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Insurgents Vs Iraq Police
by Violentce | Islamic State of Iraq: Gunmen in Disguise Attacking Several Checkpoints

Soldiers Vs Rebels
by Violentce | Syrian Soldiers Beat Detainees, Make Them Shout ‘Allah…Syria and Bashar Only’

FSA Sniper Vs Soldier And APC
by Violentce | FSA Sniper takes out a SAA Soldier then prevents other SAA soldiers from picking him up by shooting at their APC.

RPG Vs Syrian Armored Vehicle
by Violentce | Good vid of RPG ambush that destroys and blows up a Syrian armored vehicle

Syrian Soldier Vs Sniper
by Violentce | Syria snipe on soldier at checkpoint. This one clearly very real.

Jundullah Studio Vs The Path of Salvation 2 (in Farsi)
by Binyamine | Jundullah Studio: The Path of Salvation 2 (in Farsi) Released: April 2012

Al-Kataib Media Vs The Year of Unity 1433
by Binyamine | Al-Kataib Media || Wonderful Video Release || The Year of Unity 1433\\r\\n\\r\\nReleased: 16 April 2012

Natives Vs Russian Soldier
by Violentce | A russian helicopter is monitoring a fleeing soldier who gets ripped apart by the natives

Syrians Vs Army
by Violentce | A 12 minute clip regarding the Syrian protesting that the army is trying to stop by killing civilians. Interesting find for sure!

Pakistan Army Vs Taliban
by lodhykhan | Sawat opperation against the taliban which Pakistan army completed successfully.

The Innocent Vs The Sniper
by superkath14 | he Japanese hidden camera show Panic Face King tricks man into thinking that he is filming a documentary about telephone scammers. Shortly after the interview begins, a sniper from outside the building attacks, killing everyone else in the room EXCEP...

Palestinians Vs Israeli Soldiers
by asiasgoddess | Palestinians clashed with Israeli soldiers in Hebron after peolple gathering for Arafat's death anniversary.

Protesters Vs Soldiers
by asiasgoddess | Three people were injured and one aristed durring the peacefull protest against the wall in the village of bilin in the west bank.

Soldiers Vs Prisoners
by asiasgoddess | This is how Burmese junta treat its people who deserves freedom. Please take a look CNN coverage and help Burma as you can.

XM25, military super weapon
by prakashvr | XM25, military super weapon

Robots Vs Army
by Violentce | One of the most amazing clips ever. From some movie.