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Skater Fights

Thug Skateboarders Vs Racist Security Guards
by Violentce | nterrupting a skate session, security guards start taking pics of the intruders. After ordering them to leave the property, the guards proceeded to get nasty trying to steal the skateboarder\'s camera equipment. Having had enough of the antagonistic ...

Skater Vs Three Idiots
by DevilDevon | Skinny skater kid fights off 3 dudes. Damn it was a blurry fight.

Skater Vs Police
by Violentce | Idiot skater gets arrested for being a smart-ass with the police. No fighting but still interesting.

English Skater Vs Security Guard
by Violentce | Basically my mate was skating, I was filming, security came and taken my skateboard then I went mental lol. Tis my friend filming

Skaters Vs Security Guard
by Violentce | indoor 10 security guard gets beat up by a random person sticking up for the skateboarders, real fist fight at towards the end

Black Vs Stunter
by Violentce | Fight at Skate Park Ends before it Starts with Brutal Head KickIf you like to see a felony offense caught on tape, this is the video for you. I wonder if the cops ever arrested this guy.

Head Vs Skateboard
by Violentce | Starts off with a bunch of yelling with no real fighting. Then one buddy tries taking two on and ends up getting smashed in the head with the trucks of a skateboard. Nice!

Skater Vs Security guard 3
by srikanthwinsome | Thought maybe they could care less is i skated there on easter... guess not... these security guards take there jobs too seriously!

Bodyguards Vs Security
by srikanthwinsome | Skaters have finaly come up with some good stuff.. He trys to throw the skater off his board and a conflict arises.

Street fight Vs Security guard
by srikanthwinsome | a securty and a skater fights in the street! wouldve kept recording but this was killing my roll.

Skater Boy Vs Security Guard
by asiasgoddess | Street fight... A bullying security guard telling the skaters to go make there noise sumwhere else.

Skater Vs Security Guard
by Violentce | Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight