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Iranian Vs Robbers
by Violentce | ideo of an Iranian getting held up by a bunch of masked dudes. Things go smooth till the other cars show upVideo shows mugging in broad daylight on Tehran's streetsThe scene, filmed by a surveillance camera, is brief but violent. It takes place i...

2 Thieves Vs Stabbed
by Violentce | Bloody Fight - Knives vs SticksI\'ve gotta hand it to him .. the victim gets robbed,stabbed and assaulted but he keeps fighting

Idiot Vs Butter Knife
by Violentce | Man sticks butter knife in stomach **SHOCKING**** WARNING: 18+ **

Store Owner Vs Gangsters
by Violentce | Store owner with machete defeated attack by gangsters with sticks. Usually issues like this involve extortion or business competition.

Cops Vs Knifer
by Violentce | Crazy psycho get shot by police, only after stabbing 2 officers.Police arrived to the area to investigate a domestic violence call, where they were ruthlessly assaulted by the enraged man.

Gaddafi Boys Vs Handcuffed Man
by Violentce | or anyone who felt sympathic for gaddafi after watching the way he was killed, this video shows one of the many crimes gaddafi committed,this was taken in 2005, this is how libyans were treated for the past 42 years under the brutal rule of gad...

Sword Vs Dead Animals
by Violentce | Cold steel manufacturing has come up with a two handed sword that is pretty intense.

Racist Vs Beaters
by Violentce | hite idiot calls a bunch of black people the last word in the dictionary that they wana hear and they go at him. Before they are able to attack him he ends up trying to stab one of them with a broken bottle. White guy falls in the pool and then he sw...

Axe Vs Tree
by Violentce | Some ghetto dude cuts a tree down with an axe so that he could steal a bike.

Wing Chun Master Vs Thug
by rocketman55 | Wing Chun practicioner fights off against a highly martial trained thug.

Joe Greco Vs The Knife
by rjhuaman2009 | Joe Greco from cheaters gets stabed by a mad man who cheated on his girlfriend.

Samurai Vs Shadow
by Werold | An awesome display of lighting effects and martial arts choreography. The timing and execution is spot on.

Tamil Vs Pop
by Niz1986 | Feb 23, 2011Dave Goddess talks about writing his song \\