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Street Injuries

Big Kid Vs Small Big Kid
by Violentce | Thought the title was a joke at first then the fight happens 2 minutes in. Then the some-what brutal parts starts.

Russian Vs Anger
by Violentce | Russian gets angry and decides to do some Mortal Kombat shit on another russian. damn he head butted the shit outta that guys foot

One Guy Vs Two KOed
by Violentce | One man decides to cheapskate punch two guys when their not looking. Knocked out both of them in one punch each.

Bigger Dude Vs Smaller One
by Violentce | Intense fight between two heavy throwers. These guys know how to scrap. Apparently it happens at a skatepark.

Smaller Black Vs Bigger White
by Violentce | Locker room fight ends with a slam and some quick head punches I thought the one buddy was going to get knocked out for sure but looks like they were awake.

Asian Guy Vs Bouncer and Post
by Violentce | Drunk ass asian guy tries fighting some bouncer who is clearly way bigger. Asian guy gets knocked to the ground and ends up getting up only to stumble head first into a post.

Latvian Vs Russian
by Violentce | Two sissys fight one another. One of them has such bad balance that my little sister could punch him out cold.

One Russian Vs Emos
by Violentce | Crazy russian guy walks in all nonchalant and ends up smashing like 5 emo kids. Not as bad as I originally thought this was but still a good video.

Couple Vs Couple 2
by Violentce | Pretty funny video of a Polish woman beater getting beaten on. Then the woman who got beat ends up stepping in and she gets it too. Then the tables turn. It's pretty funny!

Huge Dude Vs Shit talker
by Violentce | One punch KO by the looks of it. This was a couple of years ago, at about 2pm on a saturday, in the middle of a busy high street. You've gotta love Sutton eh!?

Shit Talker Vs Headbutt
by Violentce | Shit talker tries calling a dude out to a fight. Dude says fuck that. Finishes the guy with a head butt.

Black Vs White
by Violentce | White guy gets thrown around like a ragdoll at some McDonalds. Not a very long fight.

Scary Black Vs White dude
by Violentce | Big black dude ends up fucking destroying this white guy from behind with a cheap shot. Pretty rough video. white guy gets harassed by black couple, while other seven white people just watch in horror lol

Blacks Vs Whites
by Violentce | In England they must hate black people a lot because this video is all about race fighting.

Racist Vs Beaters
by Violentce | hite idiot calls a bunch of black people the last word in the dictionary that they wana hear and they go at him. Before they are able to attack him he ends up trying to stab one of them with a broken bottle. White guy falls in the pool and then he sw...

Seranos Vs Brown Pride
by Violentce | Started as a 1 Vs 1 and ends up as a fucking 10 Vs 1. Some kid jumps in and starts piping but doesn't injury anyone very good.

Black Vs Latin Dude
by Violentce | Black dude takes a quick and relentles beating on the ground. One punch two punch three punch.... hahah and the black guy was so dazed he was still hugging the legs of the latin guy after he clearly lost.

Latino Vs Black Dude
by Violentce | Guys are fighting in some projects and some lady jumps out with a bat and orders it to stop.

Homer Vs Guy N Guy N Guy
by Violentce | 3 Dudes take turns fighting one guy 1 Vs 1 and do stupid shit like spit on him. He ends up beating all three too hahaha.

Sureno Vs Norte
by Violentce | ortenos say smash a scrap on sight..Surenos say smash a chap on sight.. both of them were on sight and no one smashed.hahaha funny. I really don't feel bad for that mutha fucker who got hit when he wasn't looking. Both them muther fuckers were ...

Skaters Vs Shit Talkers
by Violentce | Two shit talkers approach a group of skaters at a hotel hall and end up getting K.O.ed very quickly

Gang Vs Group
by Violentce | Big group of people rush 2 people at a 7/11. Decent but nothing amazing

Punch Vs Guy
by Violentce | LMFAO!! Guy gets knocked out twice in 30 seconds...The commentary is actually amazing, props to the two who filmed this XD

One Vs Two
by Violentce | Guy knocks out two bullies with 2 punches. Quick little guy for sure. One punch mayhem galore.

Giant Vs Small
by Violentce | Fat kid ends up getting beat by a smaller quicker kid. Ends up with a quick bloody nose with no effort by the little guy.

1 Guy Vs 4 Guys
by Violentce | 1 Guy Fights 4 And Wins .Even tho outnumbered by a good margin guy and his girlfriend put up a good fight .

7 Black Kids Vs 1 White Guy
by Violentce | 7 Blacks Beat Up 1 White Boy in an unprovoked racial attack, the true face of racism...

13 Bouncers Vs 2 Guys
by Violentce | wo men give bouncers a hard time after they refuse to leave JayZ’s 40/40 club in Atlantic City, NJ. As the bouncers throw the men out of the club they beat them down in the parking lot.One man is out cold on the ground getting kicked when his fri...

Asian Kid Vs 7 Bullies
by Violentce | An Asian kid being bullied by some pathetic jerks....that's all that needs to be said.

Bully Vs Big Guy
by Violentce | Some little kid tries bullying a kid at school only to get body slammed against an edge which ends up breaking the bullies ankle.

Motorbiker Vs Russian
by Violentce | Just keep a eye on the first guy to get out the car the rest is trashBuddy ends up getting one-punch during traffic road rage. Only in Russia.

Baseball Bat Vs Dude
by Violentce | A man got brained with a baseball bat after a car came close to hitting him. The driver got angry and knocked him out, then drove away.

Baseball Bat Vs Lots Of Faces
by Violentce | ome crazy guys from Boston obviously drunk start trying to fight a guy in his car for what appears to be no reason.After a minute or so the guy in his car has had enough and pulls to the end of the alley and stops his car.He get out and approache...

Eddie Vs Mark
by Violentce | Round two which is a continuation of the last video. Again there is an argument about what is a street fight.

Eddie Vs Mark 2
by Violentce | Clear footage of a supposed street fight. And incase anyone is wondering, a street fight is a fight with no rules. So if you break a fight up because it goes to the ground then it automatically isnt a street fight anymore.

Roger Vs Jayden
by Violentce | An arranged fight between two english guys. One of them does the kick before the hook for momentum and ends up dropping his opponent. A little blood on the face as well.

Bopa And Aaron Vs Random
by Violentce | Not sure what is happening here but it looks like a 2vs1 then it becomes a 1vs1 and then it becomes again 2vs1.

Bloks Vs Dude
by Violentce | Heated fight that seemes like it's one sided but then shit changes. Ends up with a KO but its hard to see.

Justin Vs Oliver
by Violentce | Australian dudes fighting over some past beef. One guy gets dropped right away and then judo thrown to the ground. Quick but shitty quality of footage.

Mathis Vs Loren
by Violentce | Two heavy weights fighting and throwing powerbombs. Pretty good fight.

K.O.s Vs K.O.er
by Violentce | Buddy K.O.s another with one punch. Was prettty quick if you ask me.

Ghetto Kid Vs Ghetto Kid
by Violentce | Speedy ghetto kids fighting at some park. Damn their quick out there in the ghetto. KO for the win.

George Vs Super Blood
by Violentce | Parking lot fight where two guys go at it toe to toe and there was only one connection the whole fight. So it becomes a one-punch.

Antonio Vs Miguel
by Violentce | Pretty solid fight. Seems like they aren't actually angry due to the fact their waiting for the camera, and then the fighting starts.

Joshyboi Vs Lane Wells
by Violentce | Dudes decide to fight in some tennis court. Check out the girl in the pink in the end. Is she impressed or not.

Random Vs Random 2
by Violentce | Car gets to a parking lot and two dudes start fighting right away and then the scene is on another pair of kids fighting.

Kainalu Vs Kianu
by Violentce | Quick fight in a blue world. One guy is clearly bigger than the other and he also ends up winning.

Javin Vs Ace
by Violentce | First of two fight clips between these two. Next video right after this is the 2nd fight. Fight itself is decent.

Bar Patrons Vs 2 Latinos
by Violentce | Dual One-Punch KO. Two buddies get KOd through various methods. One takes a headbutt while the other takes a punch.

Bar Patrons Vs Group
by Violentce | Some dude KO and One-Punch some bar patrons and make it look easy. Some bystander tries to help only to get a quick one to the face. Cameraman in the end is worried about getting robbed. Even has some chicks fighting 1vs1.

Defender Vs Offender
by Violentce | ne of the nuttiest fight videos I have ever seen! I really liked the singing lady she wasn't hurting anyone.And then the guy who tried to defend her ends up getting his ass handed to him in a subway train FULL of people...

Hawaii Molokai Boy Vs Hawaii Molokai Boy
by Violentce | This shows you what someone who is trained in MMA can do in a street fight.This is an absolutely brutal one sided beat down that you have to watch from start to end! Nasty elbows,Hard slams,mount,and extreme ground and pound!

Big Hawaiian Vs Jap
by Violentce | Another fight from Hawaii...This one ends in a dramatic knockout!!!

Martial Art Vs Mixed Martial Arts
by Violentce | Skinny white guy gets completely smashed by shorter guy outside in the snow.

16 Year old Vs 16 Year old
by Violentce | he fight was supposse between the guy in the white and blue which you see a brief clip of from this camera. The guy getting whopped decided to rush the guy in black shirt while he was recording the fight which was supposed to take place. When he hit ...

Deejay Vs Keith
by Violentce | Great stand up fight.They both have good striking....Unfortunatly the fight was ended a little early each time they got to the ground :/

Tough Group Vs Other Group
by Violentce | his is just a clip of a bunch of teenagers setteling some problems in a parking garage.It seems kind of confusing at first,but basically it's how it looks,one side hates the other..After a small scuffle one of the teens ends up knocked cold face firs...

G Vs G
by Violentce | op Comment from YT: "good shit knocked the fucked out...but bro it's done there i can't believe people who keep punching and even stomping after someone is knocked out. Who wants to go to murder over a fist fight honestly man up and walk away you ...

Red Hat Wearer Vs Homophobe
by Violentce | ude punches dude in car. Dude in car gets knocked out.Dude knocked out is in moving car then crashes into a parked car.This was filmed in a parking lot outside of a bar after the bar closed. I saw 2 guys yelling at each other and grabbed my camer...

Russian Security Vs Troublemakers
by rocketman55 | Russian Security Guards beat up troublemakers at the mall. They got what they deserved!

Older Teen Vs 15 yr old
by rjhuaman2009 | An older teen tries to start a fight with a younger teen that is 15 yrs old. Older teen does not see things coming because he gets beat up in the end.

Nice Guy Vs Bully
by rjhuaman2009 | The Nice Guy (Tommy) Doesnt want to fight with rupert (Bully)But Someone Had to teach him a lesson right?. BTW, This Video Might get removed because of last time.So I Put that Little Warning in Beginning.OH YEAH AND BTW. TOMMY IS NOT RACIST!

Man Vs Men
by rjhuaman2009 | A couple of men are in a argument when one of them turns around and accidently hit a girl. The girl’s boyfriend beats both men for touching his girl.

Man Vs 2 Women
by rjhuaman2009 | Women scream at a man in a parking lot and he knocks out one of them for slapping him. The other girl just screams like crazy to get hit.

Man Vs People
by rjhuaman2009 | girl get hit by man in a pool and then all the people around go against the man. Another reason why men shouldn’t hit women.

KO punch Vs Guy

Big Guy's Punch Vs Small Guy
by drak3ll0rd | back yard UFC fighting one hitter quiter...

Boy Vs Boys
by jsubang |People sometimes do things in a crowd that they would not have the courage to do alone because crowds can diffuse responsibility. Crowds, in addition, can intensify a sentiment simply by creating a critical mass of like-minded people.

Man Vs Everyone
by jsubang | All i can say is this...if you wanna jump in and swing like a man ya better be ready to get hit like one.

Welferista Vs Welferista
by jsubang | Two men start a brawl in Chicago public aid office (Welfare) office. winner starts ''Voguing'' to celebrate his victory.

Bouncer Vs drunk tourist
by jsubang | Drunk people that cant handle their booze cause problems like this all the time all over the world, and weed is illegal!

Black man Vs White man
by Niz1986 | 3 black mans taking on 1 white man showing their unfair talents, well but that black man daringly taking on them too

Yankee Fan Vs Marlin Fan
by samron | heck out this video taken by a handycam where a Yankee Fan and a Marlin Fan fight it out. At one moment one of the guys jumps off and gets into the fight and you can see a girl trying to scream in the background. Also a 10-year-old kid gets hit and c...

Brutal Fighter Vs Brutal Fighter
by asiasgoddess | On this ideo you will see the most brutal fight ive ever seen watch closely because everything is real... bloody..................

Guy Vs Guy 4
by asiasgoddess | two stupid guys are fighting to show their friends if who is the most powerful among their group.........

Thug Vs Martial Arts Expert
by asiasgoddess | This was in a Chav-central part of St Helens in Merseyside. The defender is ex military family man and also black belt martial artists. The offender is a typical chave pussy, all front and no balls.

Blazck Guy Vs Old Man
by asiasgoddess | On this Video you will see a shocking footage ofa thug brutally beats up an old man to get his car..........................

Drunken Men Vs Drunken Men
by asiasgoddess | Funny how strong people are when they have the friends with them, get them one on one and they are huge pussies, fight far

Shirtless Guy Vs Black Jacket
by squashylights | Street Fight One punch KO. A shirtless guy tries to bully the guy in a the black jacket and gets hit by him hahahha

Nick Best Vs Kevin Paris
by squashylights | Watch this cool East coast street fight where nick best is fighting kevin paris....enjoy the fight

Mikey Macdonald Vs Nick Nightingale
by squashylights | An awesome video where the shirtless guy fights the guy in a blue shirt. Great punches thrown in the air. Cool video

Turkish Guy Vs Turkish Guy
by squashylights | Real street fight from Turkey.The turkish Boxer Whoops Some Ass lolz its funny

Guy Vs Guy 2
by squashylights | In a fight never take your opponent for granted. You never know what is up his sleeves to give you a hard time

Man Vs Man 2
by squashylights | og shot runs at him punches him then continues to hit him while on the ground pussy motherfucker,Then it's cunts like that when they go to prison for GBH are crying to get let out,You fight a man you fight him once he hits the ground you win and h...

Man Vs Man 3
by squashylights | This was the moment a former Royal Marine and bodyguard in the Iraq war 'snapped' and slammed a stranger to the ground.

Killer Vs Victim's Uncle
by asiasgoddess | Gun man shot up the place and killed a guy. His uncle is on the scene and is getting revenge regardless of the police presence

Kid Vs Kid 2
by surrey604 | Here is a video of a fight in school that should have never even hapend bet they wont do that again

Kid Vs Kid
by surrey604 | This footage was recorded by a student at Chifley College in Sydney, NSW, Australia

Whitey Vs Blacky
by HARSH | knockin somebody out rite one hit

Crazy chick Vs Crazy dude
by HARSH | Crazy chick Vs Crazy dude Crazy chick Vs Crazy dude Crazy chick Vs Crazy dude Crazy chick Vs Crazy dude

Boxer Vs 2 Idiots
by Violentce | One idiot smacks a girl, accident or not, the boxer boyfriend unleashes.

Black Guys Vs Asian guys
by Violentce | Black guys fuck shit RIGHT up.

One Guy Vs A Bunch
by Violentce | Classic video of one punches and knock outs and a man vs an army/

Bouncers Vs Patrons
by Violentce | Bouncers wreck shit on patrons in Russia.

Russian Police Vs Casino Patrons
by Violentce | Some idiots get manhandled. I like they way shit goes down in Russia.

Kimbo Slice Vs. Byrd (Big D)
by Violentce | Kimbos first street fight.

Big Guy Vs Little Guy
by Violentce | Little guy is losing at first but ends up winning.

Convict Vs Mexican
by Violentce | Guy gets out of jail and goes on felony fights. He gets this ass beat.