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Catalan Vs Girl
by Violentce | Catalan (Spanish) issues police brutality on 13 y.o. girl.The child was transported to a hospital by private car, since, as reported by parents, Police prevented an ambulance agree to meet the child. Once at the hospital the child has received f...

Hui Muslim Noodles Vs Han Chinese noodles
by Violentce | The two restaurants run business in the same street and competition goes violent.

Umpire Vs Bat
by Violentce | Baseball umpire gets hit in the head with batHome plate umpire Jerry Layne gets hit in the head during the Cincinnati Reds - Minnesota Twins game. Layne left the game and was taken to the hospital to be checked after being hit in the head with t...

Kid Vs Stick
by Violentce | All the guy is saying is look kid, go away. Don't deal with me. The kid keeps messing with him and says what are you going to do about it? The he gets owned lmao. This is all in Turkish btw.

OWS Protestors Vs Police
by Violentce | Occupy Anger! Don't let anyone in a cop costume push you around!

Molestor Vs Women
by Violentce | Check these two hood rats crackin dem knees. They said dis crazy nigga went and raped his own daughter. Anyway, after crackin dem knees, the molester runs off into some ladies house. It's all good in the hood.

Two Cops Vs One Black
by Violentce | Black dude is trying to get away and ends up getting batoned while the other cop is tackling the guy.

Stick Vs Fatty
by Violentce | Idiot goes to hit a flying pinata but ends up releasing his stick as he is swinging. Ends up KOing a fatty.

Baseball Bat Vs Dude
by Violentce | A man got brained with a baseball bat after a car came close to hitting him. The driver got angry and knocked him out, then drove away.

Baseball Bat Vs Face
by Violentce | I can't tell if this is real or not but it looks real. Two idiots practicing making a movie

Baseball Bat Vs Neck
by Violentce | Idiot tells another idiot to smash him in the face with a bat, so he did it and this is the video.

Baseball Bat Vs Lots Of Faces
by Violentce | ome crazy guys from Boston obviously drunk start trying to fight a guy in his car for what appears to be no reason.After a minute or so the guy in his car has had enough and pulls to the end of the alley and stops his car.He get out and approache...

Baseball Bat Vs Face 2
by Violentce | Some newb tries spinning around with his head on the baseball bat which is on the ground. He swings once he stops spinning and ends up throwing the bat away from his hands. Unlucky watcher takes it to the chops.

Wing Chun Master Vs Thug
by rocketman55 | Wing Chun practicioner fights off against a highly martial trained thug.

Young People Vs Rock Fans
by asiasgoddess | ore than one hundred young people attacked the audience at a music festival in central Russia on Sunday. Eleven people were taken to hospital. Police are questioning the suspected organizer of the mass fight. According to reports, the man became enra...

Snoop Dogg Vs Security
by asiasgoddess | On this Video: Snoop Dogg in Heathrow Airport Fighting With Security.................................................

Soccer Player Vs Soccer Player
by asiasgoddess | ee title it\'s a compilation of soccer hools and violence. So all you can see on this video is all about violence about soccer.

Students Vs Students
by asiasgoddess | loody cowards, so many attacking one person. The police are like dogs. Just enjoying the show. Bloody Indians and their stupid coward ppl. I am sure if they had to fight one on one they will be the first cowards running away from the nearest exit....

Dog Vs Animal Pound
by Violentce | Some fat lady gets his pitbull to attack a lady. Some dude comes and 2x4's it.

Army Vs Demonstrators
by asiasgoddess | The army attack Bil'in non-violent protest: six injured, one kidnapped. Typical Israeli courage. They succeed in beating up unarmed protesters, and they are at it five against one. Reminds me of how the Nazi's treated opposition.

Soldiers Vs Prisoners
by asiasgoddess | This is how Burmese junta treat its people who deserves freedom. Please take a look CNN coverage and help Burma as you can.

Blackman Vs Blackman
by asiasgoddess | What "skin head"? the big racist murderous bald monsters you made up in your ignorant fucking head or the subculture?