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Woman Vs Stage
by Violentce | Woman Knocked Out In Ugly Stage Fall On T.V. Show--Happened in MADRID, SPAIN (Europe)-

Idiot Vs Broken Ankle
by Violentce | The old shoe on backwards trick. Not sure how the hell this happened.

Fatty Vs Swing
by Violentce | Fatty gets swung too high and ends up bailing. She gets some mad air and just slams the ground with her body.

People Vs Accidents
by Violentce | One minute compilation of people getting totally fucked up. One after the other. This is why I don't engage in stunting.

Human Birds Vs Accidents
by Violentce | Super intense video of people who want to fly but die. Parachuter's, Skydivers and all types of human birds. RIP.

Idiots Vs Concrete Mixer
by Violentce | 3 Idiots decide to rig a concrete mixer to a 2 by 6 and decide to use it as a carousel. Could have ended worse.