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Hang Glider Vs Crash
by darkwolf | e nearly went through the window !He nearly went through the window !He nearly went through the window !He nearly went through the window !He nearly went through the window !He nearly went through the window !He nearly went through the window !He nea...

Pregnant Spider Vs Beer Bottle
by Violentce | Spider gets crushed by a beer bottle and a thousand little spiders escape from the carcass.

Wasp Vs Tarantula
by Violentce | Wow that was a cool showdown, I didnt know wasps could fight like that.I thought it would have flown over the spiders head then attacked, but they have great ground fighting.

Camel Spider Vs Scorpion
by rjhuaman2009 | camel spider makes it home and a scorpion attacks it just to be eaten

Amazon Spider Vs Camera
by DemoNik | A huge Amazon Spider was being provoked by some stupid men. Spider plays dead then attacks Camera

Spider Vs Birds
by DemoNik | Largest Spider in the world devours 2 pitiful birds at the same time.

Spider Vs Bees
by madel911 | When they say jumping spider, they're not kidding. This spider can jump 50 times its body length.

Snake Vs Tarantula
by madel911 | Shot by famous cenote photographer Yibran Aragon, this is one in a life time animal behavior video moments.

Scorpion Vs Tarantula
by madel911 | Whistling spider walks away injured leaving scorpion looking like a hood of a car after being crushed by a tank.

Tarantula Vs Centipede
by madel911 | Giant centipede and venomous tarantula shares their terrritory but like good buddies there are some bad time!!!

Tarantula Hawk Wasp Vs Wolf Spider
by Violentce | Some spider, dead by the looks of it, is getting dragged by a much smaller wasp. Interesting.

Tarantula Vs Scorpion
by Violentce | It looks like the tarantual will win easily, then it looks like the scorpion will win. Draw is the end result.

Giant Centipede Vs Tarantula
by Violentce | 10 Inch centipede devours a spider. Amazing how nature works in mysterious ways. Thumbs Up.

Spider Vs Lewins Honeyeater Bird
by Violentce | Bird gets stuck in a spiders web. Weird looking spider for sure. Never seen that type of spider before.

Killer Spider Vs Mouse
by Violentce | Mouse is put into a tank with a hungry spider. Hungry spider eats it up. Bye mousey.

Tarantula Vs Snake
by samron | Check how the Snake loses his battle towards the Brazilian Tarantula, see how slowly and with amazing control the Tarantula makes the Snake its Prey. The Tarantula is one of the most poisonous Spiders ever.

Frog Vs Spider
by samron | What you see is not the average Spider that just preys on insects, this spider is a water Spider and here you can see the Spider eat a Frog. Size does matter, but not for this water Spider. See the Frog being eaten by this Spider entirely.

Bee Vs Jumping Spider
by samron | he Bee that can sting, that means, a whole lot of pain this time gets attacked by a spider. In this Video, see how the spider jumps on a Honey Bee and captures it as its prey. The Spider has no room for error and if a slight move goes wrong, all is l...