor bottle over a store owner during a robber and in the same clip he robs someone at McDonalds after delivering a one punch ko.

Curtis Gerard Vs Police
by Violentce | Fox Point police told 12 News the suspect in the Gamestop Robberies killed himself during a shootout with police and that no charges will be filed.

Robber Vs shop keeper

Old woman Vs robber 2
by bebofch | he have-a-go-hero pensioner who bravely fought off six jewellery shop robbers with her handbag spoke out for the first time. The gang of robbers came armed with sledgehammers and began breaking into the jewellers in Northampton, Northants. But they f...

Old woman Vs robber
by bebofch | Old Woman Fights Off Armed Robbers (with her handbag!!!), Old woman Vs robber!!

Robbery Vs shop keeper
by bebofch | Video shows the violent struggle as the suspect continually tried to free himself from the grip of the two men, and Shah responded by smacking him with the bat.

Robber Vs Police 2
by jsubang | A broad daylight bank robbery caught on tape, robber takes the girl as a hostage but finally overpowered by the police.

Robber Vs Cop
by jsubang |A quiet convenience store is held up, but the robber gets more than he bargained for when the innocent bystander turns out to be an armed cop.

Robber Vs Police Car
by jsubang | A bank robber fleeing on his motorcycle doesn't get far after an unmarked police car stops him in his tracks.

Robbers Vs Smokecloaks
by jsubang | rmed robbery of a store instantly stopped with the smokecloak device which shoots out smoke clouding everything in the store, and inbuilt is an martin security system strobe light which is a flashing light going very fast blinding you instantly. Maki...

Robber Vs Store clerk 10
by jsubang | his was a robbery attempt by a wanted man. He called before hand to see if we had cash and we recognized his name/voice as he robbed us two weeks before. I am at the counter and two Detectives come onto the scene and try to aprehend him. One Detectiv...

Robbers Vs Store owner 3
by jsubang | Three armed robbers almost clean out all jewelries in a jewelry shop leaving the store owner in distress.

Robbers Vs Old man 2
by jsubang | n Friday, March 16, 2007, at about 8:10 PM, two suspects walked into the business office of Tio's Car Wash, located at 3442 East Whittier Boulevard. One of the suspects armed with a handgun and ordered the business manager to the floor, while the sec...

Robbers Vs Store owner 2
by jsubang | Surveillance video captures store owners being beaten by two brazen robbers in Boston.

Robber Vs Man 2
by jsubang | Security camera footage of a guy getting mugged. He gets freaked out and pees himself so much. It's a scary situation for anyone to be in.

Robbers Vs Old man
by jsubang | Just goes to show that you are not even safe at the ATM locations. This poor old man wanted to make a transaction at the ATM and what ya know.. these jerks show up with a gun. The old man had no choice but to cooperate.

Robber Vs Customer 3
by jsubang | A customer was robbed by two armed robbers who is just withdrawing from an ATM.

Robber Vs ATM 2
by jsubang | On October 3, 2010, at 4:38 a.m., Beaverton police officers were dispatched to an alarm at Richard's Deli, 3625 S.W. Hall Boulevard. The front doors were found ajar and the ATM machine missing.

Robber Vs ATM
by jsubang | These robbers are just out of their mind, see how they tried to smashed the ATM with their van.

Robber Vs Civilian
by jsubang | This unexperienced robber tries to rob a store but a brave civilian knocks him out.

Robber Vs Store owner 4
by jsubang | Another funny robber who tries to rob a store but doesn't know how to read "pull" and kept pushing the door for escape.

Robber Vs Man
by jsubang | Just always be ready for this kind of people(robber) be updated with your self defense tactics.

Robber Vs Clerk 5
by jsubang | DENTON, Texas -- Denton police said a man attempted to rob a pizza restaurant Friday night, but one of the store's employees fought back and then three citizens stepped in to make sure the suspect and his accomplices went to jail.

Robber Vs Bystander
by jsubang | A have-a-go-hero tries to stop two jewellery thieves in Woolwich from getting away. The crooks get away but one of them loses his trousers in the process.

Robber Vs Store owner 3
by jsubang | lorida convenience store clerk repelled a machete-wielding robber by pulling out her own machete from behind the store's counter, a faceoff captured by a store surveillance camera. On Tuesday, a man wearing a blue sweatshirt and baggy jeans approache...

Robber Vs Insane woman
by jsubang | A real intruder and a chance to pull the trigger? Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. She don't have the guts to do it, that's why.

Robber Vs Store clerk 9
by jsubang |Robber gets shot after trying to rob a store and failed after clerk had a conceal hand gun and the help from a customer When law bidding citizen uses a gun to save lives..

Robber Vs Store owner 2
by jsubang | n Ohio store owner bravely fought back against an armed man repeatedly trying to break through the shop door. Having been robbed just earlier in the month, the now-armed woman instinctively drew and fired her gun to protect herself and others in the ...

Robber Vs Store clerk 8
by jsubang | os Angeles, California - This is an example of the Felony Murder Rule. Two robbers enter a liquor store. One robber pulls out a gun and shoots at the store clerk, the clerk has a gun of his own and he shoots back. The robber who didn't have a gun get...

Robber Vs Clerk 4
by jsubang | A Long Island gas station attendant takes away a rifle from two thugs and chases them out the store.

Robbers Vs Homeowner
by jsubang | When four armed criminals boldly invaded a house in broad daylight, the homeowner quickly changed their minds by firing on them from inside the home, wounding one. The would-be intruders quickly reversed course and fled as the homeowner's private vid...

Robber Vs Store clerk 7
by jsubang | A careless robber leaves his gun unguarded when holding up a shop. The shopkeeper grabs the gun and chases the robber out of the store.

Robber Vs Clerk 3
by jsubang | Burger King in Glendale, Arizona robbed at gunpoint. 3 young men get away with $537 dollars. Near 59th Ave & Camelback.

Robber Vs Police
by jsubang | The Chinese robber was outnumbered by police and bystanders in China.

Robber Vs Store clerk 6
by jsubang | A robber tries to mess with brave girl but ends up empty handed.

Robber Vs Store clerk 5
by jsubang | obbery is the crime of seizing property through violence or intimidation. More precisely, at common law, robbery was defined as taking the property of another, with the intent to permanently deprive the person of that property, by means of force or f...

Robber Vs Store owner
by jsubang |A Long Island convenience store owner confronted by a bat-wielding would-be robber said he decided to show mercy after the man collapsed in tears claiming he was just trying to help his starving family

Robber Vs Clerk 2
by jsubang | Surveillance video released by police in Takoma, Washington shows a store clerk fighting off a would-be robber, with the robber\'s own weapon.

Robber Vs Store clerk 4
by jsubang | Abington, Massachusetts police are looking for a robber who hit a clerk at a 7-11 with a hammer.

Robber Vs Customer 2
by jsubang | Surveillance video in Kansas City, Mo. catches a 71-year-old man following a man robbing a store, firing at him with his gun. No one was hit and the man had a permit for the concealed weapon. Authorities continue to look for the robber.

Robber Vs Cashier
by jsubang | A robbery gone awry when the thief holds up the right cashier at the wrong time. Poor guy takes his prize.

Robber Vs Store clerk 3
by jsubang | An Albany man faces robbery charges after surveillance cameras show him robbing a convenience store at gunpoint before the clerk grabbed the weapon when the robber placed it on the counter.

Robber Vs Woman 2
by jsubang | A lady grocery store clerk beats an armed robber to the draw....old Western movie style!!

Robber Vs Store clerk 2
by jsubang | The entire showdown was caught on surveillance video that Gloucester, Massachusetts authorities said was some of the best they've ever seen.

Robber Vs Marine
by jsubang | Surveillance Video captures a 72-year-old former boxer fighting off a man who tried to steal money from his pocket.

Robber Vs Customer
by jsubang | A brave customer knocked out the funny robber in one of the bank in Wisconsin.

Robbers Vs Store owner
by jsubang | Two green horn robbers tries to rob the store owner but with their big surprise, the owner comes out fully prepared with a pistol.

Robbers Vs Customers
by jsubang |Surveillance cameras capture the robbery of a Florida pawnshop. The footage shows three men, two of them with handguns, ordering customers to the floor. They were robbed of valuables, in addition to cash and jewelry from the store.

Brave lady Vs Robber
by jsubang | Funny robbery. A man try's to rob a store when the clerk attacks the man with a battle axe!

Robber Vs Clerk
by jsubang | Surveillance video of 7-Eleven strong armed robbery 11001 E. 23rd St Independence, MO submitted by the Independence Police Department.

Robbers Vs Bank employees 2
by jsubang | Florida authorities released surveillance video of a robbery in Oakland Park. They are searching for two masked men, who robbed a Winn-Dixie grocery store at gunpoint.

Robbers Vs Police
by jsubang | he famous Bank of America robbery. North Hollywood shootout was an armed confrontation between two heavily bank robbers (Larry Eugene Phillips, Jr. and Emil Dechebal Matasareanu) with armer piercing rounds and patrol and SWAT officers of the Los Ange...

Robbers Vs Bank employees
by jsubang | Bank Robbery caught on tape by CCTV in Kohara town of Ludhiana Dist, Punjab, India.

Robbers Vs Bystanders
by jsubang | Robbery attempt by motorcyle robber in tandem failed in China.

Grandma Vs Robbers
by jsubang | he have-a-go-hero pensioner who bravely fought off six jewellery shop robbers with her handbag spoke out for the first time. The gang of robbers came armed with sledgehammers and began breaking into the jewellers in Northampton, Northants. But they f...

Robber Vs Woman
by jsubang | A lady foils her attacker's plans by staying calm and focused, and helps cops catch the criminal in a matter of hours....

Woman Vs Robber 2
by jsubang | A criminal robs a woman at an ATM after trying to attack her with a piece of tile. You can see how the robber hits the woman on the head, but she fights back bravely. The robber was arrested short time later.

Clerk Vs Robber
by jsubang | Surveillance video shows a would-be robber getting schooled.

Woman Vs Robber
by jsubang | An Ohio store owner bravely fought back against an armed man repeatedly trying to break through the shop door. Having been robbed just earlier in the month, the now-armed woman instinctively drew and fired her gun to protect herself and others in the...

Girl Vs Robbers
by jsubang | Alyssa Gutierrez bravely defended her home and her life with her Mom's rifle. She was not going to end up, if she could help it, another victim of criminal violence. She first tried to hide from the criminal intruders, but when they discovered her, s...

Robbers Vs Owner
by jsubang | A hooded armed robber attempts to rob a Mexican-owned store in Grand Rapids, MI. His threatening the female cashier is too much for the owner Miguel Perez, who takes matters into his own hands...

Porsche VsVolvo
by asiasgoddess | olice try to stop a porsche for speeding. When they try to stop him he leaves the motorway and while turning on the motorway he crashed. After the crash the pursuit continues. When he drives into a parking he change cars whit a VW Golf R32. The drive...

Robber Vs Teacher
by asiasgoddess | What a piece of shit if that lady was my grandmother or mother i would kill him in front of his!........................................

Blazck Guy Vs Old Man
by asiasgoddess | On this Video you will see a shocking footage ofa thug brutally beats up an old man to get his car..........................

Teen Vs Teens
by asiasgoddess | Three security guards watched a group of teens punch, kick and rob a 15-year-old girl in the downtown Seattle Metro bus tunnel without intervening

Man Vs Girl
by squashylights | his surveillance camera caught on tape a brutal attack on a convenience store clerk that left the woman with major burns. The robber pours himself a cup of coffee and goes to the register to pay. He waits for an opportune moment when the clerk had th...

Psycho Vs Shop Keeper
by squashylights | Caught On Tape: Psycho Slits A Man In The Throat and Goes on a Knife Attack! Store Owner forced to gun him down. Apparently the assailant knew the owner and had a prior dispute

Woman Vs Snatcher
by asiasgoddess | Police in Denver have released surveillance video of an attempted purse snatching. Police say a woman was walking when a man came up and tried to grab her purse. The woman refused to let go, and was dragged several feet on the sidewalk.

Robber Vs Store Clerks
by surrey604 | DENTON, Texas -- Denton police said a man attempted to rob a pizza restaurant Friday night, but one of the store's employees fought back and then three citizens stepped in to make sure the suspect and his accomplices went to jail.