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Soccer Fights

TeamVs Team
by surrey604 | One of the dangers inherent in soccer’s “no hands” dictum is that, when a brawlbreaks out on the field, players are very likely to do what comes mostnatural to them.

Brutal Kick Vs Soccer Player
by Violentce | ehdi Carcela-Gonzalez was injured after getting kicked in the head during the Belgium series final, playing against Racing Genk. He suffered several fractures in his face.It doesn't look like it was on purpose to me, but holy fecal matter he took...

Soccer Team Vs Soccer Team
by githunu | A collection of crazy soccer fights. This video shows some of the best soccer fights ever recorded during world cup and other major leagues.

Referee Vs Players 2
by rjhuaman2009 | A soccer referee gets in a fight with a player and all the players try to hit the referee, but the ref can take care of himself.

Soccer player Vs Soccer player 2
by reda | violent fight between 2 soccer players. This leads to a general fight. The ref. does not have control anymore.

by bebofch | The goalie got beat up as his team watched... nice, it's funny b cuz boulder creek lost on q technicality wchs sucks, Willow Canyon High School & Boulder Creek High School.

Barcelona Vs Real Madrid
by bebofch | Pinto (Barcelona), David Villa (Barcelona), Marcelo (Real Madrid), and Ozil (Real Madrid) all got sent off with red card.

Soccer Player Vs Soccer Player
by asiasgoddess | ee title it\'s a compilation of soccer hools and violence. So all you can see on this video is all about violence about soccer.